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Chapter 7

Peter did not know what to do. “Do you think Vlad is still in England?” Shawn asks. “I do not know Shawn. I do know it is going to be hard to find Vlad,” Cassie replied. Cassie was looking around Vlad’s house for any clues that might help them find Vlad. Cassie found Patty’s hair clip. Cassie use her psychic abilities to find Patty. “Do you know where Patty is?” Peter asks. “Yes, I do,” Cassie replied. Jordan and Kyle join them in England. Lassie gives them all silver and crystal bullets. “These bullets will kill Vlad,” Lassie replied. Peter hope he is able to rescue Patty this time. Peter did not want to kill anyone, but Vlad might not give him a choice. 

Cassie thought of a plan on rescuing Patty. Cassie is a shape shifting. Cassie was planning on taking the form of Patty, so she can trick Vlad while Peter and the others rescue Patty. They went to Vlad’s house. Cassie went in first to see what they were up against. Cassie saw a blond hair man sitting next to Vlad. Vlad had his house full of strong men. “Guys, we have a problem,” Cassie replied. “What is the problem?” Kyle asks. “There a lot of strong looking men at Vlad Dracula’s house,” Cassie replied. “We just have to sneak in than,” Jordan replied.

Cassie let them in Vlad’s house.  Peter and the others went to hide. Cassie changes into Patty. Cassie walks up to Vlad as Patty and ran out the door. Vlad and Adam went after her. Peter and the others sneak in. Peter found Patty. Peter waste no time and grab Patty by the arm. They both rush out of the house without being noticed. Patty and Peter got into his car and rush off with the others. “I am glad we did not have to fight those guys,” Randy replied. “I am glad too,” Lassie replied. “We better hurry and get to the plane,” Jordan replied. “Where is Cassie?” Kyle asks. “I am over here Kyle,” Cassie replied. “Ok guys we got to hurry to get to the plane!” Jordan replied impatiently. “Ok Jordan we are coming,” Shawn and Kyle both replied.

Peter, Patty, and the others make it to the plane. They went home. Patty was happy to be home. “Patty, I have to tell you something. I love you and I have been in love with you since we were children,” Peter replied happily.  “I always love you too. I was just scared it would hurt our friendship if we started a romantic relationship,” Patty replied. "I will never stop loving you. Will you marry me, Patty?” Peter asks. “Yes, I will,” Patty replied. Peter put a beautiful diamond ring on Patty’s finger. Kyle, Shawn, and Richard were watching Patty when Peter has to go somewhere. 

Patty was reading a book while Peter went to town. Shawn, Kyle, and Richard were playing cards when they heard a noise. They went to see what was causing the noise. When Vlad came flying in and grabbed Kyle by the arm. Vlad threw Kyle around the room. Kyle has broken his arm. Shawn tries to run to Kyle to help him, but Adam grabs a hold of Shawn’s neck. Shawn manages to grab Adam’s arm and use his healing abilities to drain the life-force from Adam. Adam passes out. “It is just us Vlad,” Shawn replied. Shawn heals Kyle’s broken arm. “THIS IS NOT OVER. I WILL BE BACK WITH A BIGGER ARMY. I PROMISE YOU THAT!” Vlad scream. Vlad grabs Adam and took off.

Adam was angry. “I am going to kill Shawn Farrell!” Adam replied angrily. “I am sure you are, but I think he is going to kill you next time. We need a bigger army. We do not stand a chance against Peter’s army,” Vlad replied. “I will help you,” Vlad and Adam heard a man say. They saw a man stand at the doorway. “Who are you?” Vlad asks. “My name is James. I do not have a last name so do not ask,” James replied. “I can give you an army of strong and powerful men,” James replied. “I want to be the one to kill Shawn Farrell,” Adam replied. “No one is going to touch Shawn Farrell, but you,” James replied to Adam.












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