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Chapter 8

Peter and Patty were watching TV. Shawn and Kyle were asleep. A loud noise woke them up again. Kyle and Shawn saw a big army. Kyle, Shawn, and the others did not stand a chance on taken these guys. Kyle knew they could not win this fight. Shawn saw Adam coming toward him. Shawn did not run very far. Adam grabs a hold of Shawn and was going to stab him then someone grabs Adam’s hand. Adam turns around and saw Edward Cullen was the one that grab his hand. Edward threw Adam against a tree. While Shawn, Kyle, and the others were fighting Adam’s army. Vlad went to look for Patty. Vlad burst open Patty’s door. 

Peter tried to fight Vlad, but did not stand a chance. Vlad grabs a hold of Peter’s neck and was going to break it. “Vlad, don’t. I will go with you willingly if you do not hurt Peter,” Patty plead. “Will you let me make love to you?” Vlad asks. “Yes, I will and I will marry you too, but please leave Peter alone!” Patty plead. “I will not hurt Peter,” Vlad replied. Vlad knocks Peter out. Vlad picks up Patty and takes off with her. Shawn and Edward ran toward Peter. Shawn uses his healing abilities to heal Peter. “Where is Patty!” Peter yell.  

Adam was looking for Shawn and burst a door open believing it was Shawn's room. Adam saw a beautiful red hair woman looking at him. Adam saw fear in the woman's eyes. The woman tries to scream, but Adam rushes toward her and stop her from screaming. Adam knocks the woman out with chloroform. Adam picks up the woman and carries her to his car. “I still love my wife, but it is not going to hurt to have a lover on the side,” Adam replied to himself. Adam thought this woman was just as beautiful as his wife. Adam could not wait to make love to this woman.

Kyle was looking for Cassie and could not find her. “Shawn, have you seen Cassie?” Kyle asks. “No, I have not,” Shawn replied. Kyle, Shawn, Jordan, and Richard were looking for Cassie. “What is going on?” Peter asks. “I cannot find Cassie,” Kyle replied. “WHERE IS CASSIE!” Kyle heard Kevin Wendell Crumb scream. “We think Adam Rule and Vlad Dracula have kidnap her,” Kyle replied. “We have to save her!” Kevin replied. “Do not worry Kevin we are going to with your help,” Kyle replied. “How are we going to find Cassie and Patty, Cassie has always been helping us find Patty?” Shawn asks.

Cassie woke up with a bad headache. She saw Adam. “You look so beautiful,” Adam replied. Adam starts touching Cassie’s leg. Cassie did not say anything because she was scared, and she knew she could not fight this man. “What is your name?” Adam asks. “My name is Cassie and what is your name?” Cassie asks. “My name is Adam Rule. I am going to make love to you repeatedly,” Adam replied. “Please don’t,” Cassie cry sadly. Adam grab hold of Cassie’s face. “Do you want to repeat that?!” Adam asks angrily. “No,” Cassie replied sadly. “Good girl,” Adam replied.

Adam rape Cassie. Cassie cries herself to sleep and Adam has his arms around her. “I love you, Cassie,” Adam replied happily. “I love you too,” Cassie replied sadly. Cassie only says that because she was afraid if she did not Adam would hurt her. Patty and Vlad got marry. Vlad took Patty to his castle and carry her to bed. Patty allows Vlad to make love to her. “My love it is time,” Vlad replied. Vlad turns Patty into a vampire. Patty and Vlad sleep in the same coffin. “I love you, Patty,” Vlad replied. “I love you too Vlad, but please do not hurt Peter,” Patty plead. “You have my word I will not harm Peter,” Vlad replied.















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