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Chapter 9

Cassie woke up and saw a blond hair woman and a man with black hair. “We are here to rescue you. We need to hurry,” The blond hair woman replied. The man with the black hair was fixing the bookshelves. “Mr. Monk lets go!” The blond hair woman replied. “I am coming,” Monk replied. Cassie, the blond hair woman, and Monk rush to the car. “What are your names?” Cassie asks. My name is Natalie Teeger and this is my boss Adrian Monk. “We need to go to the police station. Adam Rule has to pay for what he has done to you Cassie,” Monk replied.

Kyle was waiting for Cassie at the police station. When Kyle saw Cassie, he ran to her and hug her. The police did not do very much. Adam was not going to face criminal charges. Cassie was angry and also scared. Kyle was even angrier. “How can this monster get away with this!” Kyle yell. “Kyle calm down. I know how you feel, but we have to use our heads. Adam will pay,” Monk replied. “Mr. Monk is right. We cannot do something dumb,” Jordan replied. “I have to protect Cassie. You know Adam is going to try to kidnap Cassie again. If Adam gets anywhere near Cassie, I will kill him,” Kyle replied.

Kyle saw Adam. Adam was looking at Cassie. “You will be mine, my love,” Adam replied to Cassie. “YOU STAY AWAY FROM CASSIE OR I WILL YOU KILL!” Kyle scream. “You hear that officer that man just threaten my life. I want you to arrest him because I am pressing charges against Kyle Baldwin,” Adam replied. The policeman was about to arrest Kyle when Kyle ran and got away. Adam was angry and storm off. “I am sorry I could not protect you, Cassie,” Kyle replied sadly. “This is not your fault Kyle. I do not blame you. I blame Adam so please stop feeling guilty,” Cassie replied. “I thought I lost you, Cassie,” Kyle replied sadly.

Peter went to talk to Kyle. “Have you found Patty?” Peter asks. “I am sorry we did not,” Kyle replied sadly. “I cannot help because the police have a warrant for my arrest, but Shawn and Richard can help you,” Kyle replied. Peter wanted to get Patty back. Cassie uses her psychic abilities to help find Patty. Cassie was having a hard time finding Patty. “I am sorry Peter I cannot see anything,” Cassie replied. “It is ok Cassie. I am sorry for what happened to you,” Peter replied. “Do not be sorry. I will not be Adam’s victim. I am going to move on with my life,” Cassie replied.

Adam was angry. Adam took his anger out on Annabelle. “Kyle Baldwin is my enemy now. I am going to kill him and get Cassie back. I love her,” Adam replied. “If you love Cassie why don’t you let me go?” Annabelle asks angrily. “I still love you. You are my queen and I will never let you go. I can love two women,” Adam replied. “You do not know the meaning of love Adam,” Annabelle replied. Adam slaps Annabelle hard on the face. “You better watch how you speak to me!” Adam replied angrily. “I am sorry Adam. I did not mean to upset you,” Annabelle replied sadly. Adam carries Annabelle to bed to make love to her.

Vlad got Patty some roses and a beautiful neckless. Patty loves her neckless. “I love you Patty and I cannot lose you,” Vlad replied. Vlad starts kissing Patty on her neck and he makes love to her. “Can I go outside?” Patty asks. “No, you cannot my love. I do not trust you. I am afraid you might escape my love. When you learn to love me then I will start trusting you more,” Vlad replied. “So, you are going to keep me prisoner?! Patty asks angrily. Vlad grabs a hold of Patty’s neck. “You are being very ungrateful. I am treating you like a queen and you still not happy!” Vlad replied angrily. “I am happy with you. I just want to go outside,” Patty plead. “You will my love just be patient,” Vlad replied.














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