It is all about Divorce.


“She can take the two storied house and newly imported Sahara Land Cruiser, but I want custody of my son,” the man says vigorously to the family lawyer.

“No way,” shouts the woman, “he can keep the two storied house and newly imported Sahara Land Cruiser and the whole thing himself. I don’t want anything from him. I just want my son alongside me.”

The lawyer looks at the fourteen-year-old boy and asks him lovingly and fondly, “Venn, tell me, what do you want?”

“I want both of them,” the boy, whose name is Vennuja, who every Tom, Dick, and Harry lovingly calls Venn, says softly just after being silent for a while.

“I think both of you be duty-bound to give it a last try, at least for your son’s sake,” the lawyer says to the couple showing great sense of affection towards the boy.

“No. I’ve had enough. It’s over. I can’t stay with this man!” the woman says over and over again.

“We?” the man asks in amazement, “Well, you can go wherever you want, but Venn is staying with me. I’m his father and I’ve a big responsibility on my shoulders to take care of him!”

“And I’m his mother! Listen,” the woman pleads anxiously to the man, “I want nothing from you – care, financial support, nothing! Just give me my Venn. I can’t live without him!”

“He’s my son too. I love him and can’t live without him too!” the man says.

“See,” the lawyer says, “You both love your son so badly! I still think you should try to reunite. You can, my friends. Why don’t you try?”

“No. I don’t want,” the woman says.

“Me too!” the man says.

“Okay, if it’s your wish. I can’t help at all. Let’s go in,” the lawyer says, nodding his shoulders, “Now that you two have agreed on everything else, the Judge will probably ask you the same things I’ve asked you before. Most probably considering the child’s age and all, he will ask the child to stay with his mother. You’ll be granted the father visiting rights”

“The whole system is biased in favor of women! I can take care of Venn much better than her,” the man says crossly.

“You fool!” the woman says, “You’ll ruin his life either. Thus, he has to remain away from your influence!” 

“Stop fighting inside,” the lawyer advises, “You want a good-natured mutual accord separation, right?”

--- --- --- --- --

 And so, they get separated.

The separation period over and they are given divorce at last.

“I want to tell you something,” the woman says to the man.

“What?” the man asks with ignorance.

 “Well I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ve been seeing someone next to our apartment”

“And you want to get married to him?”


“That’s great. Go ahead. Wish you all the best!” the man says, “and who is that lucky guy?”

“A childhood friend. Now he lives in France and he is here on a short vacation.”

“So you’ll be off to France?”

“Yes. Once everything is okay.”

“Good for you.”

“It’s about Venn…” the woman says clumsily.


“I’ve decided to leave him with you. As a good-bye gift.”

“Good-bye Gift?” the man asks with astonishment and surprise.

“We’ve thought of beginning a new chapter of life leaving the past behind though it’s a hard task.”

“How can you forget the past? How dare you? Venn is your son!” the man says angrily.

“And yours too!” the woman says, “He is in need of a father. Especially now.”

The man says nothing. There is silence. And then he speaks breaking the silence, “A university friend of mine has just moved in with me. In fact, she’s more than a friend of mine. She’s going to be with me for some time so as to get to know each other well, and then we’ll decide if to get married or not. Therefore, I don’t think it’s the right time for Venn to stay with me.”

“Don’t make me an issue. You may proceed as you wish. I’m a grown-up. I can take care of myself”, the boy says and moves away. Venn decides to be in the boarding school. Man and woman are helpless. They look each other for awhile and walk back with their new life partners to write a new chapter of theirs happily.

--- --- --- --- --

Just after two weeks of time, two of them receive a letter each sent by Venn.


“Mom & Dad


If you endlessly remember me come & hug me.

If it’s an issue, you just forget it. Me not angry with you.

But for me you’re, my whole world.

Good luck.

With love,


Saumya Aloysius

Submitted: April 06, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Saumya Aloysius. All rights reserved.

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