The Boy Who Sneezed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: The Imaginarium
A short story of 500 words

Submitted: April 06, 2019

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Submitted: April 06, 2019



Alex Jupp was anxious, and when he gets anxious, he sneezes. Which isn’t good, not good at all!

This was his first day at the new school, another school that hopefully would still be standing at the end of the day.

He stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking at the dragon on his school tie all the while pressing hard the little grove that sat on his top lip, the philtrum.

A lady doctor once said as she took Alex index finger and placed it on the groove above his top lip. “If you know you are going to sneeze, just press this.”

His mum walked up behind him and he allowed himself to be enveloped by her. Closing his eyes, he breathed in her scent of perfume and fabric conditioner and that calmed him down. If only for a short while.

She kissed the top of his head and tousled her son’s blond hair.

“You alright sweetheart?”

Alex shook his head.

His mum kissed him again, “I’m sure you’ll be alright once you met the other boys and girls.”

She took pity on her son; his condition had made him a lonely child. She coaxed him away from the mirror and combed his hair. It was time to go.

On the bus Alex got out of his bag a colouring book and pens. Colouring distracting his mind. It distracted it so much that he didn’t even notice the bigger boys talking and whispering about him.

Once at school, mum kissed Alex on the cheek and said goodbye before handed him over to the headteacher.

The two of them entered Class 1B and as the form teacher stopped talking, so the pupils swivelled their heads to the door.

“This is Alex everyone, make him feel welcome.” With that said the headteacher left the room.

During the break, Alex wandered the playground alone that’s when the boys from the bus surrounded him “It’s the baby from this morning who likes to colour!” taunted one of the boys.

Alex, pushed hard his philtrum, he felt a sneeze coming on.

“What’s he doing now?” said another of the boys.

Alex remained polite despite the aggression. “It helps me not to sneeze.”

“Why, what happens when you sneeze?” snapped one of the boys.

“Bad things happen.”

All four boys looked at each other, dying to know what could be so bad about a sneeze.

“Grab his arms!” shouted the tallest boy.

“No! you mustn’t let me sneeze!”

With Alex hands bound, he was unable to prevent the twitching in his nose.

His face contorted.

Here it comes! Thought Alex.


First there was a blinding flash of white light, then the heat blast that atomised everything within a one-kilometre radius. A small mushroom cloud formed above where the school use to be.

Alex saw in front of him four boys now black ash.

Kicking their ashes, he sang. “Ring a ring of roses, a pocketful of posies, atishoo, atishoo, all fall down.”

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