Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter

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About the dinosaur hunter who has earned excellent acclaim, especially involved with the Nintendo 64.

Submitted: April 06, 2019

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Submitted: April 06, 2019



Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter:


There once was a man known as Son of Stone

Who got crystal fame thanks to the Nintendo 64

Making his four venture games be milestones

With demons, aliens, and dinosaurs going roar

In front of him and his many weapons

Of ancient tools as bow and arrows

Or atomic ones with positrons

(Four prodigies would also be deemed Herculean heroes)


Another deserving nickname

For them would be those ALWAYS able to survive Jurassic Park,

Fitting every right for each Turok with acclaim

And help millions hit benchmarks

Of high scoring in single and multiplayer modes,

Perhaps with some helpful secrets or cheat codes


1954 marked his first ever debut

In media and surprisingly, in a Donald Duck comic,

Little anyone knowing his popularity with someday spew

With stories being very dramatic, exotic, and astronomic


All the stories especially for the 3-D home console

Had their touching, tear-jerking, and friendly dialogue moments

For any player and anyone watching the pro

Appreciate the characters of Joshua, Joseph, and Hannah

And others even more memorable along with neat game controls,

Plus even possibly a fine bonus

From Leia-like and loving alien, Adon, of more content and sturdier ammo

As also triumphantly shouting to her Turok/ first player a hosanna


My Tigger with his mental, physical, and social skills

Of Tal’Set/ original Turok

Truly has given everyone he has seen

Spectacular thrills

Of fine, and sometimes persuasive, talks,

Speed of a human Sonic, and brain of Dr. Frankenstein


This game series, being my first M-rated one,

Has had heart and entertainment

To make any day with it motivating and fun

As it metaphorically will continue to make years each a coruscating painting!

© Copyright 2019 JonathanSluty. All rights reserved.

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