Traitor's Creed

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Blessings

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



Eight hundred and twenty-four years...

His words echo within my mind as I blank out in the middle of our conversation. More than eight

hundred years of research...

It seems like I wasn't the only person shocked by his words as my other classmates began to stir about, the delinquent Dean began shouting out questions that obviously had no answer.

"What the fuck! Then how are we going to get home!"

I continue to look around, my classmates all had the same expression of shock and disbelief on their faces as the realization started to set in... the lives they had back in earth... their parents and


As I began to tear up, a calm but loud voice jolted me awake.

"I'd rather skip the sobbing. Just do what you came here to do"

That voice... I turn around to see one of my more quiet classmates, he had short black hair and an ordinary face, one that you could find anywhere. His uniform was always bigger than it was supposed to be so it sagged here and there.

I think his name his Alex. I never took him to be one to look for conflict so I was quite surprised to see him act this way...

The king in response raised a curious brow. Placing his hand under his chin for a moment to think in silence

"Ah... I see we have a visitor.."

The old king paused once more before asking a question which I couldn't understand

"So which are you, child? A sponsored or a chosen?"

"Mind your fucking business watcher"

The entire class was shocked by Alex's response, the king's guards even hovered their hands over the handle of their blades with an angry expression on their faces.

The atmosphere suddenly tensed up as I started having a hard time breathing

I break into a cold sweat as my limbs start to shake uncontrollably...

I see... It is a fantasy world after all... It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the king's guard is unimaginably strong. Strong enough to make normal humans like us shake in fear with just sheer intimidation.

Amidst all this Alex seems to be fine, his arms still crossed as he stares at the king eye to eye.

In response to Alex's rude remark, the old king simply raised his hand, signaling for his men to stop their hostility

"Do not be rude to our guests...bring the chalice here"

With the old kings command the atmosphere went back to normal as the guards lowered their hands, that felt horrible...

the priests standing behind him did a quick bow before taking out a simple wooden box. Both priests took out a key each, inserting it into the box at the same time to unlock it.

With great precaution, they gently took out a golden chalice that seems to be glowing in a holy golden light.

"The gods have blessed us with this chalice with the ability to unlock another worlder's latent abilities."

As he said that, a golden light begins to fill the room. Slowly condensing into wispy almost smoke like chunks of golden light slowly flowing towards each person.

Soon, the gas like formations of light condensed even more to form small balls of light, the number of balls surrounding each person varied.

Some had no more than two, while others like Dean had at least ten of them surrounding him.

I on the other hand...

The single ball of light floated gently in front of me, once the ball of light finished condensing into the size of a baseball a sudden translucent window appeared in front of me, words written in a

language I didn't understand covered the entire screen

Slowly the unreadable writing began to make sense, forming into letters and words that I could understand...

[ The Maiden of War and Justice would like to give you a blessing. Will you accept?]

[y / n ]

Almost like a game..and whats with that scary title...

As I looked around I saw some of my classmates taping something invisible in the air, I'm assuming it's the same thing as what I have...

Of course, some of us are dragging their finger across the air as if scrolling down... Did Dean really get that many.. 'blessings'?

Continuing to look around, I see a few people at the end of the room writing something down. I guess these balls of light are important..?

As I turn my head to look back at my screen, I catch the gaze of Alex staring right at me.

I reply with a glare of my own, making him roll his eyes and look away in response.

Now that I mention it, how many orbs of light did Alex get?


I let out an audible sound of confusion as I see zero balls near him. Its as if the balls of light are even making an effort to avoid him.


I continue to look around, counting the orbs of light surrounding my classmates..he has two, five, three, eh? That person has only one like me.

After taking a minute to count the orbs I've come to the conclusion that Dean is using some sort of Cheats...

I mean how else can he have THAT many balls of light! That's just unfair!

My thoughts were interrupted by the king's instructions

"Please choose carefully heroes, for you can only choose one God to give you their blessings. Of

course you'll gain more blessings as you grow but for now, you can only have one"

Ah, I see... Well, it's not like I have a choice in the matter since I only got one blessing...

I raise my hand to quickly tap the big Y button in front of me before a sudden burst of energy seems to seep through my body.

Along with the sudden feeling of overwhelming strength, my vision starts to blur into white as I feel like I'm being taken to another place. It started out as a distant sound of metal hitting metal, then it

grew louder and louder, footsteps of more than a thousand people all meshed into one garbled up

noise. My body tensed up as I hear the drums of war come closer and closer...

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