The ridiculous climate politics

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Submitted: April 08, 2019

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We have elections in Finland exactly a week from now. I feel like the main three themes that people talk about when it comes to the elections, are health care and social security, improving employment and climate actions. To me personally, all those three are important, and there is one major party that unfortunately thinks these elections are about immigration. The Finns Party, which is kind of like the Finnish version of the Republicans in the US, are completely ridiculous when they discuss the climate issue.

I understand that immigration is an issue, but nowadays, it's not. Yes, most of the party is racist and about 80 % of the supporters are males. That is seen as an odd thing by the women, as the party policy is to protect the women and children of Finland from rapist immigrants, that apparently are threatening our day to day life. I, as a young white woman, feel a lot safer with a bunch of immigrants than a bunch of racist Finns, but I guess that's whatever. If I'm walking down the street with my girlfriend, I'm more likely to get my ass kicked by the anti-gay Finns than immigrants, so who do you think I'm going to like more?

That's not the point though. I hate how that party, and some people in general, discuss climate change as "not our problem". Why? Because there are only 5.5 million people in Finland. Our emissions don't mean anything. It doesn't matter if we actually manage to become carbon neutral in a few decades, we're just a small part of the world population. 5.5 million people can die and it won't matter for the climate.

Oay. That's partly true, 5.5 million is not much. But put it this way: there are about 5.5 million people in Singapore. Do their carbon emissions not matter? Or Riyadh? Would you say that the emissions of a polluted Chinese city for example, don't matter, because in the end, there aren't many people?

Even if the emissions of a single country like Finland are small, that's not all politicians should remember. We have a lot of forests, meaning we also a lot of carbon sinks. Of course that's not going to solve the problem, but what could, is the people. Even small countries can provide the rest of the world with solutions to simple problems. As an example, your phone would look and work a lot differently, if weren't for Finnish inventions like text messages, Nokia phones and Linux. Many important innovations that can help with climate change can come from small countries. That's why governments shouldn't think that their country doesn't matter and they can't do anything. 

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