Welcome to Candice Parker's life pt 2

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Candice Parker isn't your ordinary girl. Just wait until you see where she lives.


“I’m sorry but the number you have dialed has been disconnected,” Jacey started to get impatient trying to call Justin back. “Hey Jacey,” Whitney said walking up to Jacey’s locker. “Who are you calling?” Whitney asked. “I’m trying to call back Justin,” Jacey said. “Ugh! It’s going straight to his voicemail,” Jacey couldn’t think of any other way to contact Justin. Jacey had her cell phone in her right hand and had looked up at Whitney giving her the eye. “Oh no, whatever it is no, I’m not falling for that look again,” Whitney said crossing her arms over her chest as she looked away from Jacey.

 Thirty minutes later, Whitney and Jacey was down the road on their way to Candice’s house. “I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Whitney said with her arms still crossed against her chest. She had a sour look on her face. “I hate coming to Candice’s house it creeps me out. Okay confession Matilda has never been to Candice’s house. I just made up some excuse so I didn’t have to drop her off,” Whitney said. “You know what Whitney you’re unbelievable. All you think about is yourself. You’re completely selfish,” Jacey said as she pulled up next to Justin’s car.

 She had parked Whitney’s car and quickly got out. “Justin,” Jacey called out her brother’s name as she walked up to the driver’s side. She noticed that the driver’s car door was opened. “Okay let’s get Justin and get the heck out of here,” Whitney said shutting the passenger’s door. She quickly walked towards Jacey. “Oh my God Jacey come on I want to get out of here,” Whitney said totally freaking out. “Whitney if you’re that freaked out then leave, go,” Jacey said hoping Whitney would stay. Jacey didn’t want to be there anymore then she had to.

 “I would but,” Whitney said. “But what?” Jacey wondered. “You have my keys,” Whitney said folding her arms into her armpits as if she was cold.

“Seriously Whitney I’m really close to poking you with a fork. Have a little sympathy and help me find Justin,” Jacey said looking inside the back seat of Justin’s car. The girls had heard a man’s scream. The two of them looked out into the woods near Justin’s car. “Did you hear?” Whitney was about to say.

 “Wait a minute is that Candice I hear?” Jacey wondered. “Jacey! Jacey! Jacey!” Candice was running towards the house. Jacey spotted her up the hill. “Oh my God Candice,” Whitney said relieved. “Come one maybe Justin’s with her,” Jacey said about to run towards up the hill. Whitney stopped her. “Whitney, what is it?” Jacey wondered getting impatient with her. “Something doesn’t seem right,” Whitney said getting serious. “Jacey come on its Justin. I think... I think… “Candice said as she walked away. “Come on Justin needs us,” Jacey said. “Jacey wait,” Whitney said realizing she was too late Whitney stood by her car waiting for Jacey’s return.

“Oh my God!” Jacey screamed in terror. “Jacey? What is it?” Whitney said as she ran up the hill. Once she ran up towards Jacey she saw something on the trail that seemed odd. Whitney covered her mouth. Jacey grabbed a big stick and poked at whatever it was that smelled badly. She poked it twice and had it flipped on its side.

 There it was dead in its tracks Justin’s body was torn to shreds.

Submitted: April 07, 2019

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