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Chaos leads to self-discovery


“In order for things to fall in place it is important, sometimes for things to fall apart”

This is a story of a girl named Hope, who is presently of 26 years but I must say her experience speaks more than her age. Hope like all other girls of her age used to live in a fantasy world consisting of all the luxuries that one can have but her life started changing when her dad had to bear the consequences of his decisions. It was a time when she saw him going through the worst and the girl was shattered to see her dad in that condition but that could not break her as she was determined to change it and that was her faith in God which helped her facing it. She started doing things to support her family, she stood like a pillar through thick and thin. Hope was determined to pull her dad from the web constructed by some outsiders but she knew somewhere deep in her heart that partially her dad is responsible too, for creating it.

With each passing day things started deteriorating. She looked for help from her so called ‘loved ones ‘but nobody really wanted to join her family back. Time passed and Hope decided that now she would face everything with courage or somewhere she accepted the fact that “What has to happen, will happen.” and what goes around comes back.

The turning point in her story came when Hope saw the transformation of the person, whom she trusted with all her heart, for whom she did almost everything and the same person treated her and her family as a shit. Hope was trying to make sense of what happened to her and a day came when Hope lost her father. She was yelling like a mental asylum patient, she almost lost faith in God. Though there were no injuries to be seen on her body but inside she was torn apart, for longer period of time Hope was behaving lunatic ally, though her family and some dearly friends were there like a pillar for her who were genuinely shattered to see her this way but they knew Hope can handle it and she has the strength of rising from the ashes.

Hope decided to live for them, she regained her hope in life. She put everything to God and started a fresh and this time she walked where God took her. Time Passed and things falling back in place not exactly the same way but she found her happiness back, she was smiling back and most importantly she started doing things which she never thought she would be. Hope realized that all that happened with her has helped to discover herself.

The story has not ended here Hope is still in the process of discovering herself, and I am sure one day Hope will be what she wants herself to be.

P.S Hope is every girl, who does not believe in giving up in the face of difficulty.

Submitted: April 08, 2019

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