The Legend of Maryna

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“When men in grey coats come, you should know it is not for good.”
1941. The year is edging The Great Purge. Hearts and bodies were breaking beyond measure. All eyes in the Soviet Union were locked on to the west upon Nazi-Germany and their troops beginning to border the Polish and Russian borders.
No markers. No evidence.
Maryna’s father, Vladimir, was a prominent Soviet general who suddenly disappeared. Beforehand, a secret is bestowed onto Maryna – one that she must take to her grave. Her mother is hiding things from her, someone she suspects to be named Gregory. Never seen in person, but he sends in letters. Slowly, she uncovers clues into the dark streak of her family; a proposition from the enemy turns her family against her, and she becomes what her father had been – a lineage liability.
“It’s not a good Soviet to be snooping around trade secrets.”
Thrust into the dark and gritty world of espionage, Maryna must learn to be on guard and be one step ahead of her enemies. It’s no game; it’s politics. A dark figure from her horrific childhood is making his presence known and the rules aren’t fair – or apply – and Maryna must be a quick learner. If not, the target on locked and loaded her back might just hit its mark.
They didn’t expect a spy to be a strong woman – or that she’d become a legend.

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Submitted: April 08, 2019

The story starts out when Maryna was a child and the death of her father.

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The Legend of Maryna

While hunted by the KGB, an innocent young lady is learning about Soviet life the hard way.