This is your captain speaking … #2 novel in The Joel Nordman Series checking in.
“It’ll be a long day, but it’ll be good to get home.”
Robert is still standing after the traumatic experience several months ago where his plane had been hijacked with the Governor of Minnesota on board. He is still out of work, but he is a man of principle – and his favorite aircraft, the Three-One-Juliet is in for repairs. It’s one trip he is willing to take while spending a bit of time with close ones before slowly returning into work life again.
Even fitted with the latest avionics doesn’t fully prepare you for the open skies – a fact Robert knows all too well. While air-borne, a Cherokee-One-Three Juliet streaks past him. It dives nose-first and crashes, prompting Robert to head over and help.
Instead, he is forced back into his plane at gunpoint by another hijacker, who orders him to fly to Chicago. Alerted about the situation, Robert’s friends try to piece together why Robert has been hijacked for the third time in a quarter and race against time and weather to track Robert’s aircraft when contact is cut off.
“Don’t tempt someone who has nothing to lose; you might not like the result.”
Robert is no pilot wannabe. Three-One-Juliet is his aircraft – and he intends to make this long-haul journey hell.
It’ll be one hell of a headline whatever happens.

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Chapter 4

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Three-One Juliet

Robert and Joel are back after being hijacked, but what happens with Robert is targeted after foiling the hijacking attempt with him and the Governor?