Gay people and adopting rights

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Submitted: April 08, 2019

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Submitted: April 08, 2019



The adopting rights of gay couples differ by region, but in my opinion, they should have the same rights as any couple, because why not. There are thousands of children who need loving parents who are ready to take care of them. Maybe their biological parents are dead or just unable to take care of them. Whatever the case, adoptive parents are always needed everywhere. Why could they be of same gender?

It's usually thought that a child needs parents of both gender. That's of course true, at some level, but is it really necessary? There are millions of single moms or dads, who raise kids alone to be just as good adults as people with both parents. We live in a time where a lot of people feel that gender roles aren't that necessary, so does a child really need a mother and a father to be an example to them? I think they don't, because let's face it, there are more adults in kids' lives than just their parents. 

In my opinion, it doesn't matter which gender the parents are. What matters, is that they are proper human beings who actually care about the child. It's better to have parents that might be of the same gender and love the kid, than two people that neglect the child and just happen to be of different sexes. If a child needs a model for males and females, then they can get them elsewhere. They most likely have relatives or maybe friends' parents, who can be important people in their lives and act as role models.

In most western countries, gay people are accepted, but they still have less rights in some cases. Some places don't let them get married at a church, some do. Also depends on the church, of course. Then there is the ridiculous fact, that in some places single people are allowed to adopt, but gay couples aren't. Don't get me wrong, I think one person can take care of a child alone, but wouldn't two always be a little better? Not to forget the possbility, that the single person can be gay, nothing stops that. Then why can't gay couples adopt the kid? That's something I don't undestand, and that's just discrimination, honestly.

Things like gay marriage or their right to adopt is usually opposed with the fact that they can't biologically have kids. That's stupid, because there are many heterosexual couples who can't have kids either, or don't want them. They should be told they can't adopt or get married either, right? Seriously, it's the 21st century. People don't have to get married or have kids and people can have sex with the people of same sex. It's normal and objecting that with things like religion is something that shouldn't be brought into the political discussion, since not all people believe that's the right way. 

In the end, children don't necessarily need two parents that are of different genders, because why would they? Kids have always grown up in families with people of same gender that have taken care of them. Denying gay couples the right to adopt kids is ridiculous, as it's just going to make them feel like less humans. It's also going to maybe cause a kid to have to grow up in bad conditions or the system, when they could have loving parents that want to just have something others can have. What harm is that going to do to anyone else?

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