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Submitted: April 08, 2019

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Submitted: April 08, 2019



In case you live in Northern Europe or Japan, you probably know about the Moomins. If you don't, Moomins are hippo-like creatures that a Swedish Finnish artist Tove Jansson created in the 1930s. Jansson wrote and illustrated nine books that were published between 1945 and 1970, although she did create the Moomin characters ealier. Later the books were adapted into a TV show that has been dubbed in many languages, and there have been several movies as well. 

I grew up watching the TV show from the 1990s, as has every kid in Finland that have been born after it came out. The Moomins are very popular amongst kids, as the main charcters are very funny and the stories tend to be positive, they have traumatized every Finnish kid for life. I was scared of the Groke, as she is a ghost like character that creeps up on the other people, having a touch of ice. I also used to be scared of an episode with the Phoenix bird, as it was just somehow creepy and odd to me, especially with the eerie music that's in the episode.

Overall, kids enjoy the light-hearted show, but it's actually deeper than a child realizes. The first two Moomin books, deal with catastrophes like flooding and a comet striking the Earth, and they take themes from the World War that had just ended. Of course they deal with positive themes as well, like friendship and love, which make the stories fit for kids as well. The stories are different and the characters are interesting, which makes the entire franchise one of my favourites.

Tove Jansson put a lot of deeper meanings into the characters, which makes them even more lovable than they seem first. My favourite has to be Snufkin (look him up if you don't know who he is) because of his love for travelling and independence of people. I relate to him, on some level, as he needs his personal space and travels away each winter. I also love the creepy Groke, as she represents Janssons' depression and loneliness, being a rather tragic character, although most kids find him scary rather than someone they relate to. 

The reason why I've started to look into the Moomins a bit more, is because there is a new show that's being aired this spring. I personally prefer the one I watced as a kid, but that's because it brings a feeling of nostalgia to me. I've even watched a few of my favorite episodes I liked as a kid and that I remember being eerie, because the creepy ones are the best. I highly recommend watching them (you can find at least a few in English on Youtube) or reading the books, they've all been translated into English and can be found in many places. Even if kids love the stories, they are a great read for adults as well, so check them out if you're interested.

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