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I'll be adding multiple more. This is about sexual desires.

He was leaning back against the wall one foot in over of the other, his arms were crossed over his massive chest. Just looking at all that body makes my skin  hot all over again.
I slowly gaze up and down that gorgeous body of his. Stopping when I meet his eyes trapping me inside of them. Not breaking contact he uncrosses his arms pushing himself off the wall, slowly making his way towards me. I could see the hunger in his eyes a he slowly came closer. Watching me like a cat stalks his prey.
I walk forward and place my hands on his hips, pulling him closer to me. Slowly kissing him wanting to take my time. His hand slowly caresses my nipple. He slowly kisses and sucks his way down to my cleavage. He sucks my nipple through my silky dress causing me to squirm. He slowly moves his hand down.

His hand slowly goes under my dress. HIs touch is so soft and sure. It feels like a heavenly touch. He plays with my clit before slowly sticking a finger in me.He slowly goes in and out. A few minutes later he sticks another finger in. He slowly goes faster and faster while sucking on my nipple at the same time. Just when I'm about to climax he stops. He removes his mouth from my breast and looks at me straight in the eyes. 

He says good girl, dresses, and leaves. Leaving me there all alone.

Submitted: April 08, 2019

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