Wandering Nightmare

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Submitted: April 08, 2019

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Submitted: April 08, 2019



Wandering aimlessly as I slept,

Through the trenches of darkness with no sound or light in sight.

A bloody maiden stood before my path and wept,

Her white hair and soulless eyes filled me with fright.


Dark abyss below her feet, a portal that slowly beckoned.

A door to my darkest fears that only lasted a split second.

Yet the woman stood there, still as a statue

Eyes judging me forever as I fell

Am I alive?

Who could tell?


As my eyes opened to see the light

A phoenix who rose from the ashes, I was still alive.

The check against the beasts inside of my mind

Was the only move I could contrive.

And thus like a fleeting lover’s kiss I have survived


As I celebrated my victory with Champaign and wine

Wolfing down the vegetables and the broiled swine

With a smile on my lips since I have bested my fears

With calmness and peace returned, things can only go up


Bam, bam! came the knock on the door

The dark mistress once again rearing its ugly head

“Your peace has ended; your time has come”

The loveliness and happiness that I adore

Lay dead on the floor.


Thus, the mistress beckoned towards me

Just like a checkmate, there was no retreat.

I was soon engulfed in her wretched arms

As she cackled in glee

The light of this sleep diminished

Until the next waking dream.

© Copyright 2019 Sir Wolf. All rights reserved.

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