My Happiness Taken

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Submitted: April 08, 2019

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Submitted: April 08, 2019



My happiness is felt in moments,

Moments I can no-longer feel,

They are no longer accessible,

And now, I, along with everyone else,

Suffer because my mistake.


The way she would play with my hair,  

Looking up at her with my eyes slowly closing,

Her arms wrapped around me,

The security I felt right then,

As I started to fall asleep, safe and sound.


The warmth of her hug,  

The tightness of her arms consuming me,

All the love in one simple action,  

Nobody else existing,

Our eyes closed, hoping to never let go.


During all the times she looked over at me,

When she thought I wasn’t returning the look?  

The look that always assured she loved me,

The one that tells everyone we are in love,

The overpowering look that ensures us.


Every single time she called because she wanted to talk,

The random calls every day, just saying she loves me,  

The tone in her beautiful voice, lets out the fact hidden,

She missed me with everyone bone in her body,

All she was wanting to know was if I missed her to.


When she laughed, she could stop a million crowds,

It is so unique, full of kindness, and it is compassionate,

Always brightening everyone else’s days, before her own,

Helping her elders, and all the people she can,

Doing the world, the smallest favor, only some know.


When she sings, it makes you feel special,  

Like an angel sent to earth, to grace your presences.

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