A Beauty Competition

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An experience I had in a forest..lived there for 2 weeks.

A Beauty Competition In a Forest

A Spider:
"No one has furry
hands like me. I can hug you 
tight and kiss you well!"

A Scorpion: 
"Look at my sexy 
curve! You should come and dive in
my entrancing dream."

A Butterfly:
"You say: 'An ugly 
slug deserves no wings!’ You're just 
jealous of my win."

A Millipede:
“Don’t think I’m the best 
ballerina? I don’t dance
but walk with tiptoes!"

A Ladybird:
"I wear bright colors!
Yes, I am a Narcissist.
I'm a ladybird."

A Wasp:
"Round butt, thin legs and
slender waist! Sorry, if
I make women weep."

A Macaw:
"Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga.
Look at my rainbow feathers! 
None will make a croak."

A Snake:
"No legs? I’ve no worries.
My swaying walk can make all
living things awake."

"Judge. Which of us will win?"

The judge: 
“Well…Um...The winner is…" 


Submitted: April 09, 2019

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