Cosmic Knight Episode 31 Resolve

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 09, 2019

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Submitted: April 09, 2019



Hello guys sorry for this much interval. So in last episode there was a bit arguments. So in this episode we will see what will happen. So let's resume from a long time. Let's get started.

In the air base.

Max: King, Victoria is calling. There is a fight in the group.

Leo: When they will leave there childish behaviour. All together I need to go and inform me as he will be awake.

Max: Sure Leo.

Leo disappeared from there and location changed to the residential building, where there was a great argument was going on. A Leo appears there.

Victoria: Good you are here. They aren't listening me.

Leo: Let's see.

Leo in loud voice

Leo: Quite everyone.

And there was a sudden silence in the area.

Leo: What you guys are doing? Why the heck you were fighting.

Troy: They said we have to cook the food ourselves. I can do that, I want to leave.

Leo snapping his fingers.


And Troy disappeared.

Victoria: Listen guy what was the cause of the fight.

All: We can't cook.

Leo: What you guys can't cook? How will you survive. There will be loots everyday from rival students and you are saying you can't cook.

Sabrina: I can.

Leo: Only one. Victoria you can leave I will handle them.

Victoria: Sure Leo but I have a news for you. She will be here in upcoming 36 hours.

Leo: Hell. Mess off. Let me clear this first. So listen ladies I think you will handle you cooking. The problem is just with boys. Don't worry I will sort it out.

Blade: Now you will cook.


Python: Your talk is so high.

Leo: I will an I will not.

Eagle: One thing repeated again would not change anything.

Leo: I will cook but will teach you.

Underdog: No jokes.

Leo: Do you think I am joking?

Kyra: You can cook.

Leo: Yup.

Romeo: I think we shall go.

Viper: Problem solved let's go.

Justice: By the way who is coming?

Leo: Ah! Shit come fast. Let's do it as soon as possible. I gotta go after this.

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