Table of Contents

Lucky Day

Ronnie Dixon rolled over and opened his eyes.  His back rubbed up against a crushed Natural Light can.  The little scratch on h... Read Chapter

the recovery man

Charlie Mills woke up late for an appointment with a client.  He very rarely overslept but he had a late night helping a homeless dr... Read Chapter

The Plundering

Bradley Mills was having the time of his life.  He had been cruising Huntington in his new stolen Chevy Malibu.  He had seen hi... Read Chapter

The Huntington Crime Alert Page

Harley Baker walked into Hal Greer Speedway about the same time Bradley Mills' body hit the floor of The Bando.  While Harley was mi... Read Chapter

Crossing The Bridge

Sandy Dixon sat on a green park bench at Harris Riverfront Park overlooking the murky Ohio River.  The noon day sun was beating down... Read Chapter

The Tanned Knight In A Black Silverado

Brooke Mills had recovered from her overdose but a day later she was being plagued by withdrawal pangs.  She did not want her parent... Read Chapter

The Burden of Truth

Charlie Mills shook from an adrenalin rush as he waited in the lobby of The Huntington Police Department for his longtime friend Captain ... Read Chapter

The Search

Ronnie Dixon stood just inside the basement door of the Bando with the door cracked.  As he peered out into the day, three police ca... Read Chapter

"where's my son?"

Charlie Mills decided to go home around five o'clock.  He had just gotten off of the phone with The HPD and was informed that the se... Read Chapter

A Fiery, Fiery Night

Charlie went through McDonald's drive-through window and bought six cheeseburgers to give to anyone hungry he saw in the alleys.  Th... Read Chapter

the death of the bando

Vince Boyd had dozed off next to Brooke Mills when an alert on his phone woke him up.  A little dazed, he picked up his phone from i... Read Chapter

The Aftermath

Detective Dakota Woods of The Huntington Police Department looked at himself in the mirror.  "I'll shave in the morning", he sa... Read Chapter

a killer on the loose

CHAPTER 13 Ronnie Dixon leaned against a blue dumpster in Four and a Half Alley and watched the activity at The Bando.  The fire... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 14   Dakota Woods was frustrated.  To complicate matters, the morning sun kicked in early and the coffee someon... Read Chapter

saving the day

CHAPTER 15   Very few things had scared Kim Hines in her tough life.  From the time she was old enough to remember, vio... Read Chapter


EPILOGUE   The next morning, Dakota Woods stopped by the Mills' house to wrap up the case.  He got his answers and he k... Read Chapter

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