In My Dreams

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Let us commit and decide to lead our dreams into reality.

Submitted: April 10, 2019

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Submitted: April 10, 2019



In my dreams,

Life’s defining moment influence runs a winner,

A return to dare along the wayside long,

When it got dark every night,

Fair dreams are not left standing,

For their future choose to belong,

Those who believe in their dreams,

A very different than being a leader,

My dreams are born out of a decision,

This emerges as a tenet of non-injury,

Who have attended unto this till last,

My plan of life those who believes devotion to the truth,

Our initial stages of life by any standard,

Always undo struggles and strikes with happiness,

This call always supported who have difficulty to dream,

Many denials for the due fulfilment realised its futility,

Dreams create a spark of change in us,

Don’t stop dreaming,

Or his close associates stop your personal takeaway,

What makes a dream involves much personal stake,

I am getting reinforced to do the right in every dream,

On those reading walls I saw the difference between life and death,

My dreams wanted to end inequality who faced this dilemma,

When my people cannot afford daily bread and butter,

Their vision to change the whole plan of this life,

Will be prepared with a different side of their persona?

Looking into future in them lives the end of famine,

From the old grains story a dream gathers all possible resources,

A time this stay alive the answer knocks the sky and listen in a heart,

To buy this future my farmers fought an uphill battle for a dream,

One day in the end will bear what is the thirst to survive this sailors dream,  

My dreams hunted injustice to perish into that unknown jungle,

When my people can do anything to save this passion,

Their risk of bringing a fair and just society,

Will answer what their pursued goal come to fruition?

For freedom being seen when it never showed up,

An uninvited spirit audacious gives courage for this harmony,

All of us equal for the magnetic law limits back into reality,

As far the energy proclaimed in the name of justice,

One day in the takeaway will resolute what overcome all champions,

My dreams separated inferiority at an early age itself,

Selling this change I call out the importance of this cause,

Making the impossible do the possible play down the negatives,

I request your inspiration help each other develop their talents,

What is inferior as a commitment runs into its fear,

Let them stand up and evoke the passion in the very survival of our people,

My dreams follow those who met up insecurity as their feedbacks,

This national health quotient kills who oppose to go that extra mile,

What infects every person around are not their failures?

But the experience never retained as their champions out of this commonplace,

One day I will risk and fear of these darkness sold to challenge,

A dream so simple in the complexities around,

I ask the dream that concerns back to the welcomed with resistance,

Here I accept the pain to embrace problems as our early solution to conquer that runs a dream,

In my dreams,

Let us listen to the people and address their concerns itself not only as self-actors of the impact it never had on their lives,

But come with this opposition lessened once a commitment is developed,

No matter what runs their dream will change our destiny only way out to find new solutions,

Either your dreams run the solution,

Or the problem runs your dream,

May our dream recreate many stories and experience very truly dear…. :)

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