(own little worlds)

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The new novel from Cal Massey
What they're saying: “Not everyone's cup of tea!” “Plump with anger!”
“Non-stop mild confusion!” “If you hate Trump, good for you!”

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Submitted: April 10, 2019

My 50,000-word novella -- (own little worlds) -- is odd, internal fiction awash in political skullduggery, the American divide, social surrender and meandering truth, with threads of hope, dark
humor and hate. The narrative moves quickly and introspectively at once, propelled by short chapters that reflect the inner workings of the character(s) occupying the chapter. The story follows
fighters, failures and the fallen in a failing near-future world: journalists, power players, leakers, victims, wrongly-accused, homeless hacker, junkie/murderer and members of the nationalist
movement TRIBE who become entangled in the planning, cover-up and aftermath of a Japanese cargo ship's bombing in the Port of Jacksonville.
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