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Josh was surprised as people started appreciating him, what would've he actually done that he got all the attention?.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Hidden Talent

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The Hidden Talent

As they walked in, the door was wide open , light gleaming right towards Josh and Anna and then passing them through it lead to the Stage.

They made their way in , getting the attention of all the students and of Miss Edmund's, not knowing the reason for what they were being stared for. They quietly walked towards a seat close by , sorry Mam , they both apologised for getting late and then sat.

"I've not seen you both in my last class, Miss Edmund's gazing towards them said with her sweet voice," are you both newcomer's?

"Not so confident Josh feeling awkward to answer as it was his first time meeting Miss Edmund's," he didn't thought tha she'll be a city type girl , she was young and was wearing jeans, compared to the other teachers she was the most youngest of them all.

"Yes mam, Anna stand's up and answer's, we joined the school last week, it's nice to meet you". Josh awkwardly stand's beside her , yes its nice meet you , the way he stutters he made a joke of himself causing the entire Auditorium to a laugh class.

Soon a minute everyone stopped laughing, Miss Edmund's then starts saying, "You know in my class there is one rule ,she smiled, every new students who appears in my class has to come and sing over here." Even your friends sang when they first came to the school

"What Friend's is she even talking about , Josh whispering in Anna's ears," as both of them were quite each others friend and everyone only bothered them.

Anna walk's her way up , and was ready to sing just when she was interrupted by Miss Edmund's. "Hold on she said, why don't you and Josh sing a duet?"

Anna liked the idea of her's, that's perfect, she replied. Waving her hands towards Josh asking him to come, "Come Josh she yelled," Nervous Josh , sitting their pretending he didn't heard anything as 5-6 Students came behind him picking him up and walking towards the stage as they kept him there.

"Can I play the piano Miss Edmund's ? Anna asked, You know how to play the piano, impressive." Sure you can use it Miss Edmund's replied.

She comfort's herself in the piano seat, and was settling the mic, meanwhile Josh trying to figure out what to sing and how to collaborate with her voice.

Everything was prepared in some time, you start Josh and I'll catch up with you , she said.

"Yeah yeah , sure. Confused Josh still trying to figure out what to sing." He made up his mind that he'll just walk away until a hand came in his shoulder, "You can do it Josh , I know you can." It was Anna, she then walks back to her seat.

She then starts playing the piano , Josh deeply thinking something, he then sings.

This is for you Anna he deeply mumbles within himself so that no one hears.

"When I make mistakes, You have what it takes to speak to me So, I can change and be a better man
When it feels too much, All you do is touch me on my back, Where you know well
Will calm me down inside
Though I know few are you words, But still I feel your love, The way you hold yourself
So, I can be who I am
I am the one for you,
You are the one for me."

He then stops for some reason and walk's away, right from the main door.

As he walked claps rained , Anna couldn't start singing as she deeply fell in Josh's voice, it was like Magical. Josh didn't knew how he sings, but the way he sang that song it made students wonder if it was actually Josh.

"I'll get him Miss Edmund's, said Anna as she snaps out of the Magical voice."

"No it's okay you don't need to bring him back as it's already almost time for the bell to ring , you can just go and talk to him and ask on why he ran away?"

Anna run's towards the corridors of school trying to find where Josh was, as she gets the near the class she saw him laying down his head on the desk. As if he was thinking of something. She walked towards him and then sat beside.

"Hey you okay? She asked in a concerned voice."

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm sorry I walked away from the stage I just made a fool of myself and i didn't wanted to hear them laughing at me again," he said.

Confused Anna looking right at his eyes, "Are you serious? You were amazing out there, just because of you i couldn't sing, I was just lost in your voice." You never told me you can sing.

"What? I can't sing! I don't even know what I did out there."

"You don't trust me right? Said Anna , Wait until the bell rangs."

5 minutes past and it was just few seconds until the bell ranged.

Ring Ring Ring Ring!!

Students rushed in the class, but this time they walked towards Josh one be one, appreciating his voice, it was crazy but even Ronny Sting's and Rick Samson appreciated his talent in singing.

Some even came and asked him to sing, but Josh was too suprised on what was happening, I'm sorry he said and grabbed Anna's wrist pulling her , as they walked down the street.

"What's going on?, He confusingly asked. What do you mean? Of course this would've happen you sang so well." Anna replied.

By looking at his face , it could be said that he was happy on how people appreciated him.

Soon they reached Anna's home, "Bye see ya! She said , giving her warm smile as she always did."

"Bye see ya! He replied , waving his arm towards her as he walked down his home."

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