Cosmic Knight Episode 32 The Side by Side

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Submitted: April 10, 2019

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Submitted: April 10, 2019



Hello guys, we are back. In last episode there were just a few dialogues and it was revealed that someone will come. This episode will only have a meanwhile at the Dark Lord's ship.

In a room where Dark and Vetrion. Were present.

Dark: Vetrion how much time is left for the project completion.

Vetrion: My lord it's already near of completions just a little bit more time.

Dark: What's going on with Antimon?

Vetrion: He has reached to his destiny. He might start  the plan as soon as possible.

Dark: Vetrion if anything goes wrong end it.

Vetrion: Sure sir.

The scene change from the ship to earth at the air base facility where Neo was brought. In a room three people wearing lab coats and Max were present along with Neo who was sill unconscious. An was on the stretcher.

Person 1: What's the reading?

Person 2: Normal.

Person 1: Mental activity?

Person 3: High.

Person 1: Sensory?

Person 3: Again high

Max: Doc is everything fine?

Person 1: Yes and no.

Max: What you mean?

Person 1: Come with I'll explain you.

Max and the first person move to the other corner of the room where a holographic computer was present.

Person 1: See this us his life reading. Which is quite normal and is unexplained by us how it is possible in this long time.

Max: That good then he is fine.

Person 1: No it is not that simple.

Max: What do you mean?

Person 1: See his life reading is normal but his mental activity is too high to such a limit which is never recorded in the history of exo sapiens.

Max: Why it harmful doc?

Person 1: It can cause....


Person 2: Sir he is getting unstable.

Max and the first person rushed to Neo.

Person 1: No Neo you can't.

Person 3: His mental activity is too high.

Person 2: He is decreasing.

Max: Doc save.

Person 1: Only one way. Serum 1X48-B.

Max: Just save him.

Person 1: Record. Injected Serum 1X48-B to patient Neo. Reason decreasing.

An artificial voice: Process activated. (after a pause) process completed.

Person 1: Life reading.

Person 2: Getting normal.

Person 1: Mental activity.

Person 3: Decreasing.

Person 1: Max I have a good and bad news.

Max: What doc?

Person 1: He is alive but his memory isn't.

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