The last minute Mistake

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This is a story of a rich boy who disguised himself in order to test who truly love him.One lady almost passed the test but failed in the end

Submitted: April 10, 2019

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Submitted: April 10, 2019




Yeboah Jason is the son of a millionaire. Been born with a Golden spoon in his mouth, he never lacked anything in live. His father was a business tycoon, the CEO of an Oil firm in Takoradi, Ghana. On his 18th birthday, his father gave him a range rover. After completing SSS where he offered Cost accounting,he went further to offer M.phil.Banking and Financing in the University of Houston, U.S.A.He again did his doctorate in banking and financing in the same university.When he returned from the U.S.A., he became a bank manager in ECObank.He decided to settle down but he has a problem. Most of the ladies that crossed his path were money lovers and highly materialistic.

From the time he came back from the U.S.A to about three years, he dated nine women but all of them had proven they were just money lovers. Finally, he said to himself,"ladies are using me as a profit making venture.I must change the Game plan. From that point on, he dressed shabbily, walked on feet and even ate in the common resturant.

One day,when he was returning after eating from one of the cheapest restaurants,he caught a glimpse of a well dressed simple looking young lady standing close to Believers World Chapel.He told himself "This lady will be the game changer.She looked humble and simple." He approached the lady,asked her out and soon a relationship developed.The lady was Agatha.They dated for three years. For two years Agatha proved equal to the Game.She had never given Jason any reason to doubt her.

There was one thing that kept bothering Agatha though. Whenever she was celebrating her birthday,Jason always gave her a loaf of bread as a Birthday present.She kept asking herself,"Why will Jason always give me bread as a birthday present?".The days turned into weeks and weeks into months and months turned into a year.With time,her birthday approached again.She invited all her friends,organised an enormous birthday was a stupendous celebration. Jason came to the party again as usual gave his fiancée a loaf of bread again.She got infuriated deep within but pretended she was not vexed.She said" thank you dear for honouring my invitation and giving me this" That was her 24th birthday.

After that incident, she became a bit hostile towards Jason.She didn't pick his calls often, and she didn't visit him as often as she used to do.Sometimes, she even talk to him disres

pectfully. She lost her usual smile whenever she saw Jason. In all these things, Jason kept his cool.He never complained when Agatha misbehaved towards her.As the months progressed, the relationship grew weaker and weaker.Agatha has purposed in her heart that during her 25th birthday, if Jason gave her a loaf of bread, she would embarrassed him and quit the relationship. Soon her 25th Birthday approached.

She planned the event meticulously. She invited all her friends numbering to one hundred to her birthday party.It was a grandiose anniversary. Surprisingly, it looked like her fiancé would not be coming to the party this time around. Worriness begun to set in.She waited and waited until it seemed he won't be coming.Agatha called his fiancé on mobile phone but it was switch off.Finally she decided to cut the Birthday cake without her fiancé. Some of her friends even teased her for dating a backward guy. As she was about to cut the cake, the figure of Jason could be marked out on a wretched bicycle.He was sweating from head to toe.He apologized for been late, and as people were looking on, began to remove something from a polythene bag.

Everyone was anxious to see what the bread boy will offer his girlfriend this time around.Agatha's heart began to beat furiously as she said to herself,"Will this idiot give me bread again?"To her uttermost surprise and that of everyone present at the party,Peter again presented a loaf of bread to her girlfriend Agatha.

The whole place erupted into laughter with people shouting,"bread boy! Bread boy!!, bread boy!!!" Unable to control her anger which was visible on her face, she snatched the bread forcefully from Jason's hand and smash it in his face, blurting out the insults, "You are a fool,Very Stingy young fool.Never talk to me again.You are an uncivilised and narrow minded stupid idiot.Which kind of guy gives bread to his Girlfriend on her birthday. This relationship is over and I mean it."Jason remained calm, smile a little bit to the amazement of the spectators.

Jason took the smashed bread and attempted to give it back to Agatha saying,"don't worry, I will give you something better next year.Agatha once again threw the bread away and guest what fell out from the bread onto the ground. It was an engagement Ring, a car key and a key to a self contained flat.Agatha was dumb founded . She couldn't believe her eyes. She had just insulted the son of a millionaire and a rich guy and by so doing revealed her true character in the last minute.She has thrown her future away in a minute after been a good girl all these years .

Jason began to talk ,"you said I am a fool,well,Maybe I am."That is why I thought you were different from all those money - loving daughters of Eve. I hid these precious things inside the bread because I knew you don't like it when I gave you bread. Honestly I was expecting you to control your anger and take the bread today so that after today I will reveal to you who I really am but everything worked for good.

Thank You and Goodbye." Agatha fell on her knees crying and begging Jason that she was sorry and that she didn't mean what she was saying but Jason was gone before she knew it.She had made a very great mistake at the last minute after all those years of enduring and thus lost not only a house and a car but also once-in -a- lifetime wedding.

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