Ancient Stories of NDEs and How Did Source Get All Those Life Movies?

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I happen to ponder this question yesterday and continued my research on this famous "Source of All That Is" - a god I don't recognize as MY GOD, and whom Souls never mentioned in ancient NDEs at all until 35 years ago. UP to the 1930s, in fact, no NDE mentioned Life Movies or Life Reviews. Sort of the time WE had early, silent movies. So what gives? The Creator of the UNIVERSE could not dream up the concept of Film-making?


Source and the Mysterious Making of Life Movies -

And the Ancient Near Death Experiencers who NEVER had them.


Alexander Guinevere Kern  4-11-19


Ah, hello.


I am a trifle confused. 


My Friends, I do a load of reading.  Often. On a variety of subjects.


Naturally - I have been hyper-focussed on Near Death Experiences and what to me, a fervent investigator, seem to be inconsistencies in the stories told by other NDErs, and the testimonies of persons in Hypnotic Regression, regarding their experiences of and in their “Home,” both during their NDEs and during recollections about their Life Between Lives.


Where Source is God and all is Love and Light.


So I researched diligently through many ancient recordations of Near Death Experiences, especially those in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, 1900s.


A common experience for Near Death Experiencers is being thrust or popped out of body, a separation between the body and their Mind (self) and a moving toward an Intense Light, sometimes at the end of a Tunnel. 


Once “In The Light” they almost always are met by Loved Ones, have The Life Review, which they describe as a MOVIE, showing every single moment, act, thought, effect on others, in their entire Life. Sometimes this Life Review seems to take only a few minutes, no matter how long the Experiencer has been alive.


I myself have seen these Life Movies.


Now here is the question - and it is of major importance to our understanding of The Light Realm, or the Spirit Realm, or however you wish to term them.


Why IS IT, in all those earlier testimonies, written up by both doctors and Experiencers in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, etc., NEVER ONCE has an NDEr had a Life Movie/Life Review? They do not remember, and are not shown, planning a Life, or creating a Life Plan, nor did any Being speak to them about Lessons, or Earth School or Role-Playing, nor did they speak of Video Games, nor did a single NDE back then speak of computers at all.


They most def were shown HELL, though. Plenty of them were given tours of HELL.  It was specifically made clear to them that your conduct/behavior on Earth mattered very much indeed.


Not “Source will take you back no matter what you do. Your Life doesn’t matter. It’s not important. It’s only for Evolution.”


The only theme which is consistent in ALL NDEs in the Past and those Now, is that God accepts all people, from everywhere, and none are excluded and that Jesus Christ paid for our sins.


Source says there is No Jesus Christ.


We have been on that track, before, right?


Those Ancient NDErs do not SEE a “Movie” of the “Life” in a human body they have just left.  They receive NO Life Review.  They see NO Departed Loved Ones or Relatives or Ancestors waiting for them at the end of the Tunnel.


How about THAT?


Angels, that is what they see.


Allegedly Source Souls have to work on those Life Movie Scripts for ten Earth Years before Incarnation.  And also it is claimed, Source knows everything that is to occur on the Earth, anyway.


Ancient Near Death Experiencers receive information about possible “roles” to experience, but they are never shown a film, they do not get offered a pile of Life DVDs to choose from. Many of which are rejected by current NDE Souls, whether or not their “Guides” think those “lessons” might be useful to their Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness.


No Soul of Sensitivity or Intelligence is EVER going to want to play ME.  They will give MY LIFE DVD to devils to torture them!


Those are PRE-MADE movies (and often pre-lived by other Souls), which Souls can watch and choose from - and then have some elements altered in their program to suit their idea of how they want that DVD “Life” to play out.  They want certain Experiences and those who “run the Earth Game/Show/Adventure/WestWorld” try to give Souls what they want.


What Humans want is of NO importance whatsoever. We have to be kept under control, you know, hence all those classes in Mind Control, and yes, they do! Souls take classes in Mind Control so they will better control their Human!

There is NO room here for the Free Will of Human Beings, who are the only Intelligences veiled during a Soul’s Incarnation. I assure you, THEY ARE NOT VEILED.


Since Source is GOD, is GOD, is GOD, and “All That Is” and “Everything is Source and everyone is Source and it all Goes Back To Source - “The Ending is Assured!”


How come Source Bug did not know how to make MOVIES until about the time WE had them? Source created the ENTIRE UNIVERSE and It failed to make up the concept of Film-making???


The first films/movies were shown here on Earth in 1895, IIRC.  


We get their 4th Hand Junk Tech, because they are WELL into 3D VR Gaming and well beyond THAT, and we have only begun to enter into the Collective Hallucination they daily enjoy, and into they have been indoctrinated, since their birth.


They developed Film-making, and I have seen one of MY OWN, in their school classrooms, with rolling credits and music, mind you, MUSIC credits at the end.


No, this is not from human school.


We had video in my Human High School and it was sketchy at best!


Source is not so All Knowing, is It?


We’ve been around how many millions of years and only NOW has Source come up with . . . movies?  Do you know they call Earth “The Circus” and GUIDES (Firefly entities who might be millions of years old) call our “Lives” ‘The Ride?”)


Did you know that? Because I DO know it.


The Circus, where they PERFORM (as us, except WE are unaware of their preposterous and ill-thought out fusion between Insectoid Beings practically BORG in their abilities and Mankind, the Apes in The Circus.


I wish I were kidding. I’m not.  That Intersection Synergy is NOT WORKING, Source.


They are USING our bodies so they can experience what it is like to be Human and to live in a physical world.


For them, everything is made of THOUGHT. They are Insects, not Hallmark Greeting Card Angels.


They create everything out of thought.


But the Mighty “Source of All That Is” did not think up Film-Making until . . . when?


Typically it takes 7-12 years for something created by thought in the Astral Planes to degrade into a Form in the Earth Plane.


The Monkeys. The Circus. The Stage. The “All The World’s A Stage And All The Men And Women Merely Players.”  (Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare, who almost surely had an NDE.)


I did not agree to live this “Life.” I don’t care what sort of Bug occupies my Living Form. (Or am I living at all? One wonders, one does, since I found out certain people on this Plane have copies of all the Akashic Records (Movies) and implants Negative Polarity Spiritual Beings in the Human Characters.)


After death, I’ve seen BOTH White and Black Masters come down to greet my Soul.  (Black and White has naught to do with race or skin color, be clear on that.)


It’s the Polarity Integration Game, too! Satan’s Thespian Crews come out to congratulate the Light Being Soul on surviving “Survivor, the Devil’s Labyrinth.” 


The Demons and the Light Beings don’t hate one another. They work on Projects together and plenty of NDErs have SEEN them!  *I* saw them!


Did you agree to live YOUR life? Would you have PLANNED it?  


Mankind has no Free Will. But we used to!!!  What the Devil happened?  There is no Man nor Woman living who would allow Firefly Entities to plan our lives, our Karmic Connections, our “Lessons” our Experiences.


How did they get involved with us?


Why didn’t the Great And Powerful Source “dream up” movie-making long ago?


Souls go to classes to learn how to take over the Host’s Mind.  That would be US. You know, the Monkeys.


Gives “Not my Circus, not my monkeys” a whole new meaning, eh?


That means Source and Its fellow Minions learned how to create Life Movies about 1850 or so.


Once Souls have finished living Their lives as Us, They take their ENTIRE life movies back “Home” with them and the film is uploaded.  The Soulmates, Teachers, Guides, Masters watch it.  They can jump in and out of all the characters, all the people in your life become “characters” they play.


And then the Being I call Satan gets the Drop Down Menu of all the Akashic Life Movies and does with them just what I told you he does with them. He has DRAWERS full of Life Chips!


How could we ever know what IS real, and what is not?


All those people in the 1600s, etc., probably were “real” human beings, with Free Will. Yes, indeed, they went Home and were judged - “according to their works” if you will.


But no Life Reviews Life Movies, Folks, Nary a one.


When my Being came back, after MY Death, she went to a LIVING EX-MILITARY man and wheedled him into giving her ME back as a Form.


I woke up none the wiser. I never remembered I had died. I knew nothing at ALL.


Now note this - and think on it, Friends. Think on it - where DID Source get those Life DVDs?  And what’s the Military got to DO with our Spiritual Development?


All right, so now, by the way, they are calling them Life Streams. Sort of the Holywood Video Store Cum Netflix.  A Net, an Internet, indeed. Life Streaming . . . VR Videos.


How about this? Do you suppose Souls DON’T go to the correct “Light” after death of their bodies?


Did you know Insects WILL go toward ANY Light they perceive FIRST?


Is this the reason Jesus Christ’s Lord’s Prayer is QUITE Specific when, at the end, he prays, “Yours is the TRUE POWER, Yours is the True Kingdom, YOURS IS THE TRUE LIGHT, now and forever more?”


There are endless Planes, Games, Timelines, Programs, Dimensions, Universes, Alternate and Parallel Universes and Realities.


How many Souls are reprogrammed and duped into returning to a Plane which will turn around and send them back for another New, Exciting Incarnation, so they can graduate and move on to the next Grade and new Challenges and Experiences?


None of which they need at all, because all Souls know what Source knows.


Souls tell Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists they incarnate all over the Universe, in countless Forms, which they try on in Source’s Wardrobe Room.


Do you think it took them ten Earth Years to create those Programs?


These Lives are all Programs now, they tell me.


Like The Matrix.


I pray to God Almighty there are still REAL human beings somewhere. I hope to God they are not downloading programs into us.


Don’t put *anything* past Satan. Ever.


He is the Source of All That Is Not Real and he always has been.


Here’s some good info for you:


*** I do not know the author, but I will try to find him or her***


How the US Military Built Encryption and the Internet

03 May 2016


You might not know this, but the US Military created much of the encryption technology that we use today, including TOR, the cloaking software used by Edward Snowden and others. They also created SSL and the RSA algorithm. The US Military even invented the internet, in 1969. It was called ARPANET then. And they had a hand in funding everything from the laser to UNIX.

This does not mean that programmers working for the military wrote all of these programs and made all of these devices. Instead the American Department of Defense awarded contracts to mathematicians, companies, and cryptographers who developed all of this, except Navy programmers wrote TOR.

The Data Encryption Standard was created in 1975 when the NSA solicited proposals for how to protect government data. The NSA is part of the Department of Defense. IBM responded with a proposal. The NSA published their algorithm and put it out for public comment. The best mathematical minds and cryptographers tried to find its weaknesses. A series of back and forth comments led to several revisions so that today we have the AES standard, yet DES remains in use. AES256, for example, is used in all kinds of encryption, like disk drive encryption. *******


Where DID Source Bug get those DVDs to force Its Souls to “live” in fragile Human Forms, which get sick and die. Why can’t Source FIX US? So many people have “Terrible Forms” according to Souls who gripe to Dr. Newton!


They’re using us as Avatars. It’s the least they could do.


Since when have Souls been *programming Lives* and how did they learn how to do that?


Why was an ex-Military man in charge of writing up my Indwelling Being’s “Lessons” and plunking her Unfortunate Self into my dead body?


I thought only Source Guides and Teachers took Souls to Programming Centers and had them programmed for their next Life.


Do you know what’s so interesting?


In the Near Death Experiencers of Ancient Times, they never spoke of Source.


They called Him GOD ALMIGHTY.


Thank you.


Perplexed at How Our Military Got Involved With Conning Souls Into Coming To Earth,



Submitted: April 11, 2019

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