My Superb Dumb and Dumber

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A duo I encountered at my second hometown I ever stayed in.

Submitted: April 11, 2019

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Submitted: April 11, 2019



My Superb Dumb and Dumber:


Two gems of friends I discovered

At Oliver Edward Dunckel

Who were both comedians to be uncovered

And almost as fun as anyone’s quirky uncle


Trent Bekker, the smarter and muscular one,

Knew how to protect his loved ones from harm

While also having the clumsiness of a clown,

Although still able to be honor roll material

For all his work he had done

Deserving a mighty fine smarm

As his trips, shouts, and unluckiness make no frown

And even be someone earning a photo on cereal


Jacob Jones, the crazier and intelligent lad,

Was an exact mixture of Kel Mitchell and Yoda

From “Kenan and Kel” and a space opera

With having allies as stick and coat both named WouWou

While still earning of being a grad

Before and after drinking his cherry soda

For energy to stop all drama,

All crowning him a pooh-bah


This duo of wildcat football and heroism

Helped me and hundreds of others

In times of hard work and other activities,

Especially those with any autism

To help embrace the green and white colors

Of Dunckel and showing healthy stupidity

(Thank goodness accidentally falling on school floor

And showing spooky, funny videos

Humorous enough for “Tru TV’s Top Funniest”

Would help their popularity and charms soar

Whether an assistant worker insidious

Knew or not of their funniness)


This wittingly athletic football duo

Scoring touchdowns in seventh and eighth grade

Showed they’d also had the strength to withstand

Anyone or thing the size or mass of Pluto

Even when mistakenly slipping on wet grass under a shade,

Plus never receiving anything like an armband


Their concealed social statuses after June 18, 2010

When becoming a raider or falcon

In the now rigid Farmington

Did not stop them from being worthy of awards as medallions

Whether they were at a place reflecting volcanoes and lava

Or somewhat filled with scum and trickery

While communicating through programs like Java

And praying all friends receive victory

In what they embark and do

And at least spiritually stuck to them like forever glue!!!

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