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This is a true story. I know this will confuse you why it is written. I need to tell you some questions are understandable. Let me know that this is something I like to conclude my personal writings here. Thanks for your support. :)

Let me customize a rule to tell this story,

I like to replace every grant here as a memory long lived,

God forbidden the man in the Garden of Eden,

Never consume the fruit of knowledge,

But in time one angel passed the same day,

He was looking for a suitable companion to help his home,

Our angel thought,

What will I do with the punishment too hard for the Living Earth to bear?

Am I running away into that cave belonged to the genesis till God’s oldest servant agree and weighed out this as a sacrifice to the eternal commands?

What remained as the meeting place send the angel back in a time to the sea shores our birth came from?

Now very old near the edge of God’s farmland this angel knelt down and prayed that there is a room for all his friends here,

What I cannot refuse,

A man whom the Lord has blessed,

Wanted to fulfil your responsibility towards my master’s descendants?

It is said not for us alone God came to decide like a stranger,

“Let me go back to my master and you have his blessings”, said Abraham;

A stairway from heaven to earth camped there,

“Until time water them again, may this heart take us back to pasture of our home, I have earned by working for your honour and obeyed God always ever” the angel bowed before the messenger and prayed;

“I have given you everything, then why now when the meeting place weights a heart’s gratitude?” answered our messenger

Our angel told “Yesterday I had a dream. I met many young women of the city and I will say to you, the track played was, let us beat upon the rhythm. Those days I was blind and what I have to say; A rich man’s whole savings was brought for a time I learned what is right and wrong for every experience. They danced and my master’s flute led me strange through the gallery for standing out there as a witness. We played many games in the night. I was drunk and when I woke up, there was complete emptiness. Not for us the music was chosen but I could see someone I may have remembered was a close associate. I asked him why the bracelets are scattered everywhere and what has happened? I found what is unloaded was only a merry making except I never knew my responsibility. If not, the time who gave me this clothing, do you know the fate of her old family servants? My messenger, now did you notice I have a room ready for you, where I wake me myself all life for this stay?”

The messenger came home with me and inquired, “Is this the reason why you merged the rhythm of a true love into the prayers of Ave Maria? Tell me the truth. Do you know the punishment of this treason?”

Our angel spoke truthful “The song started by a word, ‘keep my unbroken voice together with one of us always’. And in the song of Ave Maria there is a person so lost yet blinks that everything is granted without acting while thinking so true. I know it acted madly with a false reference, but I didn’t mean to hurt anyone as some songs I hear enlighten my thoughts as a friend always ready for coming back for refreshments from a lost time for making me serious in real life. Yet my guardian knows the unforgiven wish of the great love came for a cure. If God gave me this time for finding an answer, how will I have a room ready for you in my house if the promise that saved my life is a responsibility in the bracelets of our times?”

The messenger became silent and said “Don’t hurt the boy or do anything to him”

Now I opened my eyes.

I received a call in my mobile from my friend, “I have eaten your fathers 14 lakh rupees”

I couldn’t hold my thoughts yet there was complete blankness in my memories. What think like your doctor itself gave the beginnings of every learning? I just wanted the night to end. Morning I woke up and saw the same guard was waiting all the night watching no one may hurt this innocence. May be the next night I watched the stars and the call came from a heart. Why would the angel sacrifice her companion’s life for a stranger? All the birds dropped its leftovers on the paper I was reading in the terrace.

I was back to the same university. I could see my old teachers had nothing to say but cover their face with the newspaper. May be even then I could understand but nothing was felt in the vacuum when I didn’t know what to do. I could feel the young man who waited in every shop I wandered in my city.

These are few incidences. I knew all of my friends felt very bad to be the witness of a past time that made a mockery of a simplicity of my heart. But they wanted to know why I am not serious even with everything. As far as I will end my words for today. I told my father two incidence.

The first account was about the strange incidence that asked me what I wanted and I responded, “Knowledge is power”. The next experience face my dad’s heart so badly. I was back in my village. There was many of my relatives. Near the entrance of their home, I could be unseen into a slight vision of a old man but in a white colour. What I could hear is give me a hand? May be my father whispered in my ears as he was standing near me. As soon as I gave my handshake to this old man, my entire body was frozen standing and I could hear “You have been given a boom”. There was the priest who stood up immediately and everyone besides us looking at me. I could remember my dad on the way back home, “Son, did you know that everything is still the same? And try to save yourself.”

What I feel different from yesterday I am writing this with an understanding. There should be a truth I don’t want to harden the heart of anyone who reads this. May be I always ever wanted to save the world in my writings. But how could someone ever know the pain, all I will try to listen my hearts voice is near a God who knows everything. This writing is supported by a self-investigation I have earlier made in my writings lately in my city. Please also read the below and then you will understand my presence of mind as I write down everything so truly.

Title: Unforgettable Santhwana in My Gestures

I would like to keep this memoir as unforgettable. Not only why Santhwana has dedicated support team that mentors everyone’s potential. But I would like to note this service for every individual who would always like to pursue their effortless vision as an institution of one remarkable character. Let me brief some of my learnings what I truly felt in my support groups. Thanks for making me a part of your extended contributor.

What made me to come here?

My father always attended Santhwana classes and I always asked him few questions that he guided me in my entire life experience so far and ever again.

There is a new creativity in everyone. I always felt unleashing our creative confidence starts understanding the true potential within. Every class at Santhwana provided me a different artistic quality to nourish self-confidence and step ahead with the birth of a new openness. Today I see the recent transformation would be a natural coach if I understand I must always “unlearn” the “blocks” in my script as someone who will never quit my daily job. I always like the open notebook entries that come with managing human relations and give birth the point of view by avoiding the conflicting ones. Santhwana gave me a good support not just theoretically but view the brighter side by exploring with a gamer’s skill. I have always felt the need to realise God was the thought leader that created David, the great king. This very realised positivity will always embrace failures and train us for the result nothing like know how where we shine. Santhwana thankfully still owes the credit for these big hats from the blank pages to insight of a somersault on a diving board. We will only feel the need to act only when we engage deep personally within on each effort one can contribute here. In a thousand words, Santhwana gives more spirit for the build-in the genius within if we make relearning always as a resolution for revisiting the excitement and encouragement in the search of excellence as our inspiration ahead. Let us never forget this experience just in my true words.

At Santhwana I always wanted to stay hungry and stay foolish. Like every jaywalker, my hunger started for knowledge and staying foolish for gathering wisdom. There were always feedbacks crossed about my silence as a passive listener. Lots of discovery crossed my mind as I watched the love and creativity, I will always be able to sell this effort in my real life for good news. What I may find as my necessity is giving a convincing case that will challenge the necessity, I will always share some of these thoughts in my experience ahead. I feel the time and money I have invested here will value the healthy happiness quotient for a message, this will be evident like a feedback without questions.

Every institution has a starter for their handwork and the smart work done for their hard merits. Like a heart that never ends its hard work with complaints. My insight will be meeting this spirit for gathering a humbleness as our contributor. I have always felt we must be example for others in real life. This will always bring us happiness while doing the fishing for new stories in my life. Sharing problems in an ocean where we all swim to survive won’t be a right attitude. It will make me feel only insecure. This moment I am indebted to find a medicine and I feel my memories at Santhwana is a self-worth within to discover this potential.

Today I am self-confident, but I will be a wise man knowing nothing expect I will always be with a big attitude in my small world. The beauty of this source will always be my guide. I know I add to this divine source in my prayers to God. For everything I am thanking God for the mercy as his scholar who will always find the promise to do better than nothing in my search for a perfection. I feel the learnings I experience at Santhwana is always a valuable treasure.

Finally, I am thankful for everyone. Today I feel my past preconceptions have much unlearned the past for a present could lead me to acceptance as a scholar with a big heart for one Santhwana family. Thank you all for your time and effort as one family.

Please do understand I am not requesting anything now. I would like to obey the commandments and live the rest of my life as a blessing for my home. May be God always has some grant for these blessings. I feel God has a purpose for all of us ever we are living to be helpful. Let us fulfil this.




Submitted: April 11, 2019

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