Memoirs of a Yankee Cowboy

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Benjamin follows through in getting Gene and Bennie on the right track and supporting the sons of Rose. Rose and Benjamin tie the knot after another almost oops follows. It is years past and Ben
has hopes of getting his entire gene pool together in New York.

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Following Through

Submitted: May 03, 2019

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Submitted: May 03, 2019



Chapter Nine

Along toward morning, Dale woke me up with a cup of coffee and a roll.  I sat up groggily and thanked him.  “The whole place doesn’t know what happened do they?”

“No, Roger’s down the hall in his office.  I already had it figured out, but he filled me in.  He told me to tell you that I’m in charge today.  You’re suppose to go into town for a full stylish haircut shave, bath and massage.  He’s got it all set up for you, so don’t balk on him about it.”

He handed me a card that said, “Father of the Year” with a picture of an ape and inside was the coupons for all the spa treatments and the card read, “So you’re not perfect.  You’re human.”  I still have that card pinned to the bulletin board in back of my desk.

I shook my head.  “How many bosses are like that man?”

“No body is like that big man with that big heart.  He says not to show yourself to him until you’re good and cleaned up.”

I sat quietly, started eating my roll and drinking my coffee.  Dale saluted and left.  When I was finished, I got up, grabbed my hat and hit the door.  I grabbed my best outfit and crammed them into a bag leaving my hat on the rack.  In town, I did exactly as Roger said with even more style.  I got myself one of the new styles of haircuts, all short on the bottom sides and back with a nice up do on top.  If I was going to set an example, I wanted to look the part.

Feeling cleaned up and cleaned out, I stopped at the jail to check on the boys.  The hearing was set for one o’clock in the afternoon and I opted not to see the boys until that time.  In the meantime, I stopped by the school and asked for Rose.  I sat in the front office, nervous and waiting for her.  When she did, I stood, she glanced and me and then stepped up to the desk. 

The receptionist looked past her to me and she slowly turned around and looked at the hatless cowboy and her mouth dropped open.

“Oh, my word.  Look at you.  I didn’t recognize who you were.”


“I love the new look.  What prompted this?”

“Have you had lunch?”

“No just headed out.”

“Have lunch with me?”

“I just have an hour.”

“That’s good.”

We walked down the street to Maude’s and took a booth in back out of foot traffic.  We ordered our sandwiches on the way in.

“So, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know where to start.  I may not have time for it all.  But that’s good because you might get scared and run off if I told you too much at one time.

She laughed.  Well, let’s start with this.  The boys have started school today, right?”

“Benjamin is at orientation today.  The other two are in jail.”

Her jaw dropped.  “What?”

I filled her in from the beginning to the end.  “Don’t share this with anyone else just yet.  We’re just hoping that this doesn’t ruin the reputation of the dude ranch.”

“Are you kidding.  This will just up do the intrigue of the place.  Like the movies and bad guys, good guys.  I wouldn’t worry about it, but I promise not to be the bearer of the news unless I’m setting gossip straight…So, does Benjamin know about all this?”

“Not to my knowledge, but he’s going to be asking questions about where his brothers are.”

“What prompted you to get a makeover?”

“That was Roger’s orders.  I’m thinking that he figured that if RB was going to get publicity, it had better be represented well.”  I told her about the plans I had for the boys.

“I’m impressed.  You are everything I always knew that you were, deep down.  Honest and willing to face all consequences.  You just had to search and find it.”

“Now I have to grind those ethics into my boys.  Benjamin already has that through you.  It just comes natural to him.

We talk all through the sandwich and I opted for water.  After we left, I walked back to the courthouse with a promise from Rose that she would call me.

I still had some time before the hearing, so I went in to talk with the RB lawyer.  I told him the whole story from start to finish and what my intentions were in discipline for the boys.  He listened and then said, “Your story lines up with Roger’s.  I expect the judge will let them off with probation anyway, but this session is to see if there is a reason for a trial.

I sat in the pews and watched as the boys were brought in wearing orange suits and shackled.  I thought it might be a little overkill, but I thought, good.  The more miserable they are, the better the lesson with be.

The boys looked down or straight ahead.  When the judge came in, the boys stood when they were required, sat when they were required and behaved appropriately.  The judge called the lawyer forward and he read the report of what happened and my intentions as father for discipline and why the boys should be sent to the addiction rehab ranch and be allowed to take classes online.

The judge dismissed the lawyer, called the boys one by one forward and ask each if they understood the seriousness of the crime and if they would agree with the terms of probation on the grounds set forth by the father.  They both said, “Yes, your honor.” to everything.  It brought back memories of my own indiscretion all those years ago as a young pup.  The difference was there were no enforcers outside that courtroom to keep a hammer on me.

When Bennie sat down, the judge said, “Is the father in the courtroom?”

The lawyer said, “Yes, your honor.” and pointed me out.’

“Come forward sir.”

“Your name.”

“Benjamin Patrick, Sr.”

“And you are the father of Eugene Layton Patrick and Benjamin Patrick, Jr.?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“I understand from the police report that you apprehended, questioned and turned in your boys for the actions they are charged with.”

“Yes sir.”

“Would you tell me in your own words what your disciplinary measures would be for these crimes.”

I repeated what the lawyer had already said.

The judge was silent a moment and then said, “You are an exceptional father who understands the meaning of what leadership in the family means.  The courts will not only allow these boys to be put into your custody, but the courts orders that all entities involved support you in your parenting actions.  The sheriff has asked that they be brought back and available as witnesses for the two cases they were involved with and that request is granted.

“I humbly accept and thank you your honor.”

Gene and Bennie were then turned over to me, I talked with them in the interrogation room after court.  When they saw me, they stood up and came to hug me.

Bennie said, “You look great, Dad.  Is that rose water that I smell?”

Gene said, “Can we smoke in that place?  Are we going to be locked up?”

“Thank you, Bennie and Gene it’s not bad at all as long as you follow the rules.  They have designated places to smoke, but I used that place as a place to heal all my addictions.  It’s a healing and uplifting place.  You just have to let go and go with the flow and you’ll be happy that you did.”

“But you still drink.”

“Not everybody is the same.  I don’t have to drink, but I used it for a crutch many times.  I just glad to be able to control it, but you may not ever be able to drink again.  Don’t push your luck on anything.  Go with a positive attitude and you’ll be fine.”

“Well, now you can have your other birth child without us hanging around.”

“One of the things you need to heal Gene is negativity.”

The boys were sent straight to the rehab center the next day at my request.  I was not going to be giving them a chance to run.

I settled down during the next few days until I got a call from the Las Vegas sheriff’s office.

After verifying that they had the right Benjamin Patrick, the sheriff explained.  “We’ve got a kid here who says he’s your son.  He’s only fifteen and was caught trying to fake his way onto a casino floor.”

I stared at the phone.  My mind raced back.  “Fifteen?  Lord.  I have no knowledge of having a fifteen-year old.  Can I talk with him?”

There was silence and then a male teen squeaky voice said, “Hello.”

“Who is your Ma?”


I choked.  No way.

“Willing to do a DNA test?”

“Yeah.  I really don’t know.  My Ma’s a prostitute, you know.  But you were the only man she ever talked about.”

“I’ll send you bus tickets.  We can check that out and regardless of the results, I can get life started for you.”

I was praying that it wasn’t true, because that would tie his mother to me and there was no way that would work.  When that kid got off the bus, I knew he wasn’t mine, but we tested anyway.  It turned out that Justin wasn’t my biological son.  But I agreed to be his foster parent.  I worked with social services to get him in school and he finished his growing up by living on the ranch and learning to work.  I got him in college and he’s becoming a great citizen.


Three months later, Rose and I were married.  She came out to live with me on the ranch, learned to ride horses and motorbikes like a pro and helped me with the training programs.  She worked with me in writing my book and now that we are retired she has been traveling with me on my speaking tours.

My son with Rose uses his middle name Patrick in his business in order to keep confusion down with so many Benjamins. We started calling him Patrick as well.  He is a state veterinarian and is married to a veterinarian.  Donnie (Don or Donald) is the full-fledged pastor (Reverand Donald Miller) of the interdenominational church where we attend and he has a wife and family.  As for the Patrick boys?  Well, the boys are now finally, emotionally men.  Gene goes by Eugene and is the foreman at the rehab ranch.  His wife is a horse trainer.  Bennie still goes by Junior in his work as a blacksmith and horse trainer with his wife who loves being a mom and housewife.  None of them have any addictions and I love being called grandpa.

The next highlight God Winks of my story is that I may get to see my boys in New York state soon.  I connected with the mother of three of them and we’ve become a social media family.  The other family is a big question.  Those two boys are reportedly living on welfare and were never taught to work.  I’ve got my work cut out for me there if I ever get the chance.  Hopefully when I’m there on tour in a few months, it will be like a family reunion.  Then perhaps the Wyoming boys can travel up with us.  God knows what he’s doing and I’m so glad he didn’t give up on me.


The last page read, “Thanks for giving me your time.  I hope in some way, I’ve been an inspiration for people like me who have searched for peace from addiction.  I pray that you find solid ground beneath your feet as I did.”


In the motel room, Rita closed the book, looked over at the nearly full whiskey bottle and in a rage, she stood, grabbed it and slammed the container into the wall.  The sound of glass breaking and the smell of the liquor made her dizzy and she sat down on the side of the bed.  “I’m too old to change now, Lord.”  She got up and stood staring into the dresser mirror at her reflection.  “Who is that?  What happened to me?  I look so much older than his wife.”

She pulled open a drawer in the dresser and pulled out a flyer and a Gideon Bible.  The flyer read, “Bring your troubles, your past, your regrets and your sins and start growing hope for the future.”  The flyer was entitled, “New Hope Interdenominational Church, Reverend Donald Lyn Miller”.

With tears in her eyes, she picked up the Bible and pressed it to her chest as she turned and knelt by the bed.  “Tomorrow, I will begin again.”


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