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Submitted: April 11, 2019

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Submitted: April 11, 2019



...are the ones with a passion towards daily goals, tiny or grand. Those who go out into this big world to find that passion, and once they’ve found it, a fire flame lights up that would never dim down. Whether it’s taking care of the tree in their backyard, raising a son or daughter, writing for a press, performing a surgery on a difficult patient, selling magazines in a tiny bookstore - whatever they do, determination, purpose and kindness exudes from every moment of it.

My favorite people are those with perhaps conventionally non-trivial facial features or figures, but with eyes signaling their desire to live; to breathe as much life into their restless lungs as possible. The people with an innate radar for what suits them & what doesn’t. They don’t strive to know the newest beauty trends. Despite that, they possess a high aesthetic sense that makes them noticeable among the crowd - not to everyone, but to the young university painters, to bohemian tribes, street musicians playing space drums and fellow writers.

My favorite people are those who, from birth, are in love with the world surrounding them; remaining selective, nevertheless, they fall in love with some particular fragments of this world above all others. Those who are raw and honest with the world and themselves, yet never reveal to the world quite how immensely strong they are. Those both simple and complicated - yet absolutely authentic, harmonic & free in that combination.

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