Mark and the robots and aliens

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His sister got murdered what will happen next?

Chapter 1


He was crying at his sister's funeral. It had been a hard summer for the both of them. He watched her kill herself. There must have been something wrong with her to begin with. He was wondering if it really was a suicide that did it. He went to bed alone that night. He got a phone call as he was getting ready for bed. “Hello this is lawyer Danni Brown.” She said. He was shocked maybe it wasn’t  herself that died, but  maybe someone did it to her. “Yes.” He said. “Your sister was not alone when she died.” She told him. He listened as she spoke, “Would you like to testify in court that she was killed by someone?” She asked. “Sure.” He said. He then heard her say, “Meet me tomorrow at the central cafe.” “Okay.” He said.  He hung up the phone and laid in his bed thinking to himself ‘who could do this to her?’  It was hard to tell she had a lot of friends. ‘Poor Sally’ he thought.

It had been a long day on the farm. He had worked long days and was tired. It was time for fall to come around. The days getting colder and the time messing everyone up. The road up to the house was gravel. It was a short walk up to the porch. The dog started barking for no reason. He saw something in the sky, but didn’t  think much of it. Planes flew by all the time. Then the world went black.


Chapter 2

The bomb flew the sky. It hit the ground hard. Everyone was dying or living from the glow of the missile. It was hard to see.  The darkness hit like a lost puppy in the street. It was all going to end this way. One thing could change everything. It was hard to breathe too after watching the Earth end.


There in all its glory was the Planet Earth. We landed . The feeling around us was nice. You could breathe the clean air once again. It started as a good day. It was hard to believe that she was gone. My wife of fifty years. The sun was shining. The birds singing. Everything was going good. My name was not important but I will tell you it was Mark. The rocket looked much like it did on Mars white with a red flag on it. The thing about Mars is that you don’t have to worry about any wars or famine because there was a peace treaty with the whole planet if you started a war your bar code would go off and you would die. The famine part was all about food if you were born and raised on Mars you got food for free as long as you were born there. We landed on what seemed to be a large island by Australia. Papua New Guinea seemed to be where we were on one of the bigger islands. It was a nice hot day. My crew were slowly coming out of the rocket. Then everything went dark. There was a big explosion as if someone wanted them dead. It wasn’t much of a show of power the bomb didn’t affect them, but on an island a few 100 meters away it looked like it hit hard hurting the people their.


Chapter 3


The cafe was full of people. He could smell the fresh coffee as he was waiting for his order. “Albert!” said the young barista. He got up to get his coffee. He sat down and then heard high heels hit the wood floor. She was a young lawyer with blonde hair and green eyes. “Hello.” She said. Seeming to know him. “Hi.” He said. She opened her binder full of papers. “ I know you from that tire commercial on the local news.” She said. “Oh.” He said having forgot all about that. He looked around the cafe to make sure that no one was watching he was nervous talking about his sister after a week of her being in the ground made him nervous and scared to even talk about it. “We have security footage of your sister with someone else and wanted to know it you knew the person she was with. We can’t seem to make out who it is in our database.” She said. “Okay.” He said. He looked at the picture and it was a man all right, but who. She wasn’t dating anyone at the time. As far as he knew she was single. He tired to remember any guy friends that she might of had. He remember a weird guy who looked like the one he was staring at Bob. He wouldn’t hurt her now would he? So many questions so little time, because he was running free if it was Bob. “ Well I think it one of her friends Bob McQueen.” He said. “ I know where he lives if you need to talk to him.” He added. “Okay you sure?” She asked. “Yes.” He said. She got up to get a coffee. Her order came and she was on her phone. “Oh it does look like him.” She said after pulling up his Facebook profile. “Okay so the court date is in two weeks here are your papers and I’ll see you there and I  will keep in touch about this Bob okay?” She asked. “Alright,” I said. She then left the cafe with him staring out at the sky ‘another plane,’ he thought.


Chapter 4


He was in the dirt when he woke up from the blast. He looked at his arm and they were green. He check his hat it was still there and hadn’t changed. He was hoping his cows were okay. He hated to lose cattle on the off season during fall when everyone had already bought and sold what they could of cattle. He looked around and it seemed okay they were mooing at him. All the sudden he wanted to eat them and he wanted to eat humans too. He was tired so he sat on the ground to think. Why was he green. He seemed to not be sick. He looked around for something anything. He then heard the house door open there was his wife as she fell bleeding to death right on the front porch. He was in shock and started to cry. Then it started to rain.




He was on the ground and then got up to see if his crew was alright. They were fine. Mandy the alien, John the CPU robot and Mary the half blood half human half alien. They survived whatever that was. They got there guns out because they thought there was going to be more bombs to come there way. It was quiet so they settled down and went on with their Earth mission. They were to take mineral samples and capture someone to do a scientific experiment on that person. They looked around and saw a farm that was not so far away they could hear cows mooing. They started to walk up the house. They found a dead lady on the porch. Then a man sitting on the ground staring out at the sun. They were quiet he didn't know they were there. They shot him with a dart to knock him out. They then started to dig the ground to find anything important. They put what dirt they could in a glass vile. They went back to the rocket to camp for the night in there memos they all got they had to stay one night at least to make the trip back to Mars the rocket wouldn’t start right away so they had to wait a day and whenever this human woke up. They had him chained up to the rocket so he couldn’t escape.  We didn’t notice that he was green we thought maybe he was sick or something. He still human who cares. When he woke he was in shock. He was screaming, “Who are you people!” “Calm down.” Said Mark. The human looked around scared. “We are good people.” Said John. They put him the rocket which was bigger than it looked from the outside.They put him on a lab table. He was scared, but tried not to show it. They put a needle in his arm that had fluid at the end of it. He fell asleep.


Chapter 5


The court room was cold. It had been a long day and it was just starting. The lawyer who he met at the cafe was there holding her arms from the cold. The judge came into the courtroom. He was an older looking man and seem to know his business. The case was about to start. Everybody stood up to start the case.  There was a raising of hands as the police officer had us testify. Then everyone sat down after that. The lawyer who he met at the cafe was his lawyer. I was called to the stand. “So you think your sister was murdered?” Asked the other lawyer which was an older man. “Yes.” I said. I was sweating, but ready to answer any questions. “Who do you think did this crime?” He asked. “Bob McQueen.” I said. “ Why do you think this?” He asked. “ He was with her before she died and he the only one who would know.” I said. “No more questions.” Said the lawyer. I got off the stand and waited for the trail to be over. When it was over my lawyer said “good job they are going to Bob’s house to question him right now.” She said. “Great!” I said. I went to my car to drive away to go home. I was happy that was over. McQueen got arrested months later happy to know my sister can rest easy.


Mandy was woken up by the human. He started screaming, but the others didn’t mind. She sat down next to him. “Want to go home?” She asked. “Yes.” Said the human. “Then do as we say and you will be fine.” She grabbed a vile of blood they had taken from him and looked at like it was going to hurt her. Then the others slowly woke up. They were going to there planet for the day to show around their slave. He would go back to Earth soon, but they needed him to get money for his blood and he had to be there for that. We landed on Mars. It had been awhile since they have been home. They had the human chained up so they carried the chain with them as they walked thru town. They went to the nearest hospital. They gave the blood to a black market doctor. It wasn’t a big deal to be a black market doctor now since on Mars it was legal. They got $500 for the blood enough to take him back and go back to Mars. They took him back to take him home. They started on their way back and there was an asteroid field in there way. “Why not plow thew?” Asked John. “It won’t be good.” Said Mandy.  They were going slow like they were on thin ice on a sidewalk. They saw what had happened Earth had been blown up. “Shh don’t tell him.” Said Mary. The human was sleeping unaware of what was happening tired from giving blood. “We could use him as a slave or a deckhand.” Said John. They all thought about it for a while. The Earth was gone so they had to keep him as a slave. All the sudden the human slave was attacking the crew members hurting them and turning them into zombies. Now the zombies were flying in space going back to Mars to infest the whole planet.




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