The Perfect Love

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About a devotee to God who prayed and asked for the perfect love relationship on earth.

There once was a young man who utterly devoted himself to God in prayers and meditations. Inside his heart, he knew he was close to God. However, he just couldn’t fight off the loneliness that was gathering inside him and he decided to ask God for help.

“God, I know you know that I am totally devoted to you but … I just feel I need love, human love or love, you know, that is more down to earth?”

A month passed. Nothing happened. One day when the man was on his computer surfing the internet, he came across a facebook suggestion to friend someone – a lady from another race and religion from within his neighbourhood. Upon clicking on the suggestion, he found and realized the person was much older than him. Anyway, he thought, just be friends only, right? He “befriended” the lady on the facebook and soon a lovely conversation began that grew into short dates until the lady grew serious about the relationship and asked him for a more serious commitment. He thought about it but broke it off as he thought although everything was going well, the lady was just not his type.

Many years passed. The man was now in his forties. He decided to ask God the same question for love again, and again, nothing happened for a long time. The man was working as a social worker in a certain community. A case of financial assistance came in of a young widow with a new born. In the process of helping her, it appeared that the young widow had fallen in love with the man and decided to tell him so. Fearing he might be mixing his work with his personal feelings, the man decided to transfer his case to a female colleague to “break off” the relationship.

The man was now in his fifties and still single. He decided to ask God the same question for love yet again. As usual, nothing happened for quite some time. Apart from his job as a social worker, the man volunteered at a pet shelter for animals. One day, the police brought in a dog that was had been injured in a car accident. The dog had been treated by the pet shelter’s veterinarian and was soon passed to the man to nurture it back to health. A wonderful friendship grew between the man and the dog. Soon, every time, when the man came to volunteer at the pet centre, the dog would rush out to greet him, wagging his tail and attempting to lick him. At that sight, some of the other volunteers joked that maybe the man should adopt the dog. Hearing this, however, was no joke for the man. How could he just adopt any stray dog into his home? He decided to stop volunteering at the pet shelter for a while. A year passed. When he returned to the pet shelter, the dog, it seemed, had been adopted by someone else.

In his sixties now, one day, the man happened to ran across his old classmate of many years back. Though in her fifties, she was, so to speak, pretty “well-maintained” and attractive looking. A relationship started and went well until the classmate herself happened to ran into her very first love back in college. The other man was a widower and was himself not too bad looking. Feeling jealous, the man would sometimes quarrel with his girlfriend over the new man on the scene despite her telling him repeatedly that there was nothing between her and the first love widower. Nevertheless, the quarrels got too much and the man broke off with his new girlfriend.

The man died and went to heaven. The first thing he did was question God.

“God, didn’t I devote myself utterly to you?”

And God answered. “Yes, you did.”

“Then why did you not answer my prayers and gave me someone I could love and love me back in return?”

God looked at the man in the eye.

“Didn’t I send you the lady on facebook? The widow with the new-born? The dog which was injured in the accident and had grown fond of you? Your old classmate?
“Yes! Yes! I know!” the man cried in exasperation. “But … but they are not the perfect “love of my life” as I have envisioned!”

God closed his eyes and sighed.

“Yes. But that’s what you need.”

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