A Whimsical Phsyical Love

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Soft Touch in my brunette hair

Soft Touch on my left cheek

Soft Touch across my lower lip

Soft Touch that makes me weak

Gentle Caress down my throat

Gentle Caress over my breasts

Gentle Caress along my arms

Gentle Caress that dont involve my rest

Whisper of a Kiss along my belly

Whisper of a Kiss on my hips

Whisper of a Kiss inside my thigh

Whisper of a Kiss on lower lips

An Embrace of our hands

An Embrace on my waist

An Embrace of lips and tongues

An Embrace that should never haste

Sweet Pressure when my lips are bitten

Sweet Pressure of my nipples puckering

Sweet Pressure as hands are tensing

Sweet Pressure of first time Consumating

SOFT TOUCH I wish that I could know

GENTLE CARESS of a skilled lovers hands

WHISPER OF A KISS and the magic they can show

AN EMBRACE of bodies entwined as one

SWEET PRESSURE as I can finally understand

Submitted: April 13, 2019

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