Back Off, Government!

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So one Californian (a proud hippie, as she says) decided to argue that she voted for Clinton because she wanted to "f-ck the government and help the people." Clinton. For people. HAH! Here's my article responding to that...

Submitted: April 13, 2019

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Submitted: April 13, 2019




The foundation of America, which we've cherished for several years, is the concept of the people's power. We leave it to the vote of the citizens to decide everything; we elected all the great leaders (and the not-so-great ones), we vote for senators and vice presidents, we get to impeach when the need arises, we even use juries of citizens to pass verdicts in court. One of the most popular quotes in our history is "WE THE PEOPLE." 

Furthermore, these people deserve to hold the most power; they witness firsthand the benefits and problems in America. They work all kinds of jobs, pay taxes, get educated, fight and defend it, even socialize (sometimes unwillingly) with those around them. It's been that way for years.

Ever since the Vietnam War, the people have grown more and more untrusting of the government, and for good reason. When the government holds the most power, we know for sure that disaster is willing to strike. After all, it takes a real stand-up person with minor flaws and inhuman generosity to properly run a country under those conditions. Especially the most powerful in the world (since World War II).

However, too many people would become corrupt with that in their hands, and the great country would go from "WE THE PEOPLE" to "WORSHIP YOUR LEADER OR ELSE."

Give too much power to the government, and you'll see something like the Clintons ruling our country. The people are silenced by her sources, while they turn the leaders into people against you and say "don't worry about it." Oh, and what about those countless scandals? They'll just get covered up and kept in the shadows, adding to the stack of lies and deceit they're building (what else is new, am I right?). It's not surprising for any politician to stretch some words here and there, but stretching laws is a new level we don't want to reach when it comes to the President.

Now, with that in mind, let's play a little trivia game, shall we? Just really think about this and pick the answers you honestly agree with. Would you want the government to...


Manage the economy; how you spend and what you can or can't buy?

Stay out of your spending business?


Be in charge of your healthcare?

Leave your healthcare alone; it's not theirs?


Disarm you and take your defenses?

Give you a registered gun; you've proven you're responsible, and want protection?


Increase your taxes (up to 90%); take your money to support illegals and welfare applicants?

Keep taxes reasonable and let you support yourself and your family?


Manage what you can and can't say with a "hate" excuse?

Sign a bill letting you speak your mind REGARDLESS of others' feelings? (<-- true story!)


Make the government a murky swamp of shifty figures and confusing laws?

Make the government by and for the people (again) with more transparency?


Risk lives by letting in illegal drug or human traffickers and MS-13 gang members?

Use sensible border laws that protect YOU first; immigrants use the front door instead of letting themselves in?


Overall, do you want the government only paying and helping themselves?

Or do you want the government to be given back to the people?


The government manages EVERYTHING horribly! Look at all the first options in those questions; take a wild guess at who actually wants that. What a shocker; it's the Democrats! Who saw that coming?

They don't have to worry about struggling Americans, just the poor illegals and make-believe victims that get them money and votes. Nonetheless, all this goes down while shovelling the taxpayer's money into a furnace of failed witch hunts and investigations.

Democrats say they fight for human rights, but they don't give a sh-t about any human except the ones that support their ridiculous logic and laws. They just want to tax the rich Americans and the rest can be driven out of their homes to make way for things only they care about. 

I'll say again, if Democrats love all humans so much, then why do states like California (liberal-packed, Democrat-run) make their money by coming up with the STUPIDEST laws they can think of, while you get taxed on everything, and unless you can afford $500,000, you can't buy a decent-sized house in a decent neighborhood. Hell, when it comes to actual crime instead of "hate speech" and "gun laws", you can't even go to a Burger King in Fresno without needing a CCW and good-size pistol. And don't give me that "pepper spray" sh-t, you'll be out by the time you reach the edge of the block. The same, or close, goes for Los Angeles, San Diego, Eureka, Bakersfield, San Francisco, Truckee, Chico, Sacramento; basically, anywhere that isn't a nice little town that's JUST classy enough to keep gang members and rampaging drug-addicts out.

Now, then, most Californians give the government enough power to start passing laws and taxes in every which way, and while California is turning into the least-golden state, they're raking in tons of cash with each senseless law they pass. See what happens? You may feel some sympathy for us Californians at this point, but just imagine that happening to all of America!

Here's an idea; keep the government out of our business. Give them your healthcare and economy, and they now have power over you. People turn into puppets. It's laughable, and we don't need that corruption in the White House!

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