Avalanche on I-70

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Death On The Beach

Short Story / Mystery and Crime

In this sequel to "If You Could Hear what I see," Jack Donovan heads back to Florida when he finds out the person who caused his deafness is seen. What will happen to Jack? Will survive? Who will die? Please read, "Death On The Beach" and find out.

You, Me and the Elephants

Short Story / Romance

Brad and Cassie go off to the zoo while he is recovering from surgery. The animals at the zoo have a great time. Then, Brad tells Cassie something about his past. Will she understand? Will their love survive? Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash


Short Story / Mystery and Crime

Jack Donovan decides to go on a walk when he comes across a car crash and becomes involved in a mystery with international intrigue. Read this sequel of "If you Could Hear What I See" and "Death On A Beach" and find out. Photo by Mattia Righetti on Unsplash