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Sarah decided to forgive her brother for bouncing her and realised forgiveness wasn't a child's play. Her self -pity changed to revenge when her brother announced he was getting married and guess who the girl was...

The Shocking Wedding.
After hating my half- brother for bouncing me when I attempted to seduce him, I decided to forgive him. Forgiveness was not an easy thing.The embarrassing incidence flashed back Into my head, "he invited me to his mother's house, with the excuse that I had to accompany him to see a friend.
We reached his mother's house but there was no friend there and the house was virtually empty. I really  thought he had finally fallen for my moves too.We entered his room , which was surprisingly too neat, well decorated and extravagant for a young man of his age.
My heart started beating rapidly and hammering sporadically against my chest to the point that my chest hurt.When we laid on his bed, I closed my eyes wondering if it was really going to happen. 
I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment . I didn't care if he was my brother and if we were about to commit a taboo or incest or whatever they call it.As far as I am concerned, I loved him and we can damn the consequences of incest. All I wanted him to do was to hold me tight, tell me he loved me too, just as I loved him and make me experience the pleasures that come along with physical connections.
Then he gave me the biggest disappointment of my life by saying "My dear lovely Sister Sarah, I am your brother and in as much as I care for you, I will never try to make love to you.I have seen that you have grown very fond of me but we can never ever be anything more than what we are supposed to be_ a brother and a sister.I won't tell mummy and daddy about your behaviour , but promise me you are not going to behave like that again." 
The more this flashback kept creeping
into my head , the more I questioned my decision to forgive me. How could I allow another lady to take away this young handsome man from me all because he belonged to the wrong family, wrong family in the sense that we are blood related. At that moment, I wished culture and traditional norms should be abolished .
How could something that was not accepted by society feel so good and beautiful to me. I wished it happened just ones.I remembered certain instances where I wished he had made the move. 
That day, I bathed and intentionally walked half naked into his room just to ask him what I would cook for him. He just casually looked at me and say, "anything You think I will like, sis."
There was another incidence where I wore a tight fitting cloth that accentuated my body contours , leaving nothing to imagination.
Sometimes, I would intentionally hug him and held him so tightly that the feeling the softness of my breast on his chest cannot be avoided. 
Oh, God, I don't want to remember those instances again.
"Sarah, forget about your feelings for your half brother, it's not right"
I turned round to see who was talking.It was my younger sister Manila. 
"Martin is our brother , we can't change that and he will never give you want you want so accept the reality and move on."
I knew my sister was telling me the truth, but the truth is always a bitter pill.Somtimes , people want others to tell them what they want to hear , not what they need to hear as Manila was doing right now.
Two weeks after Manila's admonition to me, Martin told my father he has something to discuss with him.I wasn't preview to that discussion but the following day revealed what the discussion was all about .
Martin brought a lady to the house to introduce to my father. When I saw the lady, My eyes nearly dropped out of my socket. She was Claudia, my close friend . "What! !! How can Claudia do this to me, I asked."
"Claudia did nothing wrong," my sister's voice pierced through my thoughts again. 
"Shut up Manilla, and leave me alone! "I Shouted and rushed into my bedroom and cried. Nothing is more painful than getting emotionally connected to someone who does not share the same sentiments with you more so when those sentiments are considered inappropriate by the society.
Can't he just love me the way I love him? When these unanswered questions flashed through my mind,my body began to quiver as if reacting to the turmoil in my head.To force out the storms of negative thought torment
ing me that night, I decided to listen to some music to see if I can regain some degree of equanimity.I glanced through my musical collections in a folder on my HP Laptop Westlife ,Britney Spears,Celine Dion,Justin Bieber, Rihanna,Shakira, justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Trey songz, Ciara,, Jaden smith....
The list was endless.I decided to narrow it down to cool musics.
In a situation like this, cool music will be the panacea to my mental turmoil. I picked Celine Dion, then skimmed through her songs with different love themes. At the end I decided to listen to the one with the Titled " THE POWER OF LOVE. I clicked the play button and the music began to flow into the room like streams of rivers.
" The Whispers in the morning Of Lovers sleeping tight 
Are rolling like thunder now As I look in your eyes
I held onto your body.
and feel each move you made. 
Your voice is warm and tender 
A love that could not forsake 
'cause I am your lady and you are my man
whenever you reach for me
I will do all that I can
Lost in how I'm feeling
Lying in your arms
when the world outside is too much to take
That all ends when I'm with you. 
Even though there may be times, 
it seems I'm far away
Never wonder where I am 
'cause I'm always by Your Side
cause I'm your lady
And you are my man
Whenever you reach for me 
I will do all that I can 
we are heading for some place somewhere I have never been sometimes I am afraid
but I'm ready to learn 
of the Power of Love 
The sound of your heart beating makes it clear.
Suddenly the feeling that 
I can't go on one slight light year away
"cause I'm your lady
And you are my man 
Whenever you reach for me
I'll do all that I can 
We are heading for some place
Somewhere I've never been
Sometimes I am afraid.
But I'm ready to learn 
Of the Power of Love"
I played this music over and over again. The words seemed to pacify my troubled heart.I felt Celine Dion had predicted my situation and had produced this song in advance to pacify my bleeding heart when it get broken.
The next day I heard my brother's voice closer to my door," Sis.Please open the door."
"Was I having a nightmare?"I asked. "No, this was reality." Was he coming to give it to me once and for all before he tied the knot with that Jezebel who called herself my friend? 
This questions were warring in my trouble mind before I opened the door for him and say, come in.
He came in and sat on my bed. Then he begun, My dear Sister, you know I will be getting married In two days time.Don't you? 
"Yes, I do"
He looked at me with his sexy eyes, the kind of look that you see if a man want to convey a message he knew you won't like or he's not sure how your reaction will be.
Sarah, you said ," I do as If You are the one I am going to wed.
When he said that, all the feeling came back to me.He was within reach. Should I try once again. Remember the saying , if you fail once, try again. The door was locked.I could force myself on him right now but what of if he reacted and pushed me off. No.I can't live to endure a second embarrassment .I decided to to initialise that action. 
I said, "Sorry Bro.I didn't mean it like that. I mean, I knew you will be getting married in two days time. "
Okay, He responded, that is why I am here. I want to give you the chance to ....."
"Make love to you? "I cut in, rather on impulse. 
He looked at me with shock expression. His facial muscles twitched for a few seconds and then relaxed again.He said,"You are still holding onto this joke?"huh. 
Some how, he wanted to say,"remember I am your brother"but decided that rhetoric was pointless. Rather he said," As I was saying , I want to give you the chance to be Claudia's Maid of honour. 
I received his suggestion with mixed feeling but told him I agreed. He left.
The night before the wedding, Claudia came to my room so that we put finishing touches to her gown and other plans. We worked till deep in the night.She slept over at my place. Families kept coming in and out.
On the wedding day, she was dressed at my place including the make up, hair style and all that stuff. I offered her some cocktail de fruit juice and left the room. A wicked smile curled my lips. Soon she will sleep like a baby.Her price for betraying me.
I entered a taxi and headed towards the Baptist church where my brother was already waiting for us to come. I will go to the church and tell my brother and the family present a message.
I reached the church and all eyes were turned on me.They were expecting to see me with Claudia and the remaining of her family. My father and mother pull me over and asked what happened, I lied Claudia had taken so much drink the previous night so she was still sleeping.My parents were confused .
Eventually a message was sent to the officiating pastor that the wedding was cancelled, he went to the Pulpit and said, My fellow brothers and sisters , we are very......"
Then My sister, dressed as a maid of honour and Claudia,in her fabulous wedding gown, along with the rest of her family materialise into the Baptist Church through the doorway. Everyone was stunned and the previous announcement was annulled. 
The wedding ceremony went on successfully as beads of sweat broke down on my skin.I Shivered.
This was the peak of my embarrassment. When the wedding was over, I received a message from my sister on my phone. It read, I saw you when you put a sleeping tablet in her drink and ran away.I stopped her from taking the cocktail de fruit. I took your dress because I knew you won't come back, you are wicked. I will tell dad about this."
My heart begun beat rapidly. How much I going to explain myself to my parents, that I tried to sabotage my brothers wedding because I was in love with him.
I can't faced this Shame.I saw a taxi Coming and signalled it to stop. I entered it and headed towards no where in particlar. I just have to leave home for some weeks, months or even a year, because I can't stand it seeing my brother with my friends who have officially become my -sister -law.

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