bye bye aids life saving caterpillara.(caterpillars are used for aids treatmemt)

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the book contain a theory about aids thia theory we know about how to use caterpillars in aids and fully creative theory.i hope you people like it.

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Submitted: April 14, 2019

at first i apologize to all.bcz my english writting skill is not good enough and there is many grammatical, spelling and inappropriate sentence making error occurs.also i never attent any seminar
about writting.and never get any course about how to writte a book or content.

some merit are god blessed my imagination and creativity are god blessed. i hope you guys enjoy the book. one request pleass till the end.
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my life story.

Submitted: April 14, 2019

this messege I want to send james cameron but i can't pleass anyone help me to reach this messge to james cameron bro.
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bye bye aids

Submitted: April 14, 2019

bye bye saving caterpillars

Submitted: April 14, 2019

life saving catarpillars. its a theory that i creat when i see a green caterpillars.i imagine this theory 2/3 hour. i tell you people to ... Read Chapter

junk food eating solutions

Submitted: April 14, 2019

most of the people in the world like to eat junk/fast food such as pizza,burger, sandwitch etc.but they do not eat as much as  they want to eat because of junk food are harmfull for our body.
i also like to eat junk food. i  imagine a idea  to overcome this  problem. if we follow the idea we can eat junk food  how much  we want but it will not any effect on our
body. ok let's  know about the theory.

at first we invent a artificial stomach and digesting system(scientifically possible because scientist are already invent artificial kidney and some other parts of our body so its possible we make
a artificial stomach and digest system) We will make a small hole in the neck below. when we eat junk food we connect the artificial stomach digest  machine by a small pipe switch. the food
will be in the artificial stomach through the pipe.and digest there. we know that stomach digest the food and separate all ingredient by filtering system and collect all the ingredient.  in
this artificial stomach collect the all ingredient separately and store them different place(small box for store).  such as vitamin are store green colour box sugar are store white colour box
and harmfull ingredient are store black box.

after store we can collect our daily necessity demand ingredient for our body(daily need). such as everyday you need 100 gm sugar,100 gm protein and 5 gm vitamin and others ingredient for your body
run. you collect the ingredient form artificial stomach store and eat them.

in this way we eat junk food how much we want and its will not any effect on our body bcz we only eat the good ingredient harmfull  ingredient we through away by artificial stomach filtering.
we may live long and  diases free life bcz we eat only balanced meal. we can eat junk food how much we want. after eating we closing the hole by silikon skin like cover.(used in robot sofia
its looks like real skin). so It will not have any effect on our outer look.
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