Vengeance and Forgiveness: Separation and Reunion

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes, the people you never thought you'd see again come back into your life when you least expect them. But what happens when the person you want to stay in your life tries to cut the bond? While Alexander reunites with Thomas, Amethyst has been building a wall between them. He wants to make things right with her, but there's a slim chance of letting him do that. Issei is determined to separate from the dark entity that lives within him, but his priorities tend to mix up as he deals with his feelings towards Tejah. Meanwhile, Pierre wants to get back to his lover, Melissa, but his duties as demon stands in front of him. And what will the team do when the one person they thought they'd never see again prances around in their Realm, once again?

Table of Contents


July 10th, 2017 Morning ?????: You humans are nothing but idiots waiting to be controlled….I will be your ruler.. I WILL ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

The orange-yellow sun rays peek through a window, giving light to the dark room. A girl sleeps soundly in her bed, cuddling her covers.... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Mid Morning A young, milk-chocolate skinned man sits beside a tree, right outside of Tejah’s home. He looks up to the sun-lit green... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Afternoon Four girls sit and talk at a picnic table while they are at one of Forest City’s beautiful parks, Sunflower Park. They ... Read Chapter

chapter 4

Voicemail: We’re sorry, but the following number you’ve tried to dial is not available. Please leave a message after the “beep... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Late Evening Akuma: Oh come on, will anyone tell me where the Chapel Graveyard is!?! It’s not like I’m getting out of here, a... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzzzzzt! “60 missed calls from Alex”. “New Voicemail”. Amethyst: ………………… Tejah: ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Night Everyone is asleep at Rose’s house, except for Alexander and Usiku. Alexander lays on the same couch that he been lying on ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

July 11th, 2017 Early Morning Issei gets off the phone with Rose. Far away from Forest City, Issei walks around an abandone... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Morning Tejah: Yaaaaaaaawn…. Tejah wakes up from another one of her “cat naps”. She sits up from her bed and stretches, l... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

After jumping through the portal, Pierre walks through an ominous, blood-red warp hole filled with multiple portals as if it was long m... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Evening Amethyst looks at herself in the mirror and sighs. She kind of regrets declining Tejah’s offer to go to the mall. She run... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Akuma: ……………….. Cerberus II: ...Are you sure this is a good place to contain him…? The Cerberus Brothers lay ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Night Amethyst sits on a bench outside of Applebuzz, waiting for Alexander. She looks at the sky, then at her watch, and sighs sile... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Akuma: ………….. Akuma, just waking up from his slumber, stands in one place in his cage, not moving a muscle, not uttering ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Rose walks towards the kitchen, seeing her parents talk with her cousin and cousin-in-law. Their laughs fill the room as they talk over... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Amethyst and Alexander eat their food in silence, haven’t said another word to each other since their first argument after the event.... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

July 12th, 2017 Morning Pierre laid on the dusty bed that was once his, restless. He would have went to sleep, but because he... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Tejah: Do y’all think Ame succeeded? Jacqueline: She better have!! Da fuck!? We worked our asses off making her look like a snack... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Cerberus II and III surround Akuma in the cave, circling him. Akuma stands in one place looking at the younger brothers of Cerberus. Ak... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Afternoon Pierre went through his father’s and mother’s belongings once more, finding nothing but more memories that don’t an... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Akuma watches the younger Cerberus brothers walk around him continuously, their weapons facing towards him, ready to attack at any mome... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Evening Thomas, Alexander, and Katsu get closer to Issei, Tolmirós is getting much closer to taking over Issei’s body. Issei kee... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Alexander, Thomas, Katsu, Pierre, and Tolmirós all simultaneously look towards the direction of the multiple rounds, seeing a few of t... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Late Evening The sun begins to set, and the sky begins to change to orange, pink, and purple. Alexander looks at Cerberus I with a ... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Rose: …………………. Nermal: R-Rose? Ever since their friends went to help save Issei, Rose has been looking out her wi... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

June 23rd, 2017 Evening Melissa pulls Akuno in for a deep, passionate kiss. Akuno is shocked by the kiss for a second, but then... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Tolmirós continues to run away, looking behind to see Katsu, Thomas, Amethyst, Tejah, and Jacqueline catch up to him. Tolmirós: T... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Alexander: Joey! What are y- Joey: Fight now! Ask later! Alexander:  …...Right! Cerberus I: …………… Alexan... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Tolmirós: Daraku was a such an idiot to fall in love with someone of the Earth Realm, knowing that our society despises the thought of... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Shandon grabs the joint from his mouth as he blows some smoke into the air. Shandon: No...I AM THE EARTH. THE WIND. AND THE FIRE…... Read Chapter

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