After looking at the cover of my latest book Spirited One, you might imagine this is about ghosts or things that go bump in the night, but you would be wrong! This is a mystery, with sci-fi and fantasy overtones. There are characters to love, root for, and to hate.
This is Jena Andrews story, who became an orphan at the tender age of one-year-old and aged out in the Foster System, making her tough and vulnerable at the same time.
Our story begins 5 years after her graduation from high school. Jena wakes up in a hospital, to find out that the love of her life was brutally murdered in front of her eyes, and she is suffering from PostTraumatic Syndrome. She remembers her life up to her Senior Prom, and that is where her memory stops. Her nurse informs her Tom is dead, and her injuries from her trauma have left her unable to become a mother. She doesn’t care, because, without her Tom, motherhood isn’t an option she cares about.
Jena is as content with her life as a Martial Arts teacher and her waitress job at the Olive Garden in Metro Center in Phoenix, AZ. She loves teaching, running, and working out with her students, and she lives in her snug condo.
Master Ganesha-Kro invited her to tea after lessons, and she is afraid he will not allow her to teach, she has stopped meeting with her court appointed Therapist he has observed her anger surfacing ever closer to the surface. He pointed out that to lose control could endanger her students as he passed her a small bag of tea with a business card of a therapist. She agrees to call and finds that Jammie Noble is her lifeline to help her. She needs to remember why she wakes up screaming every morning and encased in sweat-soaked sheets!
By the end of her double-shift she worked on auto-pilot and stuffing tips in her pocket. When the steady stream of people slowed down, she fell into a booth in the back of the restaurant to eat her dinner. Counting her tips, she was pleased that she earned enough for rent and the luxury of gas and food. When the restaurant was finally empty of demanding customers, she grabbed her coat, neatly folded the money, shoved it in her breast pocket. Buttoning the flap to keep it from falling out, not caring that it made her look lopsided; she wanted to go home.
Walking fast toward her truck; at the same time feeling in her purse for keys, she didn’t pay her usual attention. Nearing her truck, keys in her hand, she reached for the handle; the key extended to unlock the door. She felt rather than heard someone behind her, whipping around to face whoever was following her, all she saw was the barrel of a gun. Drawing a sharp intake of breath; putting her hands up in surrender, she said, “Please don’t shoot. I’m just a poor working girl.”
A snarling voice spit out, “Shut up, bitch. I saw ya stuffing plenty of dough in your pocket. Fork it over and be quick about it.”
Becoming impatient he jammed the end of the barrel on the end of her nose startling her, and reflexive instinct took over; she grabbed for the barrel of the gun, intending to wrench it out of her assailant’s hand. The would-be robber wasn’t distracted by her tears; the fool pulled the trigger!
Jena’s eyes slammed shut; she heard a loud boom; thinking: “Great, I make my rent, and I am dead.”
Opening her eyes she saw her attacker on the ground, his shoulder bleeding, looking up with venomous surprise in his eyes.
She thought, “He couldn’t have missed me!” After the initial shock wore off, she kicked the gun away and called 911, knowing they would alert the police.
She started looking around; the bullet must have ricocheted off something behind her. Her wrist started feeling hot, she was shocked to see a dent from the bullet in her new bracelet. Her shock deepened when the indentation and the warmth disappeared.
“WTF That thin silver bracelet couldn't deflect a bullet!”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

      Chapter 1 Tea with the Master   “Another beautiful day in paradise,” groaned Jena as sh... Read Chapter

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