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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Cold, hard steel

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019



“Oh shiiiittt.” Sarah whispered as she scooted closer to the doorway.

“Is someone in here?’ she called out immediately regretting it.  What the hell would she do if someone responded?

Sarah pulled her weapon closer to her chest so it wouldn’t reach the threshold before she could see into the living room. She peeked quickly and pulled her head back in.  “There’s no one out there, T” she said trying to convince herself even though her peek left that matter inconclusive.

She turned her eyes to her dog who cocked her head trying to decipher Sarah’s strange behavior.  “Okay, Girl.  I’m going to clear the house.  Stay here.” 

With that command, Sarah bolted into the living room aiming her pistol to the corners of the room.  “Clear!” she shouted like she was playing a role on the set of NCIS. She eyed the bar that separated the living and kitchen areas.  It was large enough to hide behind.  “Hey! I saw you move back there. Come out with your hands up!”

No one stood up so she held her breath as she shuffled close enough to peer behind it. “Oh, thank God.” She whispered to herself.  That just left the Bedroom and its closet.Her kitchen closet was too full storing a vacuum, trashcan, and cleaning supplies to hide anyone weighing over sixty pounds.  Thinking the perp was probably older than five, she decided to check the bedroom next.  She took her left hand off the gun and reached out for the knob. Her right hand started to tremble slightly.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sarah dropped her pistol at the sound of someone’s fist beating her door. “Sssshhitt! Oh, I cannot believe it didn’t go off.” 

“Hey! What is going on in there? Are you okay?” she recognized the voice of her upstair's neighbor.

“Just a second!’ Sarah responded pushing out a relieved breath. “Be right there.”

Guns were strictly prohibited in her complex.  It was grounds for eviction, so she swiftly scooped it up and stuck it in the refrigerator on the way to the door.

She swung it open revealing, Jorge.  He was a handsome guy in his early 30’s.  He had perfectly white teeth and bore a striking resemblance to A-Rod.  “Hey, Girl. What the hell is all the racket?”

“Hmmmm, Oh. I thought I told you.  I was thinking about auditioning for some of the movies being filmed this summer up in Chicago.  They are casting a bunch of cop extras.  I was just practicing.  Sorry I bothered you.”

“You are gonna need more practice” He said shaking his head. “That was not convincing.  Sounded like you were scared to death.  And you may want to stop slamming your sliding door so hard.  It knocked my fern’s stand over.  It wasn’t exactly looking healthy before, but now it really looks like shit.”

Sarah looked at him, mouth slightly agape at hearing him confirm the door slam. She hadn’t checked the bedroom yet. Her head and eyes turned to that closed door.  Not wanting to endanger Jorge, but not wanting to face an attacher alone, she knew she had to come clean only without letting him see her gun.

“I wasn’t really practicing my acting.  When I was getting out of the shower, I heard the sliding door slam.”

“Daammn, Girl. Why the hell are you still in there! Get out. I’m gonna grab a bat and wait with you until the cops get here. Come on!” He stepped into her apartment and started to pull her out.  The arm tug caused the tuck in her blue towel to loosen and it fell to the ground.

Acting like a perfect gentleman, he bent down, not looking at her exposed body and flipped her towel up towards her.  “I didn’t see anything.” He lied looking at the ground in front of her uncomfortably.

The rosy color that glowed on his cheeks made her wonder if he had ever seen a naked woman in the flesh, but she didn’t have time to dwell on it. She had to make sure there was no one lying in wait in her bedroom.

“Thanks,Jorge," she said as she wound the towel back around her torso."I will leave this door wide open.  Go grab the bat, and I will get my phone, it’s right over there. See?  I’ll call the cops and you can come wait for them with me.”

He shyly lifted his eyes to hers.  Without a word, he nodded, turned, and ran up the steps taking 3 at a time.

“Wow, what a difference between him and Michael.”  She didn’t know which was odder, Michael’s shamelessness in exposing himself or Jorge’s obvious embarrassment in seeing a little skin.

Sarah moved to the refrigerator, pulled the gun out and returned to the bathroom where Talia still stood.  Closing the door behind her, she acknowledged T.  “Good, Girl!”  Opening the cabinet, she knelt and dislodged clip, unloaded the round from the chamber, and stuffed the .380 back in its box behind her toiletries. For good measure, she stuffed a few wet towels in on top of it. 

“Hey! Where are you?” Jorge called to her when he returned.

“Getting dressed. I’ll be right out.”  She answered as she pulled the towels back out.  “That will look like I’m hiding something.” She said to herself.


“Nothing. I’ll be right out!” she projected her voice toward the living room where she knew Jorge waited nervously. 

“Does it look like anything is missing?” Jorge’s voice came from directly behind the door.

“No, I don’t think so.” Wanting him to back away from the door she added, “I don’t have any clean clothes in here. Can you grab me some from the drier?”

“Uhhhh. Sure.” He said quietly and moved to the closet that held the stacked washer/drier combo.  All of the apartments were set up the same so he knew where to find it. Even though he felt uneasy, like he was invading her privacy, he pulled open the drier door.  Making things worse, a ridiculously large load of lingerie, mostly in nude tones, filled the drier's interior.  He picked through it looking for something with more than minimal coverage.

Sarah pulled on the damp and slightly dirty t-shirt with wrinkled up jean shorts.  Her reflection confirmed that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but she didn’t care.  It would be interesting to see how Jorge reacted. “Hey, I forgot. That’s just underwear.” She said as she and Talia emerged from the bathroom.

Jorge stuffed the peach-colored, lace thong he was holding back in the drier and slammed the door.  “Ha, ha, ha.” He giggled nervously.  “I didn’t see anything else in there.”  Guilt washed over his face.

Sarah found his reaction charming. It had been a long time, if ever, that she saw a guy act so vulnerable and innocent. 

“The police should have been here by now.” He said.

“Whoops.  I forgot to call.”

He looked at her strangely. “You forgot?’

“Yeah, I was worried about getting dressed, I guess. I’ll do it now.” She answered him as she walked toward the old landline phone.

The reference to her nudity made him drop his head back to the carpet. “I see.  Tell them to hurry up.  That creep may still be in the complex.”

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