urbs aeterna

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Submitted: April 14, 2019

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Submitted: April 14, 2019



urbs aeterna

“don't lose track of me” I said

no matter what, it's you in the end

am I ever on your mind?

cause love, you're on mines

only the pacific hears these words

recited in the dark

again I feel there's something missing

when I look at the passenger seat of my car

don't leave me alone with my brain

it sees you moving forward, but I can't

don't shut your light off in the fog

my rotten heart don't stand a chance

you give me that feeling …

like there's sharks underneath

face like Rome, and I can't breathe

tell me, do I fill a void

when I kiss your eyelids and nose?

into your waves for the thousandth time

… black hair, brown eyes

dance with me, on telephone wires

we’ll enjoy the city view

telling you now, the tight ropes worth it

I'll do it with you

everything will still be here after we're gone

our indentations will be erased

from Via Genova to Sandison

until then, I will keep you in my sights

inside my deepest wounds and every poem I write

liars and thieves, when we're staring above the sink

keeps us cold, helps us sleep

“you remind me of love, and that's depressing”

I'll keep your secrets under my skin

your hearts like theatre lights

sending me out into the streets

love doesn't get easier

sends us all into the sea

stay with me for as long as you can

til my ashes and bones drift away

when we move slowly through the house

or until you have to forget

love me when no one else will

when anxieties are pulling me apart and I don't know what to do

I think you were meant for me

your eyes, confirm it's true


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