Cosmic Knight Episode 33 Flashback 3.0

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Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



Hello guys, back after a long time. Last episode was basically on Neo and Dark's general Antimon. So this will be a again a flashback back, where we will see who is Neo in the first part. So let's get started.

Long ago, very long ago. Leo or a should say Sam was studying in the Cosmic institute of element X. He had a good friend circle. And one of them was Neo, he and Neo were very good friends. They do study of the science of ele... Sorry they gained knowledge of element X together. But when the dark time arrive due to the evil everything changed.

After that Sam had become King but Neo was still with him he was his most trusted men. He was the one who never let the Sam's caring nature vanishes. He always sided with him when he needed. But during the battle of 55 realm the worst happened. During that battle Dark himself appeared to fight and made the battle to have a new turn.

To tackle him King decided that he will fight himself in the war alone but Neo insisted him not to go alone. Although King refused to have anyone in the battle Neo got into the battle himself. Dark seeing this also decided to fight alone. And asked his rest of the army to retreat. During the battle the thing of which King was most afraid of happened.

Neo was brutally injured by Dark and was captured too. Dark challenged King for one on one arms combat battle. He said that if he wins he will leave the fifty fifth realm and will spare his friend Neo's life. Neo was placed into he ship so that no one can access to it before the battle is over. Dark and King fought a dreadful battle. At the end of the battle King won it by striking his sword on Dark's face.

Losing the battle Dark got furious but due to the battle law he can't get away from his words. Which forced him to retreat but his anger was too evil that he threw Neo's ship in deep space which was not against the battle law as he said to spare Neo's life but not to hand him over to King. After doing this he escaped from the realm leaving King with a dreadful guilt.

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