The Prophecy of Korish

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This is a story about a man that has built a machine to different worlds. Within one world he finds something new. It is a world that he never expects it when he finds himself the truth of what he so desires.

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



He wanted to break through on the other side of this earth, pouring out the seal that is hidden on this plane of existence. Hunt knew of that when he sat in the dim basement with the moisture on his lungs giving him pneumonia one little second at a time. The contraption of mechanized machines stood in front of him like the monolith of hope that he once so desires as he remembered his youth like a jagged knife that is cutting his sick soul in two. What the others did to him was make fun of him, laugh at him, throw his own shit in his face and told him to eat it. That is when he found the science of the world around him when he wrote the thesis of bending the theories of the world like a writer’s poem. He had to throw his friendship away with everyone to become the king of the lambs, a wolf that keeps the sheep in place when he fiddled around with the circuitry of wires, batteries, and other contraptions that made the mold that is standing before him now like an uncorked bottle of wine that is over three hundred years old. He smiled at the contraption that stands about seven feet high with wires, gears, CMOS Batteries, ram drives, and other bits of matters that he scammed and stole from many divisions under a lie. He did it without batting an eye when he felt like wanting a drink, hating the taste of alcohol on his lips when the lights above him glimmered a little with a brownout taking hold.

“Damn energy crisis.” Hunt sneered at the contraption that is standing before him. He felt the rise of rage behind the dim shade of his eyes when he pushed his hands into his pockets and marveled at the machine that is created before him. He pushed his glasses up against his face when he cocked his head a little.

“Soon, this too might change.” He spoke to himself with giggles coming out of his mouth. He coughed a little when he doubled over, moving his head back up to the arch of the machine that looks like a structural arch you see on the upper ridges underneath the bridge. The machine points out at the side like a jagged tooth with the thick barreled brass and the tip of it pointed at the wall what is thick with brick and cut with the elements of cracks that are ripped through it from the weight of the world breaking the mold to a slow crumble. The machine is off when Hunt remembered the bullies that were making fun of him when he sat in front of the classroom with pencils upon his desk and the folders that are sitting on the desk as well. He heard of them calling him a faggot, homo, plebtard, and other derogatory names when they threw pens, papers, and sometimes small books at him when the teacher is turned around in front of the blackboard or the teacher had left the room. Then it got worse when he went to the bathroom, going to the stall to do his business when a group of kids came in after with packs of cigarettes and tattoos that are under their long sleeve shirts.

They were talking amongst themselves when they started to get rowdy in the bathroom, banging on the stall doors when they realize that someone is in the stall, trying to do their business, keeping to his own self when they asked who that is? Hunt didn’t answer when he peed in the bowl some more.

“Who in the hell is in there?” The leader of the pack spoke again when he banged on the door harder. Hunt didn’t answer when one of the boys looked through the cracks of the stalls and then smiled a wicked grin through them.

“It’s that cunt kid.” One of the boys looked at the leader when the leader smiled against the door.

“Oh sure,” the leader smiled happily when he came to the stall door and started to kick it in.

“Hey Mike? What are you doing?” One of the boys scoffed when Mike the Leader looked at the boy like he is about to strike a knife against his belly.

“I know what I am doing!” Mike roared in crazy anger.

“I’m going to give this cunt a chocolate swirly!” Mike kicked the door as the hasp started to give away when Hunt backed up from the door, pulling his pants up without wiping when Mike kicked on the door harder and harder when the hasp gave way and the door banged against the wall in a hardy thrum.

Hunt didn’t say anything when Mike rushed into the stall and grabbed hunt by the back of the head.

“Look what we got here?” Mike smiled when he looked into the bowl at the stool that is wading in the toilet. The poop floated there in the water with not a care in the world when Mike looked at Hunt that is starting to shake his head.

“No. NO!” Hunt shouted horribly when Mike started to hoot and holler in Hunt’s ear. He pushed him down in the bowl when Hunt’s face is forced into his own shit.

Hunt remembered this when he giggled from time to time, grabbing some things and throwing it against the wall when he started to sob and giggle at the same time.

“I will get you.” He stormed with glowing, fiery anger.

“I will get all of you!”

Hunt stopped and sat down in the chair with the metal table before him. The table is filled with diagrams of many extensions that he piled together to get this job done when he started to rock in his chair, feeling the vibrations of coffee that is circulating through his veins. He looked at the contraption of a time before it is done when he experimented with it, zapping portals in frequencies that are not possible when he scanned the scenes on the other side with his analysis machine also scoping out the inhabitance of the existence that is not of this world. He looked through the portal window of something that should not be when he saw seas with black oceans and high-risen horrors of creatures that are insane to the eyes that see it. He turned it off the last time when he saw something that resembled of the imaginings of Lovecraft when he put his hand over his mouth to keep in his scream that is behind his teeth. He dropped his mouth when he slid down the cracked wall that is broken in so many places, like his heart that is broken and probably never to be mended again. He sat there for a while when he shook his head, getting up from the hunkered spot with his mind still crazed from what he seen.

He didn’t touch the machine in three weeks when he looked at the television that is in the living room, keeping the window open when he placed his hand under his chin to think with the television playing on some show that he doesn’t even remember the title for. The living room is small – just the way he likes it in his life when he thought about the void of worlds that are beyond this world. He sat there when someone called on his phone, not minding of picking it up when he shifted in his seat, thinking hard under the circumstances that he is in.

I can go to prison for the rest of my life for what I done. He thought with bitter irony.

I can go to prison – unless I do something brash. Hunt smiled when he started to fold into the world of supreme insanity.

I can escape from this world. Yeah, that is the ticket. I can escape from this world and never come back.

He smiled against the television when he got up from the chair with the television still on, leading himself down the steps to the basement when he fired up the contraption that is leering to life with all of it getting hotter and hotter to the point that it will work again.

“That is the ticket.” Hunt smiled, clapping his hands together.

“That is the ticket all along.” He smiled when he flicked some switches on the machine when the tip end of the brass barrel fired up with the creation of light getting more and more abundant on the tip when it turned into a bulb of light that imploded with the fuel of the oxygen that is all around it. It gathered more and more when the light narrowed into a phaser that shot out on the wall when a circulator portal appeared in front of him, leading to another dimension that is random when he waited for the analysis to be popped up on the screen that is green and analog with the images making out the letters of this dimension being habitable for a grown man and his machine. He stood in front of the portal, wishing for this not to be goodbye when he wondered about this new world that is panned out in front of him.

Is it a good world that is filled with people that will not judge him or is it a world that is worse than the world that lives hatred, murder, and mayhem like second nature? Hunt is not sure when he looked at the portal, seeing the trees that are normal and green to the earth that is similar in this plane of existence. The trees stand tall like the height of small buildings when Hunt looked into it, feeling sucked into it when he placed his hands into his pockets with a wicked, evil smile upon his face. He looked around the basement, seeing this scene for the last time when he ended up looking at the portal again and shrugging.

“What the hell.” Hunt whispered when he came forward. Then he stopped in his tracks.

Should I endow a failsafe? I should in case something gets hairy on the other side when I meet something that I do not like at all. Hunt stayed where he is with his hand on the design that took him years to formulate, diagram, put together, and coerce with experimentations that number up in the hundreds. He looked at the box that is beside him when he touched the feel of the coolness that is underneath his palm. He patted it three times when he smiled, opening the doors that is on the box to display a set of codes that are on the ancient graphed screen. He set a time limit on the portal to be opened in a time of two hours then wondered about the time that is on the other side of this dimension when he clocked it down to an hour for safe assurance. He closed the door to the screen and coded his frequency in so no one else can get to the controls when he tapped on the box a little more. Hunt came up from his machine and looked at the portal with curious taste, wanted to come forward as he realized that his feet did it before his mind caught up with it.

He touched the walls around it, looking into the portal with the grass so green and trees so high when he shrugged and went through it, He knew that the air is safe when he dropped his body on the others side to this world. He looked up at the trees that have to be as high as one hundred feet when he closed his eyes and opened them, feeling the fresh air that is sucked into his lungs. He looked down at the grass that is all around him when he looked up again at the portal that is stationary in the middle of the air that leads to his basement setting. The edges around the portal turned slowly in a counter-clockwise motion in tendrils of dark blue and purple. It stayed there for more than a minute when the machine on the other side clicked off like someone flipping a light switch, closing that portal for it to be open at a later time.

But when, when will the portal be opened? He sighed when he looked around at all the trees of an unknowing world that is stretched around him in infinite wonders. He felt the wind move his hair when he touched his pockets for something to keep him aware of his sanity that could be escaping him any minute now. The forest stretched at far as the eye can see when he started to walk over the roots and berries that cover the ground below. He walked for a good ways when he stopped, keeping the wayward direction of the portal behind him when out of nowhere he hears the songs of birds that he had never heard before when he breathed in and breathed out. Oh such sweet air. He fished his hands into his pocket when he forgot all of his lab notes in his basement office, fixing his glasses that are on the bridge of his nose when he cocked his head to the sounds of the birds that are above the branches. He couldn’t see the birds with the odd sing songs. Hunt leveled his attention to the landscape that is all around him. The sun is set high up in the sky to a presence that is long past his void of knowing when he scratched the stubble on his cheeks. The leaves are green like his world and the trees are barked in the color of brown like his world too. There is no intelligence life around here when he felt more alone in this world than the world of where he is. He had to wonder how long the days are when he couldn’t remember that on his analysis paper. What a shame for him not to remember, dammit! He needed to keep his observations when he sat down on the forest floor, wondering about the bacteria here when he came off of that forest floor when something popped in his head.

What happened to the world around him? Is it alive or is it dead? HE didn’t know when he waited for the portal to open, not leaving anywhere in a forest that held so many sounds but no intelligent life or its kind. He kept his glasses glued when he felt the sun move over the world, not knowing if it is east or west when he felt the sun escape this part of the world faster than ever now. He sat on the ground again – aware of foreign bacterium when he will strip these clothes when he leaves for analysis. He felt the edge of hunger about him when he looked around, hearing nothing but the sound of the birds around him when he breathed in and breathed out with the feel of totally being alone.

As he sat, he was not aware that someone is disturbing him when she came up behind him, looking at the man that is sitting in the middle of the forest floor with strange clothes on him. She looked at the alien for the longest time when she opened her mouth and then closed them. She continued to look at him when he saw her first, jumping off of the forest floor and looking at her with no clothes on.

She is totally naked! He jumped back three steps.

What in the world!

The woman started to speak some alien tongue that Hunt cannot understand when he started to shake his head, keeping his eyes on her eyes when he knew that she looked human in form. What is she saying when Hunt shushed her as she started to stop speaking, cocking her head to the side.

“Shh…Shh,” Hunt quiet the naked woman that is standing before her. She looked at his clothes when Hunt looked at his own clothes before looking at her.

“What? These?” Hunt made contact with an alien race when he stripped his lab coat from his body.

“You put this on.” He illustrated with his shirt. Unbuttoning his shirt and buttoning back up again.

“You see.”

The woman made no attempt to understand.

“Uh due fue?” The woman spoke in tongues that sounded like a question.

“Clothes,” Hunt nodded his head.

“For you to cover yourself up so you feel warm.” Hunt came close with his lab coat in his hand when the woman backed away with her expression hurt and concerned for the alien that is before her.

“It keeps you warm.” Hunt said when he raised the lab coat to her when the woman came forward with her expression in complete works of concern and fear. She grabbed the lab coat in quickness that is almost blinding when she retreated back with the lab coat that is on her bosom. She looked at the man and then looked at the clothes when she held it up and put it in her mouth like an infant.

“No, no.” Hunt looked at her with his hands raised. He came forward when she backed away from him like he is about to do something rash and unforgiving.

“Just – okay. Okay.” Hunt kept his hands rose, backing up away from her when she kept the clothes up against her bosom. She looked down and then back up at the man that is standing before her.

“De sieh ne fayiah?” She stammered at this when she looked at his shoes and then looked at the man square in the eyes.

“Un Semnie doyah utta moiah. Frie du tohe?” She spoke in a language that he cannot understand when Hunt shook his head, trying to not look at her nakedness.

“I don’t understand.” Hunt replied when the woman looked hurt when she heard the words that came out of his mouth.

She is intelligent. I give her that. Hunt nodded his head when he looked behind him for the portal that should be open and should be not opened. He had to stay here when the sun started to go down in the horizon, turning the sky into blues, oranges, purples, and blacks when the woman stayed with him for quite some time.

“Do you have a home?” Hunt spoke to her when the woman looked at the lab coat like a woman that is lost in her own world.

“Gusta.” That was all that she said when Hunt carefully came over and patted her on the shoulder. She shied away, holding the lab coat tight when she backed away a little from the feel of this gesture.

“Do you have somewhere to go?” Hunt replied again when he illustrated the cropping of a roof when the woman looked at him with her mind all blank and curious to the things he is doing. He stopped and then looked into the tree line in dismay.

“Yeah, this is going swimmingly.” Hunt sighed when the woman came forward with the lab coat around her now.

“Caunt dre samho?” She asked him when Hunt went through the illustration again.

“A home,” Hunt shook his head and then went through the illustration with his fingers making out a roof cropping when he knelt down and started to draw in the dirt.

He drew a house with many stick figures when he pointed at her and then pointed at the image that he drew in the sands. The woman looked at it and then looked at him like a dim bulb that is not lit yet. She studied it for some time when she looked at it closer and then looked at him with a smile upon her face.

“Dumo este collete.” She admired the scene in the dirt when she wanted to get into this as well, grabbing a stick that is upon the ground and drawing things into the dirt that is encumbering to her. She did it as best as she can, intimidating the lines that he made in the dirt when Hunt did nothing else with his mind in despair before his face broke out in a smile that is great to the world that is address between both worlds. He looked at the back of her head that is knelt down like a little child when he did realize that he made contact with a human that is not from his world. He felt appreciated that he made some progress when the night fell over the land and the night creatures started to spur in the trees. Hunt felt uneasy when the woman fell asleep with his lab coat around her body as he felt that there is no need to be worried in his own share when he sat there, looking at the tree line of where the portal should show up anytime now. He looked at the watch that is on him when he pressed the light indicator and noticed that the watch is not working anymore with the clock stopping where it is. What the hell? It only reads 8:02 and he left his world in a time of six hours ago. Is time a lot slower here that it is almost non-existent in his world?

Then he realized when he got up from the bark of the fallen tree with his eyes wide open. How long does it take a minute in this world that leads to an hour? He didn’t know when he started to mumble obscenities under his breath.

Shit. Shit! He spoke this over and over again in his mind. The woman with the lab coat did not stir in her sleep when she mumbled the alien tongue. She rolled when the lab coat came off of her when she show her naked body in the dim light that Hunt can see when he shied away from that with the lab coat under her. He looked into the clearing when he spied something in the shadows of the tree line, a light that is boxing left and right when Hunt felt the need to wake this woman and hide. Whoever they are, they are intelligent indeed when the light through the trees edged closer and closer when Hunt started to get up and look around for a place to hide. He tried waking the woman that is sleeping on the ground floor when the light is now to the point that is about to come up on the bend, making him scramble at the last second when the light came forth of where he sat. The two clothed men appeared in the scourge of the land with lantern in their hands, looking at the naked woman that is upon the ground. They are clothed in furs and other possessions that are hand-crafted when they looked at the woman that is upon the floor.

“She is the Korish that we had been scouting the whole time.” One of the men spoke when Hunt realized that they are speaking in English.

“Yeah,” The other man stretched a finger under her chin.

“She is a pretty one, indeed.” The man looked at the woman when his curiosity implored on his wits.

“What is this that is around her?” The man came forward when the woman stirred awake and looked at the men in utter disgust. She came up from the forest floor with the lab coat around her body when she backed away from the men, throwing threats at the men in her tongue.

“You’ve been running around like a bitch in heat all day.” The man who spoke first drew a bone knife from his purse pocket when the woman shook her head to the knife that is in his hand. She backed away and started to plead in her language when Hunt closed his eyes in the darkness of retreat with all of the bullying that he endured in life with all of him running away, living another day, and wondering when he is going to stand up to them? He felt the rise of hopelessness twist in him when he started to breathe harder than ever before now, feeling his heart thrum in his chest to the point that it is about to explode. He clenched his teeth when the men came close with the knife to her belly, making him jump from the hideaway that he hid away when he confronted the men that is astounded by the alien clothes that the man wore when one of the men jumped back like he was electrocuted by some god awful bolt of lightning that struck his chest.

“What is this cursed treachery?” The man retreated back when he pulled out his bone knife.

“You leave that woman alone!” Hunt felt nothing inside of his heart, just the simple idea of keeping this woman safe when the man that spoke first came forward with the knife held tightly in his hand.

“Sure we are.” The man smiled, showing some of his missing teeth in his gums.

“After we spill your guts on the ground, that is.” The man widened his grin when he came near Hunt when Hunt remembered the skills of the bullies that they endured on him when Hunt came forward, placing his leg behind the other man when he pushed the man backwards as the man fell to the ground, throwing the knife from his hand that went wild. The other one saw this when he backed up away from the man in strange clothes with his eyes looking at him for mercy.

“Please.” The man pleaded with Hunt when Hunt did not back down when he felt the power of being powerful, coming towards the man when the man started to buckle with his hands dropping the knife onto the ground. The other man got up from where he dropped and wiped the crusty saliva from his mouth.

“Let’s get out of here.” The man looked at the woman with the coat that is around her.

“We will leave her to the Scavengers to pick off her wares.” He giggled when he retreated, grabbing the bone knife on the deck of the ground when the other did the same and retreated as well.

“Freak,” The lesser bold one imposed when they left into the shadows of the night that is loud and plenty to the animals that encroach around them.

“Eufia Du Phrese?” The woman on the ground spoke to Hunt when Hunt looked at her and spoke no more. He only looked at her before he looked into the clearing with his mind thinking of who that is. He only breathed in and out when he looked at the sky and the stars that are above. He looked at the constellations that are all out of proportion of the stars that he sees on planet earth. He cannot ready any of them when he looked back down at the tree line and thought. The woman didn’t say anymore when she wrapped the lab coat around her and then started at the darkness of the tree line like she is scoping out for anything that could intrude this spot. Hunt only sat back down again, feeling the sleep come onto him when he looked at this watch that only moved one minutes.

My god, one minute; how long am I stuck here? He dropped his hand onto the wood when he sighed. The woman started to nestle up to him when he knew that he can feel the hardness of her nipples that are poking into his khakis. He didn’t push away when he noticed that she has the development of a child, nothing more. She is innocent when he felt the rise of sleep come on. Before he realized he went to sleep, he woke up to the feel of an alien sun upon his face. He felt her wrapped around him when he did not shy away from it. He only lied there, not touching her when he looked at the height of the trees that are above him. He only looked at his watch again, reading 8:06 when he dropped his hand onto the ground.

“Oh shit.” He whispered.


When the portal opened, Hunt came through sometime after with the clothes that he not brought from the other side. He wore an alien hat on the top of his head when he looked around the room, feeling the sins of the air cutting out his breathing when he breathed deeper now with the pollution not being free on his lungs. He was on the other side for seven months when he learned the alien language, fought bands of Scavengers, and knew of a god named Korish that ruled the high mountains when the land was infant and dead. They say Korish came from space in search for life from a vast world that is over millions of light years away. He foretold a prophecy in his days of old before he died from this world that grew plenty of roots after he died; bringing the world into prosperity so many can flourish. What he spoke of is that there is a man that will come to be crowned king upon the people who follow Korish, a man who is not of their image to come and bring gifts of many to the people that have none. Hunt read the prophecies in the alien writings that are on the stones and learned what the laws of Korish stand for when he looked around the room, seeing the writings of diagrams that are on paper. He smiled at it when he came to those papers and grabbed them, not realizing that he brought a virus through the portal that will kill 97% of the world population by the end of this month when it will multiply in his basement and seek out people to infect. Hunt looked around, smiling when he did as he looked at the device that is stationed in his basement. He patted the device three times when he came from that, looking at the portal that kept this world alive when he came forth and looked at it for quite some time. If he does this he will never come back to this world when he moved his one foot through and landed on the ground to an alien world that was foreign to him. He stayed between worlds when he took all of his energy to move his leg to the other side. After he did so, he looked at the portal that is hovering in the air, looking at the basement through the matter that is around it when it started to get more and more with each passing breath of this existing all the while. He watched it fade away as he knew of the old world no more.

He turned around and started to walk away from this place, going down the granite that is entombed in this earth when he came to the woman that they first met. She is clothed now when she came forward, hugging him as he hugged her. They knew of each other languages when they flocked the community together and raised their banners against the people that are cursing their existence. They are the weaker race and will not be crushed from this planet. They will be just and announced with an echo over the voice. They will avail.

© Copyright 2019 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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