You Should Live Your Own Life

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This free verse poem is about a woman letting herself listen to her male best friend when he says that she is old enough to live her own life.

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



Eddie went down to the

beach to soak up some

sun and have some peace

and quiet away from the

relatives visiting his family.


Anyway, itwas during that

walk on the beach that he

found Nicole laying on the

sand with a multi-collored

bikini on and her eyes on Eddie.


"I see that someone here

is all set for the Fourth of

July. Want to go for a swim

before coming with me to

my place for some barbecue?"


That was what Eddie had

asked his best friend only

to have her touch his hand

and say, "I'd like to, Eddie.

But it's just that my dad...!"


"No, Nicole. Not again. You

don't get to do what Daddy

tells you to do because you

are not a little girl anymore.

You should live your own life.


Now, how about that swim

before the barbecue?", was

what Eddie said to Nicole

before they looked and

smiled at each other.


But after Nicole had such

a good time at the barbecue,

Eddie allowed himself to

walk her home only to find

police cars parked in front.


"Nicole Desmond, I'm sorry

to say that your family has

been shot dead. Definitely

a mob hit.", was what a

police detective had said.


And while she was crying

on Eddie's shoulder, Nicole

realized that it was amazing

that her own best friend had

talked her into saving her own life.

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