The Blind Lesbian - March, 2010

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These are more or less autobiographical stories of a different time of life. I actually don't remember much of this happening but by rereading some of this I can piece together some of my life that I have long since forgotten. There is one particular encounter that I regret to this day. Although this isn't it... I actually don't remember this ever happening but it obviously did since I wrote about it at the time. And I for sure remember this buffet. I used to frequent it with some regularity. Usually on a Saturday night... and always alone!

so i'm not sure what to discuss this evening.... i'm sure no one cares at this point.... i doubt anyone even clicks on this and reads this. so sometimes i have to imagine that i'm just writing to myself. and if i started to think that there were people actually reading this i would probably get nervous. and at this point i don't think anyone cares to know what some random person has to say about nothing.... but i'm not sure even what to say. i guess i could talk about what i saw on Sunday night. i'm not sure anyone would find that interesting.... but i'll just replay it in my mind for myself. i'm sort of paying attention. i don't have much of choice.... let me give my fingers a little pep talk real quick.... "come on fingers, let's get to typing... i know you guys are slow.... but i'm going to ask you guys to look deep... look deep into your knuckles.... i need some speed and accuracy from you guys.... you can do it." okay, now that i have my little pep talk out of the way. my fingers feel inspired and they are typing away at glorious speed... they are going out of control... it's like they have a mind of their own. okay, they just took a break. well, anyways, this Sunday night i went to a buffet. i'm fond of buffets.... even my boss asked me the other day, "bill (real name withheld for security reasons) are you putting on weight?" my boss is hardly around.... i just laughed it off, "yeah, i had a big weekend..." actually, i was wearing a shirt underneath. this was yesterday in fact. i had two shirts... one was a kind of undershirt. actually, it's the shirt i usually wear to the gym and it smells like b.o. i was walking around with this stench all day yesterday. and i don't ever put on deodorant. i don't think i'm a smelly person by nature.... but i just don't like spraying stuff under my arm pits. i'm half french, which actually might explain it. but this weekend, i did go to a buffet. i don't want to give out the name cause you might run into me there. and i need to uphold my secret identity. actually, i don't have much of a secret identity.... so i went to this buffet as usual. it's been a while since i last went. i usually go at lunch time. at lunch time, right before 12 they have better and fresher food it seems. they have chicken tostadas or something that are smothered in cheese. and they have more food... and there's fewer people. but they also have some weird looking stuff there. it looks like there are eyeballs and dragon tails... and pig huffs... and all this stuff. i can't eat most of the stuff anyways. i mostly stick to the chicken and rice and noodles. and there is something called a sugar roll. it's essentially a roll sprinkled with sugar. it's sort of good... but i can never figure out if it's a dessert or part of the meal. but i'll eat it with the chicken and sushi. but i can't eat the sushi with crab. but late on Sunday night, this is around 9:00.... probably around closing time. although there were still people. actually quite a few. so as usual i pay for my meal. it cost like 11 something. that's another thing.... lunch time is cheaper. but i said, "this is the last time i can eat out for a week... so let's make it count." so i bought my ticket. just like everyone else..... i'm not sure anyone is reading this..... if you are.... that would be pretty strange..... actually, if you are reading.... i'll continue, i'm just curious to know.  anyways.... if you're reading that's great. if not.... oh well. if you're not reading this, you certainly wouldn't know what i'm saying. anyways to continue with my meal.... i'm sure you're just dying to know what happens next. this is really not going to be much of a story. but this stuff actually did happened. of course it's through my eyes... so everyone has a different perspective. so i was waiting to be seated and then an Asian lady comes running and she takes my ticket. i wasn't sure which one to give her. and she took the correct ticket. she walked me back to seating area and she asked if i wanted a table or booth.... i said booth. i just went by myself. i usually go most places by myself. and i brought a book with me.... i'd rather not say what book. it's nothing bad. but you might wonder why i'm even reading a book like that.... fine.... i'll say what book it was. it was a book on words. i think it's called, "2,000 words everyone should know." so i guess i kind of like learning different words. i'm not sure why.... don't ask. it just kind of gives me a strange feeling inside. i guess it's kind of like a mental exercise also. i try remembering them... usually without much luck though. so i opened the book after i got a plate of food... i think i opened to the words that start with the letter "p"... there was pandemic, panache, and other ones i can't remember..... it was sort of hard to focus. at the other table there were these four women carrying on. three were middle aged to older. but one was pretty young. i think she looked younger than me. and she had a purple holster.... i think that's what they're called. the things that hold your boobs up. it was purple and really showed her cleavage. sometimes i wondered what she was doing with three yentas... i think yenta is a yiddish word for women that like to talk and gossip. but she seemed to be going along with it. and every so often.... i could hear one woman's laugh crack.... she let out quite a cackle. it was loud enough to drown out all other sounds. and she laughed uninhibitedly.... as well she should have. she was out to have a good time. and their plates were filled high with food.... but the one woman with the purple holster and the blue jeans had a nice figure. i was wondering how she could frequent buffets. and on my way back to my table i would pass their's.... and i would glance at the woman with the purple top. and i would peak at her cleavage.... of course those gave me some delicious thoughts.... and the combination of the food and that woman nearby was an exciting combination. and at the table next to the four yentas... there was a strange couple. not in the ordinary sense of the word. but an unusual couple. i couldn't tell if they were lovers or not. or maybe it was just a very caring lady. i couldn't read into their situation, but it did spark my interest. even when i saw them i was thinking about writing about them.... i mean, it was just something that stood out. there was an Asian lady with dark thick sunglasses. i don't remember what she was wearing exactly, but she just looked straight ahead. and in front of her sat a white woman with brown hair. she was wearing a zip up sweater and of course i couldn't help but notice her ample breasts as well. and she also had a nice figure, but i would place her older than the one in the purple top. but she was certainly attractive.... and of course i had mild visions and undefinable sexual thoughts. they weren't explicit thoughts... it's like when i look at a woman's back side or legs... it doesn't lead me to a specific place.... actually it does lead me somewhere. but it's just a strong sexual desire. but that's probably easy to explain.... it's probably cause i never have sex. i rarely have sex and i didn't lose my virginity until i was 30. and now i'm 31 and i'm still pretty sexually inexperienced... but even at that i'm sort of afraid to be with a woman in some respects. anyways, that's a more confusing topic.... probably something i need help with. and besides, i wasn't planning on talking about that. i was just going to talk about the blind lesbian. or so i thought she was a blind lesbian. that woman with the grey sweatshirt that sat across from the Asian with the thick glasses would feed her with a spoon and help her with her food.... and i'm not sure if she was explaining what she was eating, but she did appear to be assisting her. and this is where a sense of ambiguity.... confusion.... came in. i couldn't tell if they were lovers or she was just a caring friend. in my head, i imagined they were lovers and in some distorted way, i was thinking how the white woman could have her way with the Asian woman. not necessarily in a bad way. but more or less in a parental kind of controlling way. like she could take care of her and initiate sex when she was in the mood.... and kind of be the dominate person in the relationship. and one time when i got up and on my way back, she was sitting beside her and feeding her. i thought that was unusual. so the more i thought about it, the more i thought she was a blind lesbian. and that just struck me as unusual. so in my head i just imagined their life.... and then when i saw them get up and walk out, about the time i was having dessert. i just had some pudding... and fruit.... they were out of cake.... and their ice cream tastes too icy. and saw them walk out... i was kind of hoping they would stay so i could watch them some more and it's always exciting to have an attractive woman around. i don't mean to overly emphasize physical attractiveness... and besides, i guess everyone has to make do with what they have. just like some guys are considered attractive.... i'm sure women encounter the same thing. except i think there is more of an emphasis put on the female figure than the male figure. anyhow, they left.... i even think they were hand in hand.... and they walked out and a part of me was sad to see them go. now i was only left with the four yentas who were still laughing away.... 

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