Words of Love, Letters to my (ex) Wife

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And away we go!

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapters 36-40

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



My reason,

My heart is yours my love. It is yours to keep and it always will be all the days of my life. When first I saw you I loved you, and now I love you all the more. Everything that I have, that I am, and that I desire I want to share with you my beautiful woman. We have brought love into each other’s lives and for this we are both truly blessed. If ever there were a more perfect and loving relationship I do not know, but I do know that our love is perfect for me. May I always be the man of your dreams, as you have been and always will be the woman of mine. My darling and beautiful goddess of love, thank you for our lives together.


In our time,

Twenty years have passed and our love is stronger than ever. When I hold you in my arms my heart still races. When we kiss my heart still flutters. Touching you, holding you, and loving are what are best in my life. When we lie down for sleep at night and I look over and see my beautiful wife next to me, I marvel at the blessings bestowed upon me by the universe. How can one man receive such abundant blessings as I have?  How can one love have the strength of a thousand other loves? I do not know how this is so, but I do know that I am thankful every day that it is. My sweet princess lay down now and take your rest knowing that I am loving you every second of every day and that you make my world complete.


Lasting lover,

Our love has lasted when so many thought it would not. Our love has grown when so many thought it would die. Our love is beautiful, but there is no beauty on earth or in heaven than can compare to you my darling. The light of your eyes puts the sun to shame. The beauty of your skin makes the moon blush and run from its place. The sound of your voice silences the angels above so that they may hear you. Oh my lover never in this life or any other have I known a love as strong as the love I have for you. Before you I was broken and empty, since I have loved you I am whole and filled with joy. You are my lover, my companion, and my friend. Thank you for traveling through this life by my side, and may I ever be worthy of your love my darling.


Sweet darling,

Your tears fall to the ground as stones. Your heavy heart fills me with sorrow. One so beautiful should not know pain, and yet you have had so much pain in this life. To see those beautiful eyes fill with tears is the worst thing for me to behold in this life. When your heart is heavy my love I am there for you, I will hold you when you need to cry, and I will comfort you when you feel down. Oh my lover would that I could take all of your pain upon myself and bear your burden for you. In bearing your pain I would find happiness because I would know that I bear it so that you could know joy. My sweet, may your life with me be finer than gold and may I always know how to comfort you when you are in need.


Being with you,

It is so nice to know that I have someone who is here for me no matter what my sweet love. You walk me through my times of sorrow. You lift my head when I have lost hope. You love me when I cannot find a reason to love myself. My dearest sweet love I could not wish for or find a love more perfect than yours. You make my heart sing songs of love for you every day. Thank you my baby for being everything I could ever imagine or hope for in this life.

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