Cherry blossom bliss

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beginnings

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019




Shinji Takeru age 8 is wondering the woods of his fathers estate near Kyoto Japan. his older brother Ochiai, Looking at his younger siblings excitement at exploring the woods for the first time. “Hey Shinji, look over there” Ochiai points to the tall cherry blossom tree swaying in the wind. “That’s a special cherry blossom ya know?” “Really? How so big brother?” Replies Shinji. “Because this tree is blessed with harmonious bliss” “huh? Bliss what does that mean? Sounds weird” puffing out his cheeks in disappointment. “Pfft, it’s really cool Shin trust me. Once upon a time there was this great Holy Spirit who was once a man, his name was-“ “Ochiai! The god of time!!” Replies Shinji with excitement. “That’s right Shin! Like me(smirks), anyway this god of time was lonely and wanted humans to love him and be by his side along with the other deities. But there was no luck, the other gods wouldn’t help Ochiai with his idea to make all of mankind love all equally. The gods wanted the mortals love all to themselves. And Ochiai persistently tried to convince them, but nothing worked. He was about to give up and leave this realm until he saw a beautiful young shrine maiden make her way to his shrine, giving blessings and the shrine maiden asking to speak with the god as well. Ochiai did not have many visitors so he thought that this was a perfect opportunity to make his dream come true! So he appeared before the young woman in his true human form as a young man with a katana by his side. The young lady asks are you the great god of time Ochiai? He replies with why yes my lady I am how may I help you this evening? She begins to cry and says my brother has fell ill during this war and it is due to poison from an arrow. Will you reverse the effects of time and take the poison out? Ochiai was dumbfounded that a mere human would ask for his help instead of other stronger deities, he simply did not understand. Why do you want me to do it? He asked. Because I believe in you, and only you you have been my hero for all time! I know we have only met but I feel like I have known you all my life and I love you! Ochiai, the god of times’ heart skipped a beat. For this to happen to a god there was no mistaking it. This god has found his true love. I will my lady, but may I ask for two things in return? Anything you wish Ochiai-sama. When I heal your brother will you visit me often and bring your family? Why yes I will. And when you come visit by yourself will you think of being my bride? The young woman’s body started to shake and her face glew red. She seemed dazed, but along with tears of joy replied with a yes. So after Ochiai reversed time and took out the arrow he sought out the other gods bragging at how he was finally needed! The other gods were displeased because their disgust with him was clear as the sky, they knew if he wanted to he could destroy them all but he was fragile and young for a god. They believed they had to teach him the harsh reality of his destiny and begun their plan. Several years later Ochiai and the shrine maiden became married and had three children. Youske, haru, and toma. They were gifted with beautiful powers that made the forest around them glow. One day they found a cherry blossom seed and planted it in the ground and gave it love and nourishment along with their blissful powers. And in three days time the seedling became a full fledged tree. Sprouting blossoms from every branch, the trees divine power that derived from Ochiai’s children made a barrier around the area making it a safe haven for all who want to rid themselves of the dark of reality and see the bliss of peace and tranquility. Ochiai’s life had become a dream come true and he wanted it to last forever so he decided to make his wife immortal. She agreed as long as he would be by her side forever and with no one else but her, he accepted. Their life was the zenith of happiness, but one fateful day, the other gods took a scornful look at what Ochiai had done and cursed him for it. Destroying his temple, home and friends and family...... Ochiai was devastated and filled with hate. With his blood boiling he took up his sword and began to slay all the other gods who opposed his way of life. All I wanted was to live with my wife and children! Ochiai proclaimed, and you took that from me! You will all suffer my wrath! One by one he defeated all the gods and went to see his dying family one last time. Since she wasn’t a true god she can live forever but her body can be killed, and in this sadness not wanting to live a life without his lover and children he took his own life swearing. That he would be with his beloved once more and make their life perfect again.”

“Wow big brother that’s a long story, so what does that mean about the tree?” “Well shin it means that before he died he put his sword in this very tree and the blessing of bliss came into contact with this blade. Meaning that whoever Wells’s that blade will have no worries or sad thoughts at all and will know only happiness. But there is a catch, if the tree is broken the spell will be gone with it. So as long as the tree stands, so will this place be safe. But if someone wants to take that sword one day that means this place won’t be safe anymore. Remember that shin” “um o-ok I will big brother, I promise” Shinji said with a prideful smile. “I hope you do shin, I hope you do” 

(8 years later. Ochiai is in his last year of high school and is 19 he got held back a year in 5th grade for being a troublemaker, he is in a dark lit subway car with dim lighting and he is wearing a hood along with headphones. We can’t see the outline of his eyes but only his mouth, and it looks like he has murder on his mind.......)”I will make them lay for what they did to my family, they made them a laughing stock and they will all pay those arrogant little punks. Tch!” He begins to clench his fist while scrolling through a social media app called, shinstagram(an app made by his younger brother) when the app begins its loading screen we see Ochiai smirk and show some light in his face, his eyes have shadows under them and it looks like he hasn’t had any sleep at all. Alongside him is a box that says”Ochis’ things” on the side. He places one of his hands on it murmuring the name, “Sayori”. “Don’t worry Sayori, I’ll be there soon and save all of you. I promise” 

End of book one

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