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In this Chapter,miss Tamarinda was posted to BrainWorth High school. Johnson,a teenager of 16 years,met her in class and immediately got attracted to her and began writing love letters to her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The First Encounter

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Submitted: April 15, 2019



School have always been boring to me.If there was a place I don't want to be, definately that place would be school.Sometimes I would intetionally
feigned sickness just to skip school. Rainy days were automatic off days for me.I couldn't agree more with Ed Prince when he defined school -S.C.H.O.O.L as the S.ix C.ruel H.ours O.f O.ur L.ives.Everyday , when I went to school to meet all those boring teachers trying to force those long
boring theories into my head, I always pray secretly that class lessons should end quickly."Who the hell brought schooling to the world at all?," I always ask."That person would forever suffer. 
All these sentiments about schooling and its boredom changed when Miss Tamarinda Amahle came to our school. My school is Butterworth High School at ladyfrere in South Africa. When Miss Tamarinda first entered our class alongside the Head of Department who briefly made a few comments about her,she was asked to introduce herself.She started by saying,
"Hi Students,I am very privileged to get this wonderful opportunity to teach in this renowned schools. My name is Tamarinda Amanle.I am a Mathema
tics teacher and I will be taking you in this exciting but challenging subject from now till further notice. I seek your co-operation to make our encounter a successful one."Having seen you today, I want to say without any equivocation that I have no doubt in my mind that you are hard working and dutiful students .It is against this background that.........."
When she was talking,it seemed as if she was delivering a presidential speech. Her voice was musical and she had the presence of a majestic personality.
"........we will forged a cooperation of teaching and learning with one common goal in mind, she said.Now considering the fact that another colleague teacher was handling this subject before I am now taking over from him, it is expedient to know ....."
My heart sunk.What a beautiful piece!!! This teacher is an icon of beauty indeed. 
"........where you have reached in mathematics so that I will use that as a foundation for building up the next concert, she continued."
To make the situation more fun and exciting , She taught us a mathe
matical song that could help us remember all those formula we memorize from the textbook without understanding them. At the end of the song,one of my classmates who always searched for trouble asked her the meaning of her name ,"Amahle "She smiled at her and then responded,the name ,' Amahle' means "the beautiful one." 
When she said that, the class came to life, with cheers and claps saying, Amahle,the beautiful one!, the beautiful one!Amahle,the beautiful one. To me that name fit her perfectly. My STAR TEACHER 
Her hair was a rich shade of black. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, fair-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were bright, and seemed to brighten the world. She had dove -like eyes and a round face with a straight nose and full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. When she realised my colleagues were excited, her lips parted into a smile, and the dimples on her cheeks Materialised. I could see my self reflected in the mirror of her crystal clear seductive eyes.
Her neck was adorned with smooth patterns of well arranged lines and moving downwards from her seemingly curved breast,Her legs were firm, spotless,and well proportioned and when she turned back, one could easily see her shape-very curvy at the middle. Her parents might have been very observant to give her a name that fitted her "cent pour cent " (100%) 
There were three things that separated Miss Tamarinda from most of the
teachers- Her style of teaching is very flexible, fun-filled and engaging, her way of dressing reflect modernity and class. More importantly she has a unique sense of humour.She is jovial and friendly. I knew I loved her the moment I saw her." C'est la verité."(That is the truth)
The coming of miss Tamarinda made me change my lackadaisical attitude towards School. From that point on I became very punctual in class, hardly missing any of her classes. I wanted her to be my friend, I wanted to keep seeing her.She had become my idol. Unlike other teachers in my school who looked too serious and profes
sional,miss Tamarinda look very friendly, simple and approachable.
She used a lot of real life situations and stories to explain complex mathematical equations to such an extent that even a deaf and dumb person could understand her lesson vividly.
Two things happened in the school that drew miss Tamarinda and I together. I was once bullied by Jack and miss Tamarinda took over the case and arbitrated it fairly.The boy was eventually punished. The second thing that drew me closer to my 'Star teacher 'was mathematics. I was very weak in Mathematics.She noticed it and decided to help me improve upon it. After class, every Wednesday, she would use one and half Hours of her precious time to reteach areas in mathematics I found difficult to grasp in class.With time , my academic performances improved.The subject I hated most suddenly became the subject I love Most _mathematics all because of this beautiful Damsel of a teacher. I wished she was not a teacher but an ordinary girl. It could have made matters easier. 
My father noticed the changes in me and asked, "Johnson", for that is my name, "I have noticed that now, you go to school happily and regularly and your academic performances espe
cially in Mathematics had improved marvelously. What is the secret?"
"It's Miss Tamarinda., Our new Mathe
matics teacher. She is very good and committed to her work. She made class very engaging and entertaining, I explained, hiding my real intention behind that statement. 
My father gazed at me for a few minutes.He was not a fool but experienced. After all, he's my father and was supposed to be more mature and experienced than me.He said ,"I think you really like this teacher. I can see it in the manner in which you spoke highly of her"
I said in my heart,"Like? said? ," I love her.'In fact,I worship her!!!" If only she's not my teacher. !!
My secret love for miss Tamarinda grew into an obsession. An obsession so strong that not even the strict school rules on Teacher - student relationships can stop it.Yes, my love cannot be quenched by any bogus school rule. Afterall, are the teachers not human beings.Don't they have feelings.I wish i was the education minister.I would have repel that rule. Finally , I decided to make Miss Tamarinda know how I felt about her.I knew I cannot summon much courage to look Miss Tamarinda in the face and tell her I love her so I decided to put it into writing.The letter went like this;
"My dear Tamarinda, 
The sweetness of this season has given me the Golden opportunity to write this letter to you to express my heartfelt and condition
less emotions through the words I am penning on this writing pad. Madam, From the moment you step into our Science class till now, I have never been myself. I have countless sleepless nights just thinking about you.I thought the feeling will fade away with time but it is apparent it's not going anywhere. In fact the more I see your beautiful angelic lovely face in my class, the more my heart yearn for you. I wish I can just melt into your arms so that you take me to paradise
" Please Madam,this is not a joke. I love you and I pray you love me too.Please and please, Madam, Don't bounce me or else I will die. I need you in my life to make it complete. You are the missing rib i have been looking for all this while and thank God I have found you in my class.I knew the curtain of professionalism is a standing block on our path but I also believe there is no other force stronger than love. Rememeber, love doesn't ask why. It just do what it want to do. I wish to say more but the prevailing conditions made me aware brevity is the key here. In any case, I believe I have made my feelings very clear to you. Your admirer..........
Please reply and place it on your windscreen. 
Not sure how she would react to the letter, I decided not to write my name.I want to be anonymous, at least for now.After parceling the letter, I secretly went and place it on the windscreen of her corolla car.
One thing I knew about miss Tamarinda was she was a principled teacher despite been free with us but I was hoping against hope that a miracle would happen and she will reciprocate my love for her. 
That miracle never happened.
As confirmation to my doubt, A week passed and she never even mentioned the fact that someone wrote a love letter to her and placed it on her car windscreen in class. Three weeks, no response. I was heart broken but encou
raged myself to write another letter to her. So I wrote a second letter to her and it went like this;
"My dear Tamarinda, I am very happy to once again express my emotions to you through this penned words .
'When I cast my eyes round,
I see a vacuum created around me.
When I look back and forward, 
there is nothing to hold on to and there I remember I needed someone special like you. When I lie on my bed at night, 
I feel I am lying beside you, 
then I remember you are far but close to me.You are very important to me. 
when my tears flow over, I needed only you to wipe them for me, in the valleys and shadows of death, my heart will still yearn for you.
I really need you by my side.
Yes.Just you by my side is more than a thousand others.
I needed you to console me in time of troubles. Anytime I feel like I was alone, 
I remember you and my loneliness disappear. Please Madam. Make my fantasy a reality and do not see me as a small boy. 
Please reply and put it on your windscreen. 
Yours admirer......
I waited for two weeks but again,she did not give any response to the letter. I was devastated but decided not to give up. I tried once again and wrote her the third love letter. I started...
Dear Tamarinda ,my love, 
I waited for your response to my previous letters but couldn't get any.I want you to know that love is about caring. It is also about sharing each other's problem.
Love is about being there for your partner at the time he needs you most.
when things are getting bad, 
when the world is forsaking me, 
remember that I still need you most.Pleasssssse,don't leave me this way, when my heart refused to be comforted, 
when all doors are closed and when nobody was there to console me, 
I want to get the assurance from you that you will be there for me.
Yours admirer............ J.
I put down the "J" there at the end of 'your admirer ' to give her a clue about the sender.
Once again, she had not reacted or responded to my third letter .It became obvious to me that miss Tamarinda had chosen to remain nonchalant to my love letters.But wait a minute, how can she respond to love letters that does not bear the sender's name.I have been a coward all this while.More surprising, miss Tamarinda had shown no sign that she suspected me of writing the letters. 
Finally I decided to approach her and tell her and damn the consequences. That Wednesday after our usual mathematics class, she was walking towards her car and was about to open the car door when I called her,"Madam !"She turned abruptly, not aware that I was following her, mesmerised signs were visibly written on her face.
"Yes, Johnson ,how can I help you? "She asked.
I stood watching her for more than a minute. It is easier said than done. I thought I can simply walk up to my mathematics teacher and tell her I love her but now that I was there , I realised the word is not that simple especially when you are dealing with an authority figure, a woman who is far more experience, older and more knowledgeable than you in addition to been higher than you on the academic ladder.She is 30 years I am 16 years.
" Hello, Johnson, I thought you wanted to tell tell me something,"she said, cutting through my chain of thought. 
"Oh, yes, Madam, I just wanted to say I enjoy your class today. Today's lesson was so exceptional and I want to thank you for that," I lied.Deep within me,my heart was racing like a speed train.Two voices were speaking to me. One was saying, "Johnson , Say it, tell her, afterall, is she not a human being, a female for that matter? The second voice inside me was saying, Johnson , don't say it. She is not your class, she is your teacher and if you say it, she will bounce you and be annoyed with you. You will lose her respect and she will see you as a bad boy"
"Hmmmm," I sigh . Should I say it or not.I was really in a dilemmatic situation. Finally, I decide to listen to the voice of the devil. I opened my mouth and say," Miss Tamarinda, I like you a lot."
She smiled back at me and said, "it's normal to like people. Afterall if you don't like me, then it means you hate me and I am not sure I am your enemy, Enjoy the rest of your day."
" You too, Madam," I responded rather reluctantly
She entered her car, sparked the engine into life and drove away. I stood there , rooted to the spot.That was not exactly what I wanted to say, I wanted to say,"Madam, I love you but somehow ended up saying Madam, I like you."
I was quite disappointed with myself.I have lost a once-in- a -lifetime- Golden opportunity but I live with the hope that since she was still in the school, I would surely get the chance again .At least I told her I like her, maybe that's a progress.The famous adage said 'Rome was not build in a day'.Patience,it's just a matter of time.
With this sudden words of encouragement, I went home a bit satisfied. 
For the next two weeks, she was particularly busy with some school stuffs and we couldn't meet after class.I was beginning to get discouraged. I really need to tell her the exact words.The world they say was full of surprises, out of her busy schedule, she called me one day after class into her office and asked me to sit down . Then she said, Johnson, "I have noticed that something is eating you up . You are trying to hide it from me but it's not helping you. It's really affecting you psychologically and would soon trickle down to your academic performance.I don't want you to become a weak student again . You know you are one of the best students in the school now."

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