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Johnson was overwhelmed with obsession for his teacher.He went to seek advise from his friend,Rosso who was considered the most intelligent boy in the school.

Chapter 1 (v.2) - My Confidant

Submitted: September 03, 2019

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Submitted: September 03, 2019



~My Confidant~
The thought of Miss Tamarinda  kept creeping into my mind.I need to share this nagging issue with someone. Most of my classmates were not trustworthy so I couldn't share my problems with them more or less this one which was very delicate to my heart.
 I couldn't share this 'little secret' with my parents. How could I go to my father or mother and tell them I am in love with my teacher? How will they see me. NO!  Discussing this issue with my parents is a non-starter. It's  out of the question. Then I remem
bered Rosso. He's my classmate but he could be trusted. Yes, Rosso is a trusted fellow and intelligent person too.I decided to open up to him. 
When we closed from School the next day, I met Rosso and we had a conver
Me:Rosso, How was class today?
Rosso: It's normal. 
Me:I have something to tell you. 
Rosso: I know.
Me:What do you know?
Rosso: I know you have a crush on miss Tamarinda. 
Me: is it that obvious? 
Rosso: No.But I know.Every experience person can see it.
Me:So what do you suggest I do?
Rosso: That's a difficult question. If miss Tamarinda were to be a teenage girl or not a teacher, it would have been much simpler but she's a grown -up lady and a professional teacher with lots of experiences.
 My suggestion for you is to forget about her. Anything you do will lead to embarrassment because she will see you as a small boy, and indeed you are just a boy.Perhaps, this is just an infatuation. 
Me: Hmmmm. What you said is true but I am afraid I can do that.Forgetting miss Tamarinda will be like forgetting to breath.  I love her and I can't stop loving her though I knew she's older than me. 
Rosso:I know the feeling but this is a bitter pill.I don't see how you will win this love game.
Me :I.will try. Ok. Rosso, I think I should get going now but please don't tell anyone about our chit-chat.
Rosso:Don't worry.Your secret is safe with me.
And I wish you all the best in your love adventure. 
I left Rosso and moved towards the house .As I was going , I became sad at the prospect of losing miss Tamarinda. Was I really chasing the wind? Was my teacher truly beyond my reach. Rosso's words flashed through my thought " If miss Tamarinda were to be a teenage girl or not a teacher, it would have been simpler. But she's a grown -up lady and a professional teacher with lots of experiences. My suggestion for you is to forget about her"No!, I said rather forcefully. How can I forget about love. Love is a sweet feeling. Once it get hold of you, it's very difficult to forget it. No matter how I tried to forget this feeling , I can't . It simply refused to go. 
A child who drank honey never forget its taste.I can never forget the taste of love, even if I just have a tiny bite of it. Somehow, I wasn't surprise Rosso knew about my crush on miss Tama
rinda because he's the cleverest boy in the school. His words bite deep into my spirit" Anything you do will lead to embarrassment because she will see you as a small boy, and indeed you are just a boy.
I agreed miss Tamarinda was older than me but I was not just a boy. I'm 16 years old and I know what I want. What kind of embarrass
ment was Rosso talking about ? Was he forseeing me been bounced by miss Tamarinda?
Probably. But there is a saying that it's better to try and fail than fail to try. Surely I have to try. I may get lucky. 
"Welcome back"My mum said."Are you okay?"
"I am OK. Mum, "I lied.
"You can confide in me if you have problem from school, "she continued. 
"Alright mum, I will consult you if I have one," I said assuredly. 
That evening , I jumped into bed.
Suddenly, I saw myself on a beach, running on the Golden sands.Miss Tamarinda was wearing a bikini and looking so sexy. Her thick legs making firm marks on the sand.Her bra made her boobs look great.The lace of the bra was so pretty and it marched her panties too.
 Her nipples were clearly visible through the lace of her bra, starring tantalisingly at me. We enjoyed the cool breezes of the sea, as I put my arms around her, just a few inches from her rounded breasts encased tightly in the bralet. I wished I could free them fro those encasement
and play with them but somehow, I couldn't. 
I turned my attention to the beach and  stared at nature's beauty,The pictures
que landscape, the Golden sands on the beach and the smiling sun as it descended beyond the horizon, to give way to the moon.
As we sat down on the cool golden sand,we talked and laughed. It was getting late. I got up and put my hand out to help her up. When I felt her hand grab my hand,a sensation came over me and coursed through my body in a never ending circle of pleasure. My pheromones began surging like angry rams.I help her up from the sand and held her hand in mine. We clung to each other as if we want to be like that forever.
I looked into Miss Tamarinda's eyes. She gave a slight smile and I itched closer to her for a kiss. My heart was racing fast and my breath came in gasp.
I placed my free hand on her waist and began to pull her towards myself. I put my other hand on her waist .We could hear the angry waves crashing along the beach as if to signal us of its presence or perhaps tell us the number of countless romantic scenes they had witnessed. 
Our lips were about two seconds from meeting when she looked into my eyes and said, “Are you ok?” I shook my head. She looked at me with doubts. I pulled her closer to my visibly shaky body and we hugged. She had moved her hands down onto my chest and felt my heart pound.
We began walking  away from the beach with my hands interlocking with each finger in between her fingers.
At that moment a feeling came over me like a wave. The feeling was  overwhelming. My mind was racing and could not believe all these things were happening .Indeed,I counted myself lucky to have a Girlfriend like miss Tamarinda. 
She looked  straight into my eyes as I muttered the words , "I love you, miss Tamarinda"
She didn't utter a word.Once again, I drew her closer to myself and moved my lips towards hers, to kiss her. My lips touched the tip of her lips and then.."
Johnson! Johnson!! Johnson!!!, I heard my father calling. I woke up and realised I was dreaming. I got angry because my father interrupted my ecstasic dream in which miss Tama
rinda was suddenly within my grasp. 
"Johnson, you were sleeping and talking. That's bad.What is bothering you?"my father asked. "Nothing, dad", I responded. He said, Pray and sleep well, my son."
He left the room.I was fully awake now but I could vividly recall the dream.It was  all coming back to me in shimmers of light.

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