Chapter 1: (v.3) Inter-School Sports and Athletics

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~Interschool Sports and Athletics Competition~
The much anticipated inter -school Sports and Athletics competition has arrived. All the schools had prepared thoroughly for the competition. I am an athlete-100 and 4 x 400 metres  relay runner but my skills were not only limited to athletics.I also play football.Based on my multifaceted talent,I was elected the school's Sport's Captain. 
In our Circuit,most of the Secondary schools turned up for the Sports and  athletic event -Butterworth High School,
Cambridge High School, Collegiate girls' High School, Elliot High school, Bishop DeMont High school, Gill College, Somer
set East, Kingsridge Girls' High School, Green point Secondary School and Lilyfontein School-Making a total of Ten Senior High Schools.
The dignitaries were introduced, a speech was given by the Circuit Sports and Game Manager. This was followed by Introduction of the various schools and the singing of sports songs. 
This was finalised with lighting the torch, just like the Olympic flame which symbolise the endeavour for protection and the struggle for victory. The sporting and athletic events were volley ball,
Handball, Netball, basketball,100m, 200m, 4 ×100m, relay race,pole vault,
5000m, 10,000m, Triple jump. High Jump. Javelin throw, short put.
While most teachers were apathetic towards the sporting events, miss Tama
rinda could be seen actively working in the name of Our School, Butterworth. In terms of Sporting events , our school was always ranked among the first three in the circuit, the number one position was  taken from us for the last three years by Cambridge high school. 
 Though Miss Tamarinda was a member of the Sport's Committee, she didn't sit down comfortably under the Canopy, she was seen cheering the sports boys and girls from our schools and inspiring them to victory. Her method worked and our sports boys and girls ran with dedication.
Though most of the sporting events were exciting, three stood out from the rest.The first one was the 100m,4 X 400m Relay, and the football game between Cambridge High school and Butterworth. 
~The100m Race~
On a normal occasion, I would have ran this race just to honor my school-Butterworth, but now, my intention for running this race was to impress miss Tamarinda and steal my way into her heart.  If I will have a chance to win her love, sports was one of the surest ways.With these ideas in mind, I walked towards the starting line as my name was announced through the intercom.
"Runners on your mark, the sportsmaster ordered."Get set, Boom....the starting gun was fired. Suddenly, I lost courage and fell down. The whole crowd erupted into laugher.
My inner voice also said , " you see, stop deceiving yourself, you are born a failure. I don't need to keep reminding you of that.
Hahahahah"Then a second voice in me said, "Stand up and run!
I stood up and broke into a run.I run sluggishly. About 70 metres to the finished line..I was still at the back.About 60 metres to the finish line ...I was still at the back.About 40m to the finish line, my inner voice said, "Johnson, this is not your full running pace, run harder.!!!".
About 20 metres to the finish line, I saw miss Tamarinda, emerging out of the crowd and clapping for me, cheering me and saying,"Johnson, You can do it." At that moment, my energy had been revitalised and I opened the burners and ran like a speed train.
 About 10 metres to the finish line, I passed two runners. It was left with four runners in front. About 5 metres to the finish line I was still at the 5th position and two seconds to finish line , I got closer to the fourth runner. Three metres to finish line, I maximise my strength and passed the fourth person and won the third position!!! 
The crowd was stunned."Johnson won third position?"they marvelled. This is unbelievable! 
My colleagues went dead for a few seconds and then there was a loud row of clapping from them and they began praising my name, Johnson! Johnson!! Johnson!! Johnson!!! Johnson!!!!!
I turned round and saw miss Tamarinda. She was clapping for me.I smiled. Nothing was more important to me at that moment than impressing miss Tamarinda. 
I also partook in the 4 X 400 rely and our school got the second place. 
Our second place qualified us for the finals. Soon, it was announced that those who qualified for the Finals of the 4 X 400m relay should report to the park.
The crowd was huge. The athletes representing the various schools were called to the start line. John, Jake, Paul ,Andrew from Cambridge High School, Peter, Nipsy, Osman and Tyles from Bishop DeMont High school, Tirez, Nixon, Michael and Macus from Gill College,
 Sam, Charles, Ken and Dan from Elliot High school,and Philip, Jack, Jim and Johnson (me) from Butterworth Senior High school.
I crouched in starting position, hands poised on the track and back coiled like a spring. "On your mark! Get set!" The starting gun boomed in the air. It has began.The much anticipated race.  I launched myself forward, trying to spring ahead of the pack.The tempo of the race was high. For the first lap, Jake from Cambridge High School took the lead, followed by Nixon from Gill College, then Nipsy from Bishop DeMont High School.The pace was maintained in the second lap with Jake still leading the race.
About five metres for the batons to be exchanged, Ken from Elliot school managed to bypass Nipsy and came to  the third position. The other runners waited patiently for the batons and within seconds , the batons exchanged hands. This time around, Tirez from Bishop DeMont took the lead followed by Jim from Butterworth. The pace of the race was heating up and becoming terrific. 
Soon the batons exchanged hands again. That's round three.John from Cambridge High School took the lead, with Nixon and Michael following with top speed. However,It was in the Final Lap of round Four that the real men of the game were separated from the boys who were novice. 
About 30 metres to the finished line, Phillip took the lead, followed by Tirez, then the third place was taken by Tyles from Bishop DeMont High School. It was now win or lost.
I was now in the fourth place.Everybody thought Phillip will cross the finish line with ease but alas! He fell down after he lost his balance. The hope of all students from Butterworth was dashed  and they held their heads.Now Tirez was just 10 metres to the finished line.
"Johnson, C'mon. You can do it,"miss Tamarinda shouted. As if a new energy had been pumped into me, I felt rejuvenated.The last few seconds of the race saw a different me-I tripled my pace and ran with every Quota of strength in men and passed Tyles, 6 metres to the touchline, Tyles passed me again in just three seconds. Now was the time. The last window of opportunity. 
Four metres to the touchline, I stretched my self a little bit more and with one big supersonic speed,ran pass Tyles and Tirez just in time to reach the finished line.I won the race,First place, followed by Tirez ,second place and Tyles ,third place. My colleagues and the entire crowd roared with joy and cheered my  name, Johnson !Johnson !!Johnson !!!, Johnson! !!!.
Miss Tamarinda rushed across the field and hugged me proudly. For a moment, I thought I was in a dreamland.Staying in miss Tamarinda's bosom, with her arms all wrapped around me for that one minute was far better and highly cherished than my entire 16 years on earth. 
As I put my head on her shoulder with her soft succulent breast brushing my chest lightly, I secretly pray to God to stop the time for a few minutes. My prayer wasn't answered.She gently disentangled 
herself from the embracementand said, "Johnson, that was an impressive run.
You look very spectacular when you ran." At that moment, I could even buy her words with $30,000 if it were to be on sale.
Not knowing how to respond to her compliment without betraying myself, I simply said, "Thank you miss."
****Next day***
~The football match~
----From Johnson's POV----
The players walked gallantly to the pitch. The formalities were done, singing of School anthems, shaking players' hands and match officials taking up their posi
tions to keep an angle eye on the match. The ButterWorth players were in their usual blue Jerseys while Cambridge High school players were in their usual white .
I knew this will be a superclass match.
The referee tossed a coin and we won. Been the Captain of my team, I chose the right side of the stadium when facing the crowd.We adopted the 4:3: 3 Formation. Three forwards, Three midfielders and four defenders. I was in the Central forward position wearing Number 10.
First five minutes 
Soon the referee placed the ball ar the central spot of the field and blowed the whistle for the match to  begin.I was in the centre arc so I kicked the ball to my right Winger who also made a long pass to Clem,our left winger.
The Stadium was full to capacity,holding
 about 2,500 Spectators. Our left winger played the ball back to the Right winger.The last two minutes saw the ball been played in the mid-field with every team trying to get the advantage. 
5 to 15 minutes
The next five  minutes saw Cambridge players dominating the central half of the field.Their main striker Malcom looked very dangerous. He made a swift pass to his left wing who quickly passed to the right Winger in a flash and the Right winger dribbled our central back and played a shot.The ball flew in the air like a shooting star and hit the cross bar. It bounced back and Malcom who now positioned himself a little bit to the left played another shot that spared our goal post by just a few inches and hit the side of The Net. Side-Netting. 
 15 to 30 minutes 
I passed the ball towards the right corner arc to locate Rodriguez but the ball was intercepted by their Defensive left Back Ken. Ken cleared the ball as Rodriguez rushed in to stop him.It touched his foot slightly and ran over the touchline. 
Their left wing quickly take the throw in and Jerry their Left winger trapped the ball and chipped it to Malcom.I tackled Malcom before he could decide his next move.Quickly, I  dribbled their Defensive Midfield  and break into the 18 yard box and delivered a deadly shot to their Goal keeper Hafan Razan.  He dived towards the direction of the flying ball and  intercepted it in mid air and grabbed it beautifully before landing on the grass floor. A Superb save! from the Goalie.
30 to 40 minutes 
Their Right wing,Nelly managed to dribble our left back,clem and played a curved ball to towards Jack on the far left Wing side.The ball flashed across the mouth of our goal post heading towards Jack  but our central defence managed to divert the direction of the ball across the Goal line. The corner kick was Quickly taken by their midfielder.The ball flied in the air . Pierre ,our Defensive Midfielder leaped in the air to intercept it, and connect beautifully out of our danger area.
Then we caught them on a counter-attack. The ball located me,I ran swiftly across the field,amidst cheers from my Colleagues and the Generalpublic,Passed the ball to Jerry on the left wing. He
quickly made a backheel pass to Rodriguez who chipped the ball over David,the opponent's central Defender before he could react. The ball flies in mid air and I used a bicycle kick to direct it towards the opponents goal post. The ball beat the Goalie but missed the Right angle of the Goal post by an inch
40 to 45 minutes
Malcom broke into a dangerous position and attempted to pass the ball to Nelly but his cross was blocked by Jonathan our central back. The ball bounced and Lopez our Goalie couldn't catch it before it veered off across the Goal line.
The corner kick was taken from the left corner arc by Ken,their left back. It landed on Malcom's chest and he wasted no time chipping it to his left winger who moved towards the right wing and quickly released the ball to Nelly.  Now ,Nelly  ran forward, pass the ball to his defensive midfielder who volley the ball but it flew over the bar.
45 + 2 minutes 
The opponent broke into the penalty box and dribbled Desmond. The goalkeeper sensing danger came out rushing on the ball.Jack tried to chip the ball through his open arms but the ball hit The goalie's hand and rebounced on Malcom's leg and went out across the Goal line.It was a Goal kick.The referee whistled and the first half came to an end.
***Second half begins**
First 15 minutes 
Our left midfielder fouled cephas,The opponents Right back. The ball was quickly taken, it found Jack, he passed it to their Defensive midfielder. Their defensive midfielder juggled the ball on top of Desmond but Desmond,our central back,reacted quickly and cleared the danger.
 The ball reached me.Malcom tackled me but missed the ball.The referee whistle. It was a Foul. Malcom was given a yellow card.
I took the foul quickly. It located
Rodriguez who played a shot. Our  opponent's goalie tried to catch it but missed it. It entered the net.!The referee whistled,Goal kick. It was an Off -side goal.The crowd was disappointed. 
60 to 90 minutes 
Our central back quickly passed the ball to his right back-Clark who was shadow marked. He was dispossessed by the opponents defensive midfielder who quickly passed the ball to his right Win
ger Nelly.Nelly dribbled Desmond and entered the 18 yard box.Our left back realising the central defence was broken came in to close down the opponent's right Winger. He managed to clip him from behind. Nelly  fell in the 18 yard box. Everyone looked in the direction of the referee. He whistled,PENALTY. He awarded the Penalty  to Cambridge High school Football team in the 90th minute.
The referee whistled as Malcom moved forward to take the penalty. In my mind,this was a done deal.Definately,
Malcom will score.My Heart thumped. Everything came to a standstill. Dead silence landed on our side of the crowd as everybody waited with shaky hearts,
some even shedding tears in advance.
 Malcom played the ball.Our Goal keeper was moved to the right side while the ball moved to the left side. We held our head in our hands.
Then ..The magic happened. Lopez,Our Goalie had quick reflexes.He  managed to stretched his right leg to the point where the ball hit his right toe and touched the Goal post,then flicked out of play.
We jumped in Relief. This was a miracle indeed.The opposing team held their heads in agony.
90 + 1 minutes
It was becoming obvious that the match will be settled by penalty kick. I glanced at our coach.He seem to be selecting the penalty takers. It was left with 45 seconds for the march to end.Lopez,our Goalkeeper,made a very long pass to me.
Malcom quickly tackled me but I swerve to the left,dribbled their robust defensive midfielder as their Right Back attempted to close me down.I rushed towards their Right corner arc,made a sharp break like Lionel Messi and made a pass to Rodriguez. 
Rodriguez rushed down the field  and made a clean swift pass to me again at the edge of the penalty box and I shot without trapping the ball first. The ball rushed like a torpedo.Their Goal keeper Hafan dived towards the ball to inter
cept it but his reaction time wasn't quick
enough. He missed the ball by an inch.It landed safely into the net.It was a GOAL!!!!!!
The silent crowd erupted into cheers like a dormant volcano which suddenly erupted. They cheered and shouted and didn't even hear the referee's final whistle. It was a miraculous match.
At the end of Full time  the scoreline was CAMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL: 0-1:BUTTERWORTH  HIGH SCHOOL.
At the end  of the Inter school Sports and Athletics Competition,Butterworth won 10 Gold medals,6 Silver and 3 Copper placing her at number one position. This was followed by Cambridge Senior High school with 7 Gold medals,5 Silver and 4 copper.The third position was given to  Bishop Demont High school with 4 Gold,2 Silver and two copper. 
The organisers of the event also gave individual awards to outstanding athletes. I was called to mount the Rostrum along with other good athletes and given an award and Certificate for winning the 4 x 100 relay race. This was followed  by musical accompaniment as my Colleagues cheered me up.
The Kingsridge Girls High school won the hand ball competition while Collegiate Girls High school won the Netball com
petition. Outstanding girls like Miranda and Emelia from Kingsridge Girls'  High School were awarded.
At the end of the event,We were given the Trophy for the overall best performing school. As l Iifted the Trophy,My collea
gues shouted with joy,chanting the school name  BUTTERWORTH,ALL THE WAY !!!,WE ARE PROUD TO BE STUDENTS OF BUTTERWORTH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL!!!!×3
I was carried shoulder high all the way back to School as we proudly presented the Trophy to our headmaster ,who was beaming with smiles.
 He said ,"well done,my lovely athletes. Your heroic deeds will forever be remem
bered in the history of this school. This weekend,we will  organise a party for you. There was a loud cheer from the athletes.
I went home that day and slept a happy teenager,having fully achieved my objective to impress Miss Tamarinda. 

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